Marama Davidson

Well, she never saw that coming

Marama Davidson

Foot in mouth disease is such a dreadful affliction for anyone to suffer. Opening the mouth to change feet only provides temporary relief until the next utterance turns around and smacks you in the face. We mere mortals fear the contagion but imagine the horror of this diagnosis when you are a politician an MP.

In October 2018, Ms Davidson was on her high horse about campaign funding and how dangerous it was for political parties to receive large donations. Quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she wants to hear from New Zealanders around issues with donations but believed the current system is robust.

But Ms Davidson said under current rules donors can corrupt the political system.

She told Morning Report powerful businesses can gain influence with large donations.

“I think New Zealanders would be quite keen on a conversation on how we get big money out of politics,” she said.

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Toxic femininity?

Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.). (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

How long will the word ‘feminine’ and its traditional definition “pertaining to a woman or girl; having qualities traditionally ascribed to women, as sensitivity or gentleness” be allowed to exist? Perhaps amongst the ‘woke’ it is already on the banned list?

Whilst the concept of equality of opportunity for all is to be applauded, does it necessarily have to extend to women having equality in the ability to “swear like a sailor”. (Yes, I know the Navy has women in their ranks now.)

The “swear like a sailor” saying arose way back when it was a male domain and, not having to spend time around women, the men weren?t required to hold a civil tongue and used to swear at will. Hence sailors came to be known for their liberal and creative use of the language.

The emerging trend of foul-mouthed female politicians is interesting. Is it intentionally done for shock-and-awe effect? Or is it just the way they normally speak and so came out in an unguarded moment?

Here in New Zealand we have had Marama Davidson. Her entire speech was based around a word that is still ranked as the most offensive word in broadcasting and it was certainly not in the ‘oops that slipped out’ category. The next day she was on a mission to ‘reclaim’ the word. I don’t recall it ever being lost or stolen and in need of reclamation.

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Can words be gifted or reclaimed?

It is a curious situation we have in New Zealand where words and names are ‘gifted’.? Various groups feel empowered to ‘gift’ words and names for buildings or unborn babies.

Is it possible to gift something that you don’t own or possess?? Can I gift you some sunshine or fresh air?

Likewise, is it possible to reclaim a word?? Surely reclaiming something implies ownership and subsequent loss.

Who owns words?? Yes, I understand that certain brand words are ‘owned’ but other than that, can words be owned, be gifted or be reclaimed any more than sunshine can?

Why does Marama Davidson need to ‘reclaim’ a particular English word?? Did she own it before?? Did she lose it? Did someone hand it in to lost property?

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Shameful protest history of two Green MPs revealed

I was searching for some photos of Golly G to create a fabulous new Meme with the slogan “Won’t defend intelligence service. Will defend war criminals,” when I came across the below image. Intrigued as to why Golriz Ghahraman was linked to Antifa New Zealand (* a spoof Antifa page) I had a look at the website it was originally from and it made VERY, interesting reading.

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Marama Davidson connects the European student clubs to bigotry, hate, Brexit and Trump


Yesterday we looked at the convoluted assumptions that both the MSM and anti-fascist groups make when they link one thing to another without any evidence. Yesterday it was the Pepe the frog cartoon that Winston Peters signed that the Media immediately linked to racism. They condemned Peters for signing it.

Now we have Green MP Marama Davidson making totally unfounded connections between European student clubs in New Zealand and unrelated issues like Brexit and President Trump. She also appears to not support?freedom of speech unless it is used to promote the culture that she supports. I have attempted to create a diagram to try to explain her convoluted thinking but first, here is the article.

Green MP Marama Davidson says freedom of speech should not be seen as a licence to promote prejudice and hate.

An organisation calling itself the European Students Association was refused permission to run a stall at the Auckland University orientaiton, but has shifted its activities across the road to AUT University.

Ms Davidson says such groups claim free speech in a way that demonstrates how some people’s free speech can be privileged over the rights of others.

It’s part of a trend of racism and bigotry.

“The international environment for it has come about because of things like Brexit, because of things like Trump being elected. I think it has also become more popular for people to be able to stand on their bigoted bigoted racist views,” she says.

Marama Davidson says people should have no hesitation in speaking out against racist groups.

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The Greens finally denounce the Muslim hate speech preacher…sort of

James Shaw has finally said something about?Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib and denounced his actions…sort of.

Last week we were very concerned to hear that an Auckland imam, Dr Anwar Sahib, had been preaching divisive and derogatory messages about Jewish people and women during his sermons.

It was a disturbing incident coming at the end of a disturbing few weeks in politics.

Not long before, ?Bishop? Brian Tamaki decided to simultaneously undermine human rights, human decency ? and geophysics ? by claiming that gay people and deviant behaviour were to blame for earthquakes affecting the South Island.

We are all aware of the dangers in giving people who spout hate more air time than they deserve. These latest incidents were newsworthy because, generally speaking, they are not terribly common occurrences in today?s New Zealand.

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So who were Marama’s ship mates on the Ship of Fools?

David Farrar writes:

Green MP Marama Davidson has some great peaceful shipmates on board her feminist peace flotilla (of one ship!). Tablet Mag has details.

First we have?Ola Abed who is a video game inventor. How cool. What does the game do??Encourage kids to shoot Israelis. You even get extra points for headshots!

We also have?Norsham Abu Bakr who has said Israel is actually behind the Islamic terrorist attacks in Munich and Nice.

Wendy Goldsmith seems to thinks Israel was behind 9/11

And we also?have?Fauzia Hasan who has openly advocated banning Sisters in Islam, a Muslim women?s movement working for gender equality within the religion.

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Marama Davidson’s “Ship of Fools”

Fairfax has published an opinion piece about Marama Davidson’s?”Ship of Fools”.

The sovereign integrity of states is one of those building blocks on which the modern world?operates.

It is a guiding tenet of international law, and one of the founding principles of the?United Nations.

In the case of Israel’s protection of the waters on the southern end of its?country, these principles are confirmed by the Oslo Accords and more recently by the UN?Security Council.

So when a New Zealand politician openly and unashamedly decides to violate international?law and another country’s sovereignty for the sake of a media stunt, that act will inevitably?reflect poorly on that politician, the party they represent, and sadly, even on our Parliament. ? Read more »

Say what you really mean John, she is an embarassment to New Zealand

Green Party MP Marama Davidson left New Zealand last month to join a "peace flotilla" heading to Gaza. PHOTO-Stuff

Green Party MP Marama Davidson left New Zealand last month to join a “peace flotilla” heading to Gaza. PHOTO-Stuff


Green Party MP Marama Davidson’s detention by Israeli authorities in international waters near Gaza is a “less-than-perfect look” for New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key says.


Green Party MP Marama Davidson is an embarrassment to New Zealand. The Israelis have better things to do than provide photo opportunities for attention whores like Marama and co. The same day they were forced to deal with her and her bunch of virtue signaling crones, rockets were being sent into Sderot.

The?activists? on board only had one purpose and that was to generate negative publicity for Israel. They had no humanitarian aid on board the ship. Knowing this, Israel was clever to intercept them with a naval ship operated by women.

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Not all Maori support Hamas hugging Green grandstander

Sheree Trotter (Te Arawa) writes at Shalom.Kiwi:

Davidson has aligned herself with an organisation that is little more than a hate group. Kia Ora Gaza leader, Roger Fowler, has expressed support for a one-state solution (the dismantling of the world?s only Jewish state), has compared Israel to Islamic State, has publicly supported a ?third intifada?, and has justified violence against Israeli civilians. This is not an organisation committed to peace and human rights.

For M?ori who oppose Kia Ora Gaza?s hatred of Israel, the co-opting of Te Reo M?ori for their cause is deeply offensive. Historically, M?ori have had strong connections with the Jewish people. Indeed the struggle of the Jews gave inspiration to many of our tipuna, and several indigenous prophetic movements in the 19th century were established on the Jewish model. The return of Jews to their ancient homeland has been an inspiring example for many indigenous peoples. Even though the Jewish people experienced expulsion and dispossession, they never abandoned their hope of return, and a small Jewish remnant kept ahi kaa in the land over many centuries of dispersal. The rebirth of?Hebrew has been an inspiration for the revitalisation of Te Reo M?ori in Aotearoa.

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