Mark Gunton

The blind irony of hunting outrage

Every time I see an article in the paper or online about hunting, more so African safaris in the nature of the recent Melissa Bachman and The Herald’s bloated emotive bullshit by Bevan Hurley on NZ businessman Mark Gunton I see the same old nonsense repeated. All, if not most of it is based on emotional outrage, lack of understanding, research or all three of the above. Far be it from from us at WOBH to allow biased MSM spin go unchallenged.

This week over 450,000 people signed a?Change.orgpetition?calling for the South African government to ban big-game huntress and Minnesota-based television presenter, Melissa Bachman. The online?fury?was sparked after Bachman posted a photo posing with a dead lion she hunted in Africa.

Above is the perfect example of people?left wing idiots who do not can not engage logical thought processes, and act on emotional outrage. All of those who have signed the petition are effectively rallying to act against the law, by petitioning to ban a person for participating in a legal act in that country. Read more »

Lyin’ Len backs down under pressure

Even Lyin’ Len Brown is abandoning his own vision of stack-high apartment living.? Having rammed the high-rise apartment dwellings concept through Auckland Council against the wishes of local residents, Lyin’ Len’s first test is coming up in true-blue Milford.

Nestled in Auckland’s North Shore suburbs, word has it Milford gave Len a royal roasting when he turned up on one of his Mayor in the Chair campaign visits.? In a far cry from his usual dismissive handshakes and smiles tour, Len was confronted by angry residents furious with the 16-storey high apartment buildings proposed at Milford Mall.

Rather than defend his policy, the Mayor appears to have given up on the apartment concept on the very first day.? The first cab off the high rise rank,?and another?mayoral backdown.? No wonder Mark Gunton is frustrated, pointing out that intensification is the basis of Len’s own Auckland Plan, which encourages high-rise apartments to accommodate Auckland’s growing population.

So we are now at a situation where Auckland community groups from liberal Herne Bay to conservative Milford are snarling at intensification.? Len is turning his back on the very intensification principles that he personally championed.

When considering whether to deny Aucklanders the ability to appeal Len’s unitary plan, Environment Minister Amy Adams needs to apply a basic political sniff test.? If 3,800 residents in staunchly conservative Milford can oppose a plan change, what kind of public reaction does the Minister expect if she denies every Aucklander the right to hold Len’s plan to account in the Environment Court?

Not even Len is onboard with his own vision for Auckland now.