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Finally someone in Maoridom says it, well done Shane Jones

Shane Jones steps up and finally says what many in New Zealand, including myself, have been saying for a long time.

Maori have a problem with violence and need to address it themselves instead of playing the blame game.

Iwi leaders are too focused on “hustling resources out of the Government” and not doing enough to address the violence among young Maori men, Labour MP Shane Jones says.

Jones has hit out ahead of the Waitangi Day celebrations on Thursday and following a number of high-profile attacks on foreign visitors which he said was putting New Zealand’s reputation as a safe international destination at risk.

“[It is] high time iwi leaders stopped obsessing over the ownership of earth, wind and fire and showed more ownership over the miserable record of the violence culture afflicting our young men,” said Jones, who hails from Northland’s Ngapuhi iwi.

He pointed to the attack on German tourists in Whakatane in December which left a 19-year-old man with missing teeth as well as cuts and bruises and an 18-year-old woman with facial and arm injuries including fractures.

There had been a number of such attacks on tourists “and they invariably involve our young men”.

Each time there was “an egregious case of wanton violence”, there was a “tendency to fall back into a cuzzy bro culture”.

“Far too many of us serve up soupy excuses, that’s not good enough. You can’t deliver effective iwi leadership by just being a stern critic of society. We’ve got to be capable of censuring and uplifting ourselves.”

Iwi leaders tended not to see Maori crime as their problem, something he described as “a cancerous miscalculation”.

“They are in a position of privilege and that privilege carries obligations,” he said. “Jobs and industry are desperately needed, however equally important is our duty to censure and challenge the misery of M?ori male violence.” ? Read more »

If Maori were smart they could become the Sheiks of the South Pacific

I have watched incredulously as Maori have allowed themselves to become hijacked by the green taliban instead of being smart and pragmatic.

As is usual too they have invoked a claim for payment but as usual, like with their stand-over tactics using mythical beast as the cudgel with which to bet business the demands are short-sighted.

If they were smart they would be seeking to do a deal like the Sealord deal. Part ownership in the wells and proceeds with the creation of a mass of wealth to be delivered to their iwi.

If you have a look at what has happened in the United Arab Emirates you can see what can be done.

In Dubai for instance locals get rent controlled houses, cheaper power, access to other rights all subsidised by oil revenues. Ex-pats have to pay extra for many, many.

By aligning themselves with the anti-progress green taliban Maori are limiting their future.? Read more »

The Beyonce Haka, can’t wait for the outrage

I’m sure some moaning Maori will be outraged that a woman daring to respond to the Haka…but here is it is anyway.

What a lovely family, so much class

The Harawira family are so lovely, what ever happened that visited them upon us all.

How can one family so lack in dignity and class. Feral is really the only suitable word to describe them.

Former anti-violence campaigner Hinewhare Harawira may be removed as a trustee at Waitangi after performing a traditional Maori insult where she mooned an elderly crowd on a marae.

Harawira, who stepped down in her role as an anti-violence campaigner after her three sons were charged and later jailed for a “horrendous” assault on a child, performed the whakapohane after “suffering abuse” during a tenant’s eviction.

She was appointed as a trustee to the Te Tii (Waitangi) B3 Trust on August 25, 2012, however, three other trustees took their attempts to have her removed to the Maori Land Court of New Zealand after the incident.

Trustees Hapeta Rameka, Billie Taituha and Joyce Baker objected to her appointment because of her “despicable behaviour”.? Read more »

Maori Flags in Schools…yeah…how about NO?

There has been a call for so-called “Maori” flag to be flown in schools:

Te Ata Tino Toa, the organisation that campaigned to have the Maori flag flown from the Auckland Harbour Bridge, now wants to see it fluttering above all public schools.? Read more »

Someone was tripping in history class

via Facebook on the Shit New Zealanders Never Say page.

This image of a comment was posted:


After a bit of discussion Fred made this interesting analysis about why Maori came to New Zealand:

history rewrite


Interesting?rewrite?of history…discuss.