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Yesterday’s Papers: Marlborough Express reduces to three days a week

The weekday print edition of Marlborough’s daily newspaper, the Marlborough Express, is going down to three days a week, its owner Fairfax says.

From May the afternoon paper will shift to morning deliveries while a five-day a week emailed newsletter will complement the print edition, it announced on Tuesday.

The paper will be delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Subscribers will have the option to receive a copy of Christchurch’s The Press on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The 151-year-old paper has seven journalists but the new “integrated digital and print publishing model” will only require five.

The Marlborough Midweek and Saturday Express community newspapers are unaffected.

Printing is carried out at Fairfax’s Nelson Mail publication and the move will make “significant” savings in distribution and production, says Fairfax group executive editor Sinead Boucher. Read more »

Whaleoil takes the win: Greater transparency in Marlborough

The Mex reports on something they should have taken an interest in earlier instead of toeing the council line.

We have, however, forced the council to take steps to be more transparent.

After a secretly-recorded discussion was leaked to a right-wing blog, the Marlborough District Council is seeking greater transparency in its chamber, with councillors now able to record meetings.

Under?new standing orders, the?public and councillors can now make recordings, with the permission of the committee chairman.

The council itself is also able to record meetings under the new standing orders, as long as appropriate signage is provided.

Marlborough Mayor John Leggett said while the new rules did not cover public-excluded meetings, which had to be kept confidential, he wanted as much information as possible to be out in the public arena.

“The more we have open to the public?the better, as far as I’m concerned. It’ll get rid of all this sniping,” Leggett said. ?? Read more »

Marlborough Express should have tried doing their bloody job!

The Marlborough Express is having a crisis of confidence at the moment.

The Marlborough Express has warned that it can?t go on as a daily paper forever and it is considering new ideas, including reporting sponsored by readers and printing on fewer days of the week. Could other local papers with sagging sales?go the same way?

The Blenheim-based daily paper has launched a project it calls Express of the Future to “rethink the way we fund local news and sustain the future of local journalism in this region.”

“Digital audiences are growing rapidly and people are slowly moving away from print and advertising revenues are declining,”?Fairfax Media’s Marlborough editor Nicola Coburn wrote.

“At some point in the future, we will not be able to sustain a daily newspaper. The time has come to change,” she warned.

The staff, local businesses, advertisers and readers are all being asked for their ideas.

Nicola Coburn has even invited readers drop in for a chat in the mornings. If they’re shy, they can put a sticky note suggestion on a wall set aside for the purpose.

The editor?s article also said: “We have a strong initial plan.” So how much influence will the local readers and advertisers really have in this process of rethinking the provision of local news?

Mediawatch’s request for an interview was moved up the chain to Fairfax?s senior editor in the South Island, Joanna Norris, who is also editor of Christchurch’s daily The Press.

Joanna Norris said rumours about closing the Express have been circulating after Fairfax Media conducted some audience research in the are recently – but they’re false.? Read more »

You’re welcome!


Apparently, I have encouraged closer scrutiny of local body candidates in Nelson and Marlborough.

A leak to controversial blogger Cameron Slater has sparked interest in who will be Marlborough’s new mayor.

Four well-known local men are putting their hands up to replace outgoing mayor Alistair Sowman, who’s hanging up the chains after 12 years in the job.

This Saturday’s election comes weeks after minutes from a closed door meeting on the future of the controversial new ASB Theatre were leaked the Whale Oil blog. ? Read more »

Why does Marlborough’s theatre cost so much?


The Marlborough Express may be covering up the threatening late-night emails from the Mayor to Corey Hebberd, but they are not covering up the massively expensive theatre running costs.

Invercargill’s theatre is nearly one-and-a-half times the size?of Blenheim’s new theatre, but its yearly operating costs are about a third of the theatre’s estimated annual expenditure.

A report prepared by the Marlborough District Council last month?said the?expenditure for the ASB Theatre this financial year was forecast to be almost $1.4 million.? Read more »

Comment on “Marlborough Express still ignores threats of legal action”

One of the pro-theatre commenters has made some assumptions about Corey Hebberd that are untrue.


unpublished by moderators due to ad-hominem attack

Read more »

Marlborough Express still ignores threats of legal action

alistair-sowman-marlborough-mayor-nzh copy

As mentioned in a previous post, the Marlborough Express has absolutely failed to cover the threatening late-night emails from the mayor to Corey Hebberd, spokesman of the residents’ and ratepayers’ association for his legitimate questioning about the massive financial failings of the ?world-class? theatre.

Tensions were raised?after an?email sent by Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman?to a community group?spokesman surfaced?the day before last week’s?critical council meeting on the?theatre’s finances. Read more »

Is this cartoon racist?

Yesterday the Marlborough Express ran a cartoon, there are some who think it is racist.

Hilary Barry thinks it is.

So does Maiki Sherman.

Ben Hurley, who likes to hurl filthy jokes around thinks it is racist too.

What do readers think?? Read more »