Marc Ellis

Will the real Marc Ellis please stand up, please stand up?

So Marc Ellis has been having a bit of a ballyhoo with his neighbour about a tiny slice of driveway, and it’s got to the level of it hitting the news every so often.   But the photo that went with the article is somewhat confusing.    Can you tell who the real Marc Ellis is?


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Max Whitehead on bFM

Shawn Tan’s lawyer Max Whitehead was interviewed by bFM. It is a very telling interview and during the interview we find out that Andrew Little lied in his email to ALL members and we find that The Standard have also lied because Shawn Tan has met, with Max Whitehead, prior to todays meeting when they first suspended Shawn Tan.

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This is certainly a ramshackle PR fiasco for the bastard bosses at the EPMU.