Mark Latham

The advent of The Ruddliffe


David Cunliffe has morphed into The Ruddliffe.

Like Kevin Rudd he is tone deaf to his caucus, thoroughly disliked by the majority of the caucus and the general public and so narcissistic he believes that he alone is blameless.

His career path and ending are remarkably similar as well.? Read more »

Out of money, out of time, out of government

The ALP is flat broke, they are also out of time. If they can keep the majority of the Liberals to under 20 seats they will think they have done well.

LABOR has offered cut-price “intimate” lunches with senior ministers for just $50 and called on supporters to donate $5 as it scrambles to match the Coalition’s big-spending election campaign.

With business plunging millions of dollars into Tony Abbott’s war-chest, senior Labor figures fear they are being outspent three-to-one on television advertising in the campaign’s final week.

And while a tired Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has attended numerous fundraisers during the gruelling campaign, the Opposition Leader will on Wednesday night attend just his third such event – at a glittering $550-a-plate dinner in Sydney.? Read more »

Only in Australia

The left wing media and Kevin Rudd have jumped on a comment by Tony Abbott about a couple of his candidates. It is a massive over-reaction…but I guess when you are used to looking at Labor women you would find it astonishing that any candidate might have any sort of sex appeal.

Mark Latham though jumps in boots and all and reckons Abbott might have had his beer googles on.

Tony Abbott Day 9 Penrith Stadium

Does Mark Latham have a point?

COLOURFUL former Labor leader Mark Latham has leapt with both feet into the Tony Abbott “sex appeal” controversy, saying the Opposition Leader must have been drunk to think candidate Fiona Scott attractive.

“It showed very bad judgement and it shows he has low standards,” Latham told Melbourne radio station 3AW of the comments.

Mr Abbott caused an uproar on Tuesday when he described politician Fiona Scott, his candidate for the seat of Lindsay, as having “a bit of sex appeal” when he was comparing her to former Liberal member Jackie Kelly.? Read more »

Transparency for thee but not for me, why journalists should come clean


Antony Loewenstein writes at the Guardian about his wish for journalists to come clean and declare their political allegiances. He contends that journalists should follow the strict rules of transparency they demand from others as a way of attempting to restore trust in their industry.

Are mainstream journalists dedicated to journalism? This may seem like a strange question, especially since I?m a journalist myself, though independent and not tied to a corporate news organisation.

We are bombarded with details that claim to inform us about the world. From war and peace to politics and global affairs, reporters produce content that is consumed by the vast majority of the population. There are claims of holding power to account, questioning how governments, officials and businesses make decisions that affect us all. In reality, corporate and political interests?too often influence?what we see and hear.

There are those who think that our journalists are bang in the middle…but they are far from it. Loewenstein proposes a solution.

..[T]he media has singularly failed in holding itself to account. We, as journalists, should disclose for whom we vote and any other political affiliations that may affect our reporting. It?s the least we can do to restore trust in an industry that regularly receives low marks by its readers. A 2011 study by Edelman Public Relations found only?33% of the Australian public?trusted the press, compared to an average of 49% globally. A?2013 study?by Transparency International finds Australians rank political parties and the media as the most corrupt institutions in the state.? Read more »

Latham on Rudd’s gutlessness and inability to count

Politicians who wish to run coups should always learn to count. Mark Latham, former ALP leader launches into one big long sledge against Kevin Rudd and his cowardice and inability to count along with his an attack on his supporters.

It really is just one big long rant:

“We go through this every time about the inflated Rudd numbers. Kevin Rudd put his hand up for the Labor leadership six times, and in each case he has dramatically inflated his numbers in leaks to the media.

“You had silly Kieran Gilbert on Sky News today saying: ‘Oh, will it be like last time, when Rudd had the numbers and then they fell apart when the ballot was held ? his numbers dissipated.’

“Well, he didn’t have the numbers in the first place; I mean, I just get amazed at the gullible nature of the media where, time after time after time after time, they buy the Rudd BS.

Some advice for Mallard

??The Australian

Mark Latham has some very sage advice for Trevor Mallard, advice he would do well to heed:

?When you start lying about stuff you risk this scale of avalanche of votes against you,?

He was talking of course about Anna Bligh’s Queensland Labor rout. But the sentiment holds true for Trevor Mallard. Latham goes on:

?The public distrust and cynicism about public life is so severe there is no room, absolutely no margin for lying to the electorate and Bligh paid the penalty.?

Substitute Bligh for Mallard and you can see what I mean.

Trevor Mallard is a serial defamer, it is time that some one sorted him out. if his own party are too gutless to do it then it will have to be Judith Collins.

Meanwhile Mallard will be running the numbers against Shearer as sure as night follows day….another of Latham’s comments:

?And inevitably, as certain as night follows day they will change leaders before the next election. They can’t possibly go to the next poll with Gillard.?

David Shearer, through his unwillingness to rein in Trevor Mallard is unfortunately doomed. It will be sooner rather than later.

Latham on Labor’s problems

? The Australian

Mark Latham would like a non-liar for Prime Minister of Australia.

THE high levels of public distrust and cynicism with politicians leave no margin for lying to the electorate, former Labor leader Mark Latham has warned, saying the ALP’s only hope for survival is to “bring in a non-liar as prime minister”.

Mr Latham, who has become one of Julia Gillard’s fiercest critics, told Sky News Australian Agenda that the lessons from the Queensland state election trouncing were clear.

He said Labor’s structural problem, where its party base had been replaced by aspirational and upwardly-mobile voters with no economic or emotional attachment to a trade union base party, was exacerbated by they way it conducted itself in government.

?When you start lying about stuff you risk this scale of avalanche of votes against you,? he said.

Former Queensland premier Anna Bligh paid the price at the ballot box over her breach of faith on Queensland’s asset sales, he said.

?If there is one lesson out of it for democracy – and I think this is important for the Prime Minister – if you make a promise, you’ve just got to keep it these days,? he said.

?The public distrust and cynicism about public life is so severe there is no room, absolutely no margin for lying to the electorate and Bligh paid the penalty.?

Mr Latham said this meant the only option for federal Labor was to ?bring in a non-liar as prime minister?.

Gillard does a Taylor and Old School Repeaters get upset

Julia Gillard has done a Kevin Taylor and meddled in the employment affairs of a political enemy. Mark Latham took the fight to the street and ambushed the unctuous Gillard about her complaint to nine about employing Latham.

Mr Latham ambushed Ms Gillard without warning, asking her if she knew anything about a complaint that had been made about his working for Channel Nine.

Ms Gillard replied that she didn?t know anything about the claim, but Mr Latham persisted with his aggressive attack to the astonishment and amusement of the many supporters and journalists.

Ms Gillard told Mr Latham that any complaint should be directed at Kevin Rudd.

The Prime Minister eventually moved on from him smiling through gritted teeth, later complaining it was inappropriate.

This has all the hallmarks of Kevin Taylor’s inept bully-boy tactics over me appearing on The Nation which back-fired in him, and resulted in me quitting the National Party. What is inappropriate is meddling by politicians and their staff in the private affairs of citizens.

Predictably the fat old school lazy repeaters and churnalists are upset that someone who can’t write short-hand is muscling in on their cosy territory with the pollies and whined loudly about it all.

A top TV political editor has lashed out at his own employer for hiring a former Labour leader as a journalist.

Mark Latham, who works for Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes programme, was attacked following a very public ambush of Prime Minister Julia Gillard during a walkabout.

Nine news’ Laurie Oakes said the former Labour leader-turned-journalist was full of bile and only settling old scores.

Complaining about “full of bile and only settling old scores”? …sounds like brilliant television to me. Time the old school retired. Laurie Oakes for example has been a member of the Canberra Press Gallery since 1966. Go…already!