Mark Gosche

Why do the Unions have so much Sway over Labour? Ctd

Yesterday we looked at how little money the Union movement has given to Labour, yet they remain captured by the Unions who don?t pay for Labour?s upkeep.

Today we look at whether unionists are electable, and whether union leaders can win over the middle New Zealand.

If the union movement?s best and brightest were able to win seats from National they would be valuable to Labour as good vote winning candidates.

So over the past 20 years which union reps have won National seats?

This is a bit of an unfair question because Labour have been so useless that they have not won National seats in any number since 2002. In 2014 Stuart Nash won the vacant Napier seat. In 2011 Damien O?Connor, famous for his ?gaggle of gays and self serving unionists? won back the West Coast seat he had lost at the previous election. Two good keen men but they are not from a union background. ? Read more »

Will Comrade Kate Get made a Life Member of the CTU?

Kate Wilkinson has achieved what note union luminaries Jim Knox, Ken Douglas, and Mark Gosche never did. She has managed to increase union membership?(pdf)?in New Zealand. It is only a small increase but her average is way better than Jim, Ken and Mark so word is she is going to be made a life member of the CTU.

This is an amazing effort for someone who is nominally a right winger and her life membership would be deserving. Well done Comrade Kate.


When finger pointing backfires

One of the problems with finger pointing is that there are three fingers pointing right back at you, your own.

The Greens especially but also Labour, in?particular?Trevor Mallard have been pointing fingers trying to lay the blame for the MV Rena on the door step of the government. They have been very vocal about the oil spill, pretending to be experts at marine salvage and in the case of Phil Goff pretending to?know?how to use a shovel.

Eventually the facts come out though. So, I wonder how they are going to spin this little piece of news.

A decade ago, the Oil Pollution Fund contained about $12 million but now totals only $4m after a decision was made by then transport minister Mark Gosche to draw the account down. The purpose of the fund is to have sufficient cash rapidly available in case of an oil spill and all ships over 24m long or weighing more than 100 tonnes must contribute. What they pay is decided by the gross tonnage of the ship and not their “threat” level ? an issue currently subject to review.

Labour has gone on about how shameful it is that the taxpayers will be paying for the spill. I wonder what their alternative is, not clean it up and say we shouldn’t have to pay. Or do what?the?government is doing, cleaning it up and then using the full forces and resources of the state to pursue and hold to account those responsible.

Meanwhile if Labour could explain the decision they made to draw the account down.

Price of DoC's 'luxurious dunnies' irks Nick Smith

Price of DoC's 'luxurious dunnies' irks Nick SmithNational MP Nick Smith says he will complain to the Auditor-General about a $245,000 Department of Conservation toilet block he says cost the same to build as the average family home and was "too flash".
Dr Smith said the toilet…
[NZ Politics]

It is hard to conclude otherwise that this is a case of extreme waste by a government department. DoC has spent $245,000 on a dunny when just down the road at two similar locations the Nelson District Council spent $65,000 and $56,000 building dunnies.

Still it is not like they have never does this before. It semms that DoC has a penchant for expensive dunnies.?