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Unions’ Annual Wage Bill


The union movement seem to think they are morally superior to everyone else in the country, even though UMR?s mood of the Nation report shows unions inspire the least public confidence.


We have exposed the vast wealth accumulated by unions, with equity of $119,702,072 across 14 unions.

These same unions have massive wage bills. The Labour Affiliated unions spend nearly $15 million between five unions, with the Maritime Union of New Zealand failing to report on wages. ? Read more »

How much cash do Unions take each year?

Following on from a series of posts that discovered the union movement has a massive amount of equity, we have taken a look at the amount of money the unions take each year. Remember the six unions that are Labour affiliates have equity of $46,275,893.

Subscriptions ?Non Sub Income Total Income
DWU ?Dairy Workers Union ?$2,637,578 ?$146,224 ?$2,783,802
EPMU ?Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union ?$10,155,961 ?$988,360 ?$11,144,321
MUNZ ?Maritime Union of New Zealand ?$2,180,817 ?$898,594 ?$3,079,411
MWU ?Meatworkers Union ?$2,801,507 ?$301,359 ?$3,102,866
RMTU ?Rail, Maritime & Transport Union ?$1,788,741 ?$242,018 ?$2,030,759
SFWU ?Service & Food Workers Union ?$4,928,506 ?$1,189,550 ?$6,118,056
Total? ? ?$24,493,110 ?$3,766,105 ?$28,259,215

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Labour’s affiliate unions and their $46,275,893 war chest


As incorporated societies the Union movement is compelled to release their financial records online at

In the most recent data for the six unions who contribute to Labour and get a vote in the Labour leadership race there is an absolutely staggering amount of equity held by these unions.

?Equity 2013 or 2014
Dairy Workers Union ?$5,026,901.00
Engineering, Printing and Manufacturering Union ?$15,124,477.00
Maritime Union of New Zealand ?$11,877,039.00
Meatworkers Union ?$4,554,513.00
Rail, Maritime & Transport Union ?$4,063,310.00
Service & Food Workers Union ?$5,629,653.00

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After two years the union caves and declares victory at Ports of Auckland

More than two years have elapsed since the Maritime Union led by old crusty dinosaur Garry Parsloe brought the Ports of Auckland to a standstill.

Their demands were to work less for more money, despite eye-wateringly generous payments for the little work they did already.

It was die in?the?ditch stuff for them, and they held strong right up until they caved and agreed to the terms released by the arbitrator two years ago.

As expected, Maritime Union members have ratified a collective employment agreement with Ports of Auckland.

A stop-work meeting of members unanimously voted in favour of the new collective employment agreement first thing this morning.

Maritime Union National President Garry Parsloe says the new agreement is a positive step for workers at the Ports of Auckland that should ensure the continued success of the port.

Ports of Auckland chief executive Tony Gibson concurs.

?We are obviously pleased and look forward to working with the Maritime Union to deliver even more for the people of Auckland,? he says.

The agreement between the port company and the union will be signed off today.

Parsloe has declared victory…but it was a victory his members could have had two years ago. ? Read more »

Maritime Union continues to break the law. Time for deregistration?

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When is the Societies Registrar going to act against the Maritime Union.

MUNZ ?has once again failed to file annual accounts.

With Ports of Auckland filing their annual report MUNZ have still not filed their 2013? Financial reports. ?? Read more »

Is MUNZ washed up in Auckland?


I’m told that yesterday the Maritime Union ended their petulant and vindictive attack on PortPro (the second wharfies unions) via the Employment Court.

MUNZ was trying to oppose the legitimacy of workers dis-satisfied with MUNZ from setting up their own union.

In an ignominious withdrawal from proceedings?MUNZ have pulled the plug on the latest court case against PortPro and?offered to pay $750 in court costs. After some negotiation it was agreed that they pay $1250. This is not even a?tenth of the actual costs their petty and vindictive action has actually cost PortPro.? Read more »

A milestone MUNZ is trying to destroy

Yesterday was a milestone.

It was the first birthday of PortPro the alternate union on the Auckland Waterfront. Well done guys. Competition is always good.

Unless of course you are the Maritime Union. They are trying very hard through constant legal battles to bankrupt PortPro. Shows what a nasty spiteful bunch they are.? Read more »

Section 97 and the Ports of Auckland Dispute

The Maritime Union caused one of the longest industrial disputes in the last decade striking against the Ports of Auckland when the Ports wanted to make their port more efficient.

MUNZ held the port to ransom, trying to protect $92,000 a year plus jobs for working 27 hours a week at an unproductive port that was not producing adequate returns to their owner, the ratepayers of Auckland. Section 97 meant that the Ports of Auckland were unable to replace striking or locked out workers with temporary workers while they continued the negotiations, causing disproportionate financial costs to the Port.

The law is so ludicrous that during the industrial dispute when crucial equipment broke down the Port bought in temporary labour and were fined $40,000 for employing contractors to keep the port running.? Read more »

POAL fined today $40k but Garry has a short memory

Ports of Auckland has been fined $40,000 for bringing in an Engineer while MUNZ was on strike. Garry Parsloe is all over it.

?We need an agreement that provides increased flexibility while providing security and certainty to our members to enable them to have time with their family and to work in a safe manner. It?is time for the madness to stop and for the Port to be run by a management that values its workforce. Heads must roll ? deliberate illegal actions by management compel a firm response from?the Board and from the Council.?

He is trying to sheet home any financial costs resulting from his union’s strike actions onto POAL. He forgets that it was his union that went on strike in the first place…and he forgets that the engineer was called in because of OSH requirements.

This whole issue shows up the stupidity of that provsion int eh Employment Relations Act…POAL had to provide engineering skills, MUNZ was striking so POAL had to foly someone in from Australia…and as a result they have been fined.

What was POAL supposed to do, ignore OSH regulations and potentially cause an accident?

It just goes to show how?lackadaisical?Garry Parsloe, Helen Kelly and MUNZ are when it comes to safety…but then again when their own member throw twist locks under the wheels of straddle carriers you can;t really expect anything better.

So while Garry Parsloe is yelling form the roof tops about a fine for POAl perhaps he might also like to explain this:

Extract – 2005 MUNZ Financial Accounts for $340,000.00 Provision

Yep a cool $340,000.00 provision.

Another dodgy union caught owing IRD

The Maritime Union is having to update their accounting records with the Societies Commission. It isn’t pretty reading

The 2005 Accounts shows a previously undisclosed provision for settlement with the IRD of $340,000.00


Why is a settlement required?

What was it for?

What event happened in as $340,000.00 is a very substantial amount?

More to follow?.

Remember First Union hit with a $250,000.00 IRD audit bill as well.