I’m so glad Labour declared a crisis in manufacturing

Richard Harman reports:

Total manufacturing sales rose in the December 2015 quarter, after a strong increase in the September quarter, Statistics New Zealand said yesterday. ?After adjusting for seasonal effects, the volume of total manufacturing sales rose 1.3 percent in the December 2015 quarter, after a 3.3 percent rise in the September quarter.?”Petroleum and coal product manufacturing, which can have large movements from quarter to quarter, led the increases in December,” business indicators senior manager Neil Kelly said. “Meat and dairy manufacturing sales was also up following a large increase in the previous quarter. Across the rest of manufacturing, results were mixed, with more than half of the remaining industries having sales decreases in the December 2015 quarter.”

Back in 2013 Labour and the other opposition parties were declaring a crisis

Prime Minister John Key has rubbished opposition claims of a manufacturing crisis.

Labour, the Greens and NZ First today released the results of an inquiry into manufacturing and launched a blueprint for government support of the sector, as well as signalling a revamp of the Reserve Bank Act.

But Key said there was no crisis.

“Quite honestly there is no manufacturing crisis in New Zealand; there are challenges for some manufacturers.

“But if you look at the data that came out on Friday it was a stunning result as described by the BNZ.?It had manufacturing at its highest level in nine years.” ? Read more »

Thanks Labour: another crisis sorted out



New Zealand manufacturing activity rose to a 14-month high in December, with an uptick in new orders pointing to further improvements ahead.

The BNZ-BusinessNZ performance of manufacturing index rose to a seasonally adjusted 56.7 last month from 54.9 in November, and was at its highest level since October 2014. A reading of 50 separates expansion from contraction.

The manufacturing gauge averaged 54.2 over last year, lagging behind the 56 level of the previous two years, as growth moderated in the first half of 2015 before picking up again.

The latest monthly reading showed new orders at a 10-month high, boding well for the outlook.

“Pleasingly, new orders kept leading the way,” Bank of New Zealand senior economist Craig Ebert said in his report. Read more »

It looks like the manufacturing crisis that Labour declared is well and truly over

A few years back Labour declared a crisis in manufacturing and set up their own inquiry into manufacturing. Then, on the?day the report into the crisis was released, figures came out showing that manufacturing was going gang busters.

Since then there has been nothing but good news from manufacturing and the crisis that Labour declared is well and truly over.

Yesterday even more data was released to show manufacturing enjoying increased and record sales.

New Zealand manufacturing sales volumes rose at the fastest pace in almost two years in the third quarter, boosted by a pickup in meat and dairy activity.

This has prompted economists to revise up their forecasts for economic growth.

Total seasonally adjusted sales volumes increased 3.5% in the three months ended September 30, after growth stalled in the second quarter, Statistics New Zealand figures reveal. That’s the fastest pace since the fourth quarter of 2013 when sales volumes rose 4%.

Manufacturing volumes for dairy and meat products, the country’s two largest commodity export earners, increased 6.3% in the third quarter, the biggest gain since the 2013 fourth quarter when sales volumes soared 12%. ? Read more »

Remember the manufacturing crisis?

Remember the manufacturing crisis?

The opposition parties all declared that manufacturing was in crisis in New Zealand. They held their own inquiry then had a meeting to announce that manufacturing was busted and they could fix it.

That same day new figures were announced that manufacturing was far from crisis and was in fact booming, and ever since that fateful day the opposition parties declared their crisis manufacturing hasn’t looked back.

Now manufacturing has hit a 10 year high.

Activity in New Zealand’s manufacturing sector rose last month to its highest level in a decade.

The BNZ-Business NZ performance of manufacturing index rose to a seasonally adjusted 57.7 last month, the highest reading for a December month since 2004, and up 2.1 points from November’s 55.2 reading. Meanwhile, the annual average reading was 56, unchanged from a year earlier. The index, where a reading above 50 indicates growing activity, has been in expansion for the past 27 months. ?? Read more »

How about that manufacturing crisis?

Remember the manufacturing crisis that the Labour party and assorted other opposition parties promulgated?

You know that the sector that was in total decay and was going to fail dooming us to a life of low wage servitude and indentured labour?

Yeah…that crisis…remember?

Manufacturers are flat out and are crying out for more workers, with a survey showing employment activity at record levels.

The latest BNZ- Business NZ Performance of Manufacturing Index showed the sector was expanding at its fastest pace this year in October.

The seasonally adjusted PMI for October was 59.3, up 0.8 on September. An index above 50 indicates the sector is growing and below 50 it is shrinking.

The PMI employment index hit 57.5 points in October, the highest level on record since the survey began in 2002.

BNZ senior economist Doug Steel said the labour market was getting stronger with annual employment growth of 3.2 per cent and the unemployment rate falling in the year to September.

“Today’s PMI results suggest more improvement is likely in the final quarter of 2014.” ? Read more »

Uh oh, looks the crisis in manufacturing still isn’t a crisis

Labour and the opposition parties declared a crisis in manufacturing.

They held their own inquiry and the very same day that they stood and told the media that their findings were that NZ manufacturing was doomed, in crisis and needed their remedy statistics were released that showed that manufacturing was in fact doing the complete opposite.

Almost everything that Labour or other opposition parties have declared to be in crisis has turned around and improved.

New figures show that manufacturing is still growing.

The manufacturing sector experienced its strongest level of activity for five months, according to the latest?BNZ – BusinessNZ Performance of Manufacturing Index?(PMI).

The seasonally adjusted PMI for August was?56.5?(a PMI reading above 50.0 indicates that manufacturing is generally expanding; below 50.0 that it is declining).

Read more »

Photo Of The Day

The Ford Motor plant at Highland Park, the factory that built the American Dream. People dubbed the factory "The Crystal Palace" because of its vast amount of glass and bright interiors. The factory's enormous size made people think that Ford had gone mad.

The Ford Motor plant at Highland Park, the factory that built the American Dream. People dubbed the factory “The Crystal Palace” because of its vast amount of glass and bright interiors. The factory’s enormous size made people think that Ford had gone mad.

The Most Expensive Photo Ever

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Looks like Labour’s forestry crisis is over


David Cunliffe averts another crisis, this time in Forestry

There will be other industries, like manufacturing and now forestry, that will be hoping that Labour declares a crisis in their industry. Because every time they do so things improve dramatically.

David Cunliffe and the former weatherman Tamati Coffey have been talking down forestry for a couple of months, saying it is in crisis and they are the ones who can fix it.

Seems like the industry is fixing itself without the need for interference from photo op seeking politicians.

Employment is on the rise in the region as one of Rotorua’s biggest industries enjoys what could be its best period in 20 years.

Rotorua’s booming forestry industry is experiencing its strongest growth since 1994, which is helping fuel a jump in regional employment, a local forestry leader says.

Bay of Plenty joblessness is down as national employment hits its highest rate since before the global financial crisis. Read more »

Map of the Day


What? No crisis anymore?

Oh dear…Labour launches their ClusterTruck policy early in the week ?on nationwide television with a proud and beaming David Cunliffe, and by the weeks end issue a flat press release talking about their “upgrade” for manufacturing.

What sort of a strategist announces a policy for manufacturing the eve of a long weekend holiday?

The funny thing is there isn’t a single mention of the crisis that never was in manufacturing that Labour banged on about endlessly.

Steven Joyce has joined in on the kicking:

Labour?s so called ?Manufacturing Policy? once again reheats the same old tired economic policies that would take New Zealand back to the dark days of high inflation, sluggish growth and low-job prospects, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says.

?Labour is stubbornly determined to continue to manufacture a crisis in manufacturing when one simply doesn?t exist,? Mr Joyce says.

?As the latest BNZ-Business New Zealand Performance on Manufacturing Index shows, manufacturing has been expanding for the last 19 consecutive months and 14,300 more jobs were added in the last year. Manufacturing activity is at the highest level since 2006.? Read more »