Mark Unsworth

70% of girls aged 14-17 tuck into RTDs


The weekends should be relaxing. But this weekend there will be crisis meetings at Independent Liquor as booze boss Julian Davidson and his highly paid spin merchant Mark Unsworth try to figure out how to counter this alarming figure.

Anti booze troughers Alcohol Healthwatch and Women?s Health Action have?banged out a report saying that women are binge drinking like the blokes.? Read more »

Kiwiblog calls for label changes to RTDs


Whoops, looks like Independent Liquor?s sponsored travel blogger?David Farrar support for calorie labels for alcohol?may have just cost his sponsor hundreds of thousands of dollars in new costs.

His comment ?I know I drink far less now, knowing how much weight you put on with a few beers or wines? very conveniently forgets to mention?his sponsor?s lolly water alcopops?or RTDs for short.

But while ?forgetting? about RTDs, Farrar?s eagerness and support for a new labelling regime for alcohol products to reveal how many kilojoules each drink contains, will end up forcing significant new costs onto his beloved sponsor by way of labelling and expensive testing regimes.? Read more »

RTD makers pushing booze at kids in Government crosshairs still


I?ve posted before about the?targeting of RTDs towards kids.

Angela Dalton of the Manurewa Local Board is hot on the issue?and seeks to have Auckland Local Alcohol Policy reflect the concerns of the local communities?where this liquid panty remover is being pushed onto kids.

Judith Collins is watching closely the impact of Big Booze?s Voluntary Industry Code on RTDs. She won?t be impressed with this headline ?Little effect from RTD alcohol limits?.

Seems the booze boys at Independent Liquor and spin weasel Mark Unsworth?s efforts to pull the wool over the Minister?s eyes are coming unravelled.? Read more »

The answer to Len’s booze problem

Looks like Independent Liquor and its highly paid spin weasel Mark Unsworth are about to have a few problems.

I?ve posted before about?Len?s booze problems.? The Manurewa Local Board has now come up with a solution and one that?supports Crusher Collins?as well.

In a release ?Calls for Tougher Restrictions on Liquor Shops??issued this afternoon, Manurewa Local Board Chair Angela Dalton is calling on Auckland Council to introduce tough new discretionary measures in Auckland?s Local Alcohol Policy.

?We strongly support the recent recommendation by the?Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA)?to impose a restricted designation in respect of premises stocking RTDs.

?We want to see the LAP ensure that any off-licensed store that targets young people with cheap ?easy-to-drink? liquor runs the risk of their license application being declined. Further, we strongly oppose liquor wholesalers entering into agreements with small liquor stores to the effect that 70 per cent of the retail space of the premise and 70 per cent of the chiller space must be devoted to RTDs.? Read more »

RTDs targeting of kids in the Government Crosshairs, Ctd

Via the tip-line

The biggest RTD producer by far in NZ is Independent Liquor. Clearly they have no shame in?running promotions targeting kids.

Another WO fan has sent this in after reading about their Whipped Cupcake RTDs, wondering what?s next after Cruiser and?Cindy?s finished getting the whole world in her cans.

The latest trend seems to be to?spike spirits with tobacco ?flavours and scents?. The question will be whether Independent Liquor will leap on this, and start pump out a tobacco flavoured RTD to their customers in South Auckland? Just imagine the howls of outrage from not only groups like Alcohol Healthwatch or the Drug Foundation, but also the anti-tobacco troughers.? Read more »

Shameless RTD promotion

Pinko blogger David Farrar celebrated his 10?years of arts, fitness and travel blogging by hosting a party.

One of those stumping up was paymaster and RTD producer Independent Liquor. (David Farrar thanks them here)

Cactus Kate calls them ?Liquid Panty Remover? recognising they?re designed for young girls, and in this case female Young Nats and lothario Jordan Williams.

image001-1 Read more »

The low rat cunning of Russel Norman

Whaleoil Politician of the Year for 2011, Russel Norman, has again shown his admirable low rat cunning. Lobbyist Mark Unsworth sends a hostile email to an academic, so Russel shines the light of day on it.

Mark Unsworth, of government relations consultancy Saunders Unsworth, e-mailed Massey University environmental scientist Dr Mike Joy on Wednesday in reaction to Joy’s comments to the New york Times on New Zealand’s ‘fantastical’ 100% pure image.

Mr Unsworth’s email – which was sent at 12:15am under the subject line ‘Ego trip’ – was posted by Green Party co-leader Russel Norman on his Facebook page today.

Nice. Make it look like Unsworth has been on the turps when he sent a silly email.

In the emails, Mr Unsworth said although he was an academic, Dr Joy had “let his ego run riot worldwide” while risking jobs and incomes from decreased tourism.

“You guys are the Foot and Mouth Disease of the tourism industry. Most ordinary people in NZ would happily have you lot locked up,” he wrote.

“You may not care given your tenure in a nice comfy University lounge, but to others this affects income and jobs.

You may not agree with Russel on much at all but he is a politician who?s low rat cunning is as good as any in the business. It is probably because he is an Australian and they teach low bastardry from birth over there.

Onya, Mark Unsworth. Onya

Government relations consultant Mark Unsworth has taken exception to?Massey University’s environmental scientist Dr Mike Joy wading into the “100% Pure” debate waging around the New York Times article earlier this week.

Unsworth wrote in an email to Joy:

?”You guys are the foot and mouth disease of the tourism industry. Most ordinary people in NZ would happily have you lot locked up,” he wrote.

“You may not care given your tenure in a nice comfy university lounge, but to others this affects income and jobs.

?”Give that some thought next time you feel the need to see your name in print in New York. And possibly think of changing your name from Joy to Misery – its more accurate [sic].”

The company you keep

I’ve looked at some of Trevor Mallard’s unsavoury friends, now let’s look at some other MPs.

Chris Hipkins is a good one. Hasn’t been in parliament for long but has been around parliament?forever. A former Clark staffer and now an MP and a rising star if you listen to Labour people.

Both Chris Hipkins and his pals at The Standard, (no link they don’t deserve one) like to bang on about lobbyists and transparency. Raising all sorts of nasty innuendo. Check out this post from Steve Pierson Marty G Goffice worker Clinton Smith.

The Standard - The company they keep

Look how close National is with lobbyists representing rightwing interests is what they are saying. Well….like Trevor Mallard who is friends with a filthy lobbyist so too is Chris Hipkins.

Chris Hipkins is friends with a filthy lobbyistI wonder what influence Chris Hipkins is under from consorting with known peddlers of right wing ideology. The outrage should be flowing from The Standard. Surely the company you keep says everything about you. First Trevor and now Little Trev are under?the?influence of filthy lobbyists because shock, horro they are?friend?with them on Facebook.

If The Standard says that there is undue influence then there must be. Or it could all be bollocks chucked about by Labour and their proxy blogs in order to smear because that is the only tactic they’ve got.