Manukau East

Ass nasty lolly stealer has her own reality field

Asenati Lole-Taylor is a bit of a treasure really. ?She has her own reality field. ?No matter what people say, show or otherwise present to her as the truth, she has her own way of seeing things.

For example:


I’m sure someone has told her New Zealand had a Prostitution Reform Bill some years ago, and prostitution is now a legal and legitimate business. ? Instead, here we have a NZ First MP interfering with legal business transactions by chasing them down the street trying to take photos.

It’s this kind of la-la-land behaviour that’s come home to roost.

Having been dumped down to an unelectable list position of number 13, Asenati Lole-Taylor sees it as a postitive – her reality distortion field appears to unaffected: ? Read more »

Read my lips: there is NO DEAL between Mana and Labour


So why did he run in Mangere and Manukau East?

Jerome Mika attempts to claim the high ground:

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Quote of the Day

Ross Robertson has something profound to say:

“It is time to have a new MP for Manukau East. I think I can be more effective in local Government,”

Which is code for?he is over being a Labour MP, like so many others.? Read more »

Asenati Lole-Taylor is associated with? (Poll Result and commentary)


Well, that was funny.

In one of my most popular polls in recent times, it turns out that the MP that insulted your intelligence wasn’t known by too many of you.

Only 26% of you knew that she is a NZ First (list) MP.

65% didn’t know or thought she is from Labour or Greens.

She is of course only a scum List MP

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Update on Botany

Two more names have been added to the Botany selection race. Perennial loser Ken Yee and bitter outsider Michael Williams.

Ken Yee personifies average and was previously beaten by Pansy Wong in standing for selection in Botany. It has been a long time since Ken Yee had a drink at any public trough after being tossed out as a councillor some time ago, by Jami-Lee Ross. I doubt, given the number of people coming forward that Ken will even make it through pre-selection.

Michael Williams is another wanna-be politician who is a legend in his own mind. he is the current Howick Local Board chairman, and his main attribute seems to be that he thinks it will cost les for a Community Board by-election than for a Council by-election. He is pompous and has a stunning ability to turn people off the moment he opens his mouth.

Meanwhile Auckland’s resident nutter Penny Bright has conformed with me that she will be putting her name forward for the by-election as an?independent. That should make candidates meetings?extremely?entertaining. I hope she brings her “dead cat” hat along.

The Standard provides some commentary on Botany, as well, with an interesting aside that Winston might have a crack. I hope he does, then I can needle him at every candidates meeting about his corruption and interesting.

Like Mediatart who comments here they make the same mistake is assuming the Botany of today existed in its current form anywhere past 3 years ago.

Will Winston stand? I think he might. It?s worth remembering that his first seat was Hunua, which he won in 1978. Now, three electorates called Hunua have existed three times with very different boundaries. The modern Hunua electorate borders Botany to the south but the 1978 Hunua was extended further north, and only included the Hunua ranges to the south, whereas the modern Hunua goes right across to the west coast. Most of the voters in the 1978 Hunua that Peters won lived in what is now Botany. Sure, it was 33 years ago, and it was a tight race against Labour?s Malcolm Douglas (Roger?s brother), with Peters losing in 1981 to Colin Moyle. Nonetheless, there would be a certain sense of grandeur, so typical of Winston, to returning to the political scene by fighting in the area that first elected him to Parliament.

When Winston was creeping through broken windows in Huna it is safe to say that there was nothing but farm land in Botany and Ti Rakau Drive ended in a compulsory stop sign and the back road to Howick. Talk of Hunua and Winston is just nostalgic tosh. Botany as an electorate was only formed for the 2008 election, until then it had been part of Pakuranga and Manukau East. It was formed by the taking the blue?parts?of Manukau East and melding them with parts of Pakuranga. There isn’t a snowballs chance in hell of Labour winning this seat. It is safe National and for that reason the person National selects must not be a fly by night candidate.