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And why wouldn’t he? I would

If you are dying from cancer why wouldn’t you use cannabis to ease the suffering?

You’d be dead before it ever made it to court anyway.

The late broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes turned to marijuana before his death, his widow has revealed.

Lady Deborah Holmes said her husband was not a drug user but “in the final weeks it was the one thing that could give him peace and comfort”.

Sir Paul died age 62 in February 2013 after battling heart problems and the return of prostate cancer.

His wife told Herald columnist Brian Rudman that he was allergic to morphine and the alternative concoction of drugs “sent him off to la la land”. ? Read more »

Medical marijuana: no longer if, but when

Someone is feeling a bit of pressure:

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Explaining is losing Peter.

Peter Dunne help provide a legal framework around synthetic cannabis, but seems?recalcitrant when it comes to natural cannabis.

There are renewed calls to push through the legalisation of medical cannabis in New Zealand after it was revealed Martin Crowe was self-medicating with liquid marijuana.

The detail around the cricket legend’s use of medicinal marijuana was revealed in a British newspaper.

Crowe fought lymphoma for four years, facing his battle against the illness with as much dignity and grace as he’d shown at the crease.

But since his death it’s been revealed he was forced to use illegal drugs to help manage his pain. ? Read more »

Martin Crowe eased his pain with cannabis

Martin was self medicating his final months with cannabis, another high profile person dealing with pain and suffering outside of our heartless and archaic laws.

And why wouldn’t you…when you have a death sentence you wouldn’t really care about any legal consequences.

Martin Crowe was self-medicating with liquid marijuana in the final months of his life, according to his close friend, former English international Mike Selvey.

In a tribute piece written for the Guardian, Selvey says the former New Zealand cricket captain was sleeping 15 hours a day and using cannabis oil rather than undergoing more chemotherapy.

Selvey wrote that Crowe had told him this when the pair caught up in Auckland during last year’s Cricket World Cup. ? Read more »

Sir Martin? Would you like to see it happen? [POLL]


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An online petition lobbying for an urgent knighthood for terminally ill New Zealand cricket great Martin Crowe has more than 5000 signatures.

The petition, set up by Hirone Waretini two weeks ago on, has 5656 supporters.

Known as one of the game’s most stylish batsmen, the 52-year-old became the third New Zealander to be inducted into the International Cricket Council’s Hall of Fame in February. Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: Andrew Cornaga/

Photo: Andrew Cornaga/

The Unforgettable Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe is chased by fans, New Zealand Black Caps v Australia, Cricket World Cup, Eden Park, New Zealand. 22 February 1992.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Martin Crowe Inducted Into ICC Hall of Fame

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A ‘city of night-mayors’

Martin Crowe doesn’t mince words, and particularly relevant with the refusal of Len Brown to do the right thing, repeatedly refusing to answer questions about whether or not there are any others on Firstline this morning.

I would have thought such a question required only a yes or no answer…not “its a private matter”…that means yes. No wonder we think our mayors are night-mayors.

He said Marlborough had a “cool” mayor after an introduction by Mayor Alistair Sowman. ? Read more »