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Why do unionists lie?

Watch this video from this morning on The Nation.

After Jami-lee Ross has his bit to say about his bill they let Darien Fenton have a crack and she lies right from the get go about Ports of Auckland.

She calls that dispute a lock-out when it wasn’t. It started as a strike and only became a lock-out near the end after some violent scenes at the gates of the port. ? Read more »

Drawn – Time to sort out the extortion of union strikes

Jami-Lee Ross’ bill, the?Employment Relations (Continuity of Labour) Amendment Bill?has been drawn from the ballot.

The purpose of the bill is:

to repeal section 97 of the Employment?Relations Act 2000. Section 97 prevents the use of volunteers, contractors, or other casual employees by an employer during a strike or?lockout.

Damn good stuff. Section 97 is a?pernicious?part of the Employment Relations Act 2000 which allows for unions to shut down business while they strike. Ports of Auckland got pinged for this and fined $40,000 when the Maritime Union attempted to cripple the port. Rock Gas is also facing the same penalties for putting on replacement drivers in order for gas supplies to continue.? Read more »

The Owl speaks out on The Herald stories on Union attacks by WOBH

The Owl writes:

I read with interest the articles and in the whole do not see anything major.

The Owl has always put the union members heart on the front foot on union financial matters.

Firstly I have never been paid by anyone and nor have I ever seeked any financial contributions. I am seriously ‘Joe Public’. WO can verify this and would stand in court with my head held high and swear an oath. I had no editorial rights nor sort any.

Think of it this way – instead of writing a letter to the editor of the Herald, I wrote a letter to the editor of a Blog.? Read more »

Irrelevant? Helen Kelly thinks so

Helen Kelly thinks I am irrelevant.

Yet she took time out of her busy schedule trying to screw over Peter Jackson and other Kiwi employers to comment about a supposed irrelevant blogger.

Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly said there had been a concerted attack on unions by Mr Slater. She said Mr Slater was “irrelevant” but was concerned about the port “putting the knife into its own staff”.? Read more »

Oh noes…I attack unions

David Fisher just loves to write about me, if he isn’t tweeting he is pouring over my blog. Today he gets a two-fer…two stories about me.

The second one is about my love for unions…on page 5.

A political strategist who has trained National Party MPs says the Ports of Auckland colluded with right wing bloggers to undermine industrial action against the Ports of Auckland.

The claim is in a leaked document written by controversial strategist Simon Lusk – and hotly denied by the publicly-owned port company.

The document was dated February 2012 – when the port strike was most heated – and is part of Mr Lusk’s strategy for the National Party.

It read: “The right currently controls the blogosphere, and the political journalists repeat much of what appears on blogs.

“The case in point is the way the Maritime Union have received huge negative publicity about their salaries, based on POAL (Ports of Auckland Limited) working with certain bloggers to control the story. Financial support for these bloggers will enable them to build their credibility and readership.”? Read more »

Section 97 and the Ports of Auckland Dispute

The Maritime Union caused one of the longest industrial disputes in the last decade striking against the Ports of Auckland when the Ports wanted to make their port more efficient.

MUNZ held the port to ransom, trying to protect $92,000 a year plus jobs for working 27 hours a week at an unproductive port that was not producing adequate returns to their owner, the ratepayers of Auckland. Section 97 meant that the Ports of Auckland were unable to replace striking or locked out workers with temporary workers while they continued the negotiations, causing disproportionate financial costs to the Port.

The law is so ludicrous that during the industrial dispute when crucial equipment broke down the Port bought in temporary labour and were fined $40,000 for employing contractors to keep the port running.? Read more »

MUNZ gets its beans from the Employment Relations Authority

The nasty bully-boys at the Maritime Union took the new union down at Ports of Auckland (PortPro) to the Employment Relations Authority, challenging their right to exist as a union.

They kept their action very quiet, normally they are leaking to their embedded mates at the Herald the moment they do these things. There is a good reason they kept it quiet though…they lost.

[29] Accordingly I determine that the Rules of the Respondent having been deemed to be?compliant at the time of registration by the Registrar, there are no grounds for the Authority to?make an order in accordance with s 17(2) of the Act directing the Registrar to cancel?Portpro?s registration as a union on the basis that the Rules are not compliant with s 14(1)(a)?of the Act.

[30] Costs are reserved pending the final determination of the matter.

I hope MUNZ gets slammed with substantial costs for their anti-competitive bully boy tactics.

[Source document pdf]

Captain Hypocrisy dons his tights, and it’s not a good look

Mike Lee

Apparently the Auckland Council subscribing to the Property Council is “not a good look“, according to Cr Mike Lee.

Yes, perish the thought of the Auckland Council wanting a membership to subscribe to information from the organisation that represents property owners and developers. I’m sure the council wouldn’t own strategic properties around Auckland that might have impact on or be impacted by various trends. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to participate in helping to form policy on property related issues. Why would the council want information from such an organisation anyway?

Mike Lee’s idea of what doesn’t constitute “a good look” begs some interesting questions.? Read more »

Some serious questions for MUNZ to answer

Attached is the RE-Filed accounts for 2009 – so far MUNZ has lodged up to 2009 (still a few more years to go) as ordered by the Registrar.

However there is a very interesting read in the 2008 comparative.

Firstly MUNZ never filed their orginial 2008 accounts. However with the whole combined accounts now you can see why. In the 2008 income comparative there is a $200k transfer from the welfare fund just below the proceeds from the sale of property.

Since this is now consolidated accounts the question are:

Which Branch took the welfare fund and pocketed it into their branch fund?

Did they use it to hide big branch losses?

Did the members know their funds were flogged?

Note 5 and 6 shows big amounts owing to IRD as well – did they use the Welfare Funds to pay off the IRD?

POAL fined today $40k but Garry has a short memory

Ports of Auckland has been fined $40,000 for bringing in an Engineer while MUNZ was on strike. Garry Parsloe is all over it.

?We need an agreement that provides increased flexibility while providing security and certainty to our members to enable them to have time with their family and to work in a safe manner. It?is time for the madness to stop and for the Port to be run by a management that values its workforce. Heads must roll ? deliberate illegal actions by management compel a firm response from?the Board and from the Council.?

He is trying to sheet home any financial costs resulting from his union’s strike actions onto POAL. He forgets that it was his union that went on strike in the first place…and he forgets that the engineer was called in because of OSH requirements.

This whole issue shows up the stupidity of that provsion int eh Employment Relations Act…POAL had to provide engineering skills, MUNZ was striking so POAL had to foly someone in from Australia…and as a result they have been fined.

What was POAL supposed to do, ignore OSH regulations and potentially cause an accident?

It just goes to show how?lackadaisical?Garry Parsloe, Helen Kelly and MUNZ are when it comes to safety…but then again when their own member throw twist locks under the wheels of straddle carriers you can;t really expect anything better.

So while Garry Parsloe is yelling form the roof tops about a fine for POAl perhaps he might also like to explain this:

Extract – 2005 MUNZ Financial Accounts for $340,000.00 Provision

Yep a cool $340,000.00 provision.