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A reader emails about “a ?decent journalist, trained and skilled?

A reader emails about Bryce Johns’ editorial:


Gong hei fa xai and all that. Just back from a glorious 2 week break and catching up on some of the recent posts. I saw the one from yesterday about Bryce Johns? editorial ? what a patronising cock. I couldn?t help notice an appalling lack of education from a ?decent journalist, trained and skilled? in the second paragraph of his Holmes editorial.? Read more »

Just what is Martin Devlin outraged about?

The Herald on Sunday is continuing to show me examples of how they expect me to act as a “decent journalist, trained and skilled” by splashing articles, photographs and videos of Sir Paul Homes (perhaps ‘Sir’ didn’t fit in the HoS’s title either) all over their website and print versions in a frantic effort to outdo all the other MSM to show how much they care, regardless of content quality.






Of course there’s no attribution on this article, ?but being an editorial ?one doesn’t need to look far


What was that Bryce said to me, oh yes… “if you?re playing editor now you?ll need to start taking the personal stuff out of it.”

What a patronizing hypocrite.

Whaleoil Redux 2011 – Q1

Today is the last day of the year and what a year it has been. The chaos and mayhem I created was:

January 2011 – 151 posts

The new year started with yet another case of celebrity name suppression. Martin Devlin had thrown a tanty and decided to bounce on the bonnet of his missus’ car. With the ensuing media frenzy he eventually outed himself.

I called time on the Royal NZ Ballet:

From the?latest available published accounts?for the Royal NZ Ballet.

For the 2009 year.

Ministry for Culture and?Heritage funding ? $3,959,000
Sponsorship and donations ? $2,010,000
Box office revenue ? $2,631,000
Total Revenue ?- $8,600,000

On these figures the Royal NZ Ballet bludges $1.50 for every dollar they raise in ticket sales. That?s right, you and I pay $1.50 for every $1.00 some liberal elite wanker pays to sit and watch ballet.

I interviewed Judith Collins for my Summer Series interviews. I am yet to decide if I will do another Summer series.

I outed the Albany Superette for selling P-Pipes. It subsequently was followed in the MSM days later. I next day I got my first legal threat of the year.

On January 9 I highlighted Sunday Star Times and their dodgy polling company Horizon. They never learned from that post and went on to become completely discredited with their methodology and results. It still didn’t stop Radio Live from featuring them, though I understand that Horizon actually paid Mediaworks to do it.

I drove halfway down the Napier-Taupo highway to meet Garth McVicar for my Summer Series interviews. Followed up a few days later with an interview with Trevor Mallard. I doubt he will do another. While in Wellington I also popped in for coffee with Celia Wade-Brown and talked about her victory in the local body elections.

I started asking questions about Len Brown’s 100 things in 100 days. Len Brown starts to desperately look for things to do in his 100 days. On day 79 Len Brown released 52 things he was going to do.

On January 20 I reminded Len Brown about his promise for a referendum on Maori seats. This was before the Maori Statutory Board blew up in his face:

He made this promise throughout the campaign, but has chickened out of a referendum.?On Q&A he was trying to buy himself some wriggle room.

On TVNZ?s Q & A yesterday, Mr Brown said a referendum on creating Maori seats on the council ?may well? be possible in the next three years

This blog has reminded him of his promise?here,?here?and?here.

Brian Rudman felt obliged to attack Len Brown and his failure of the 100 things in 100 days promise.

I had a beer with Chris Trotter for my Summer Series interviews. I also went to the Unite Union bunker and interviewed Matt McCarten.

I asked whether or not Labour was snooping on your emails. This story develops in later months.

I started my battle with the Teachers unions.

The good people at Kaimata Retreat get suspicious of a lying blonde tart and google Pearl Going. They subsequently contact me and I out her re-emergence as a bullshit artist.

After Phil Goff handed in his man card by dying his hair I started a series of hair do suggestions for him.

?February 2011 – 187 posts

Chris Hipkins kicked off the first SMOG of Labour with porn spam on Facebook profile.

On February 2 John Key said no to Winston Peters and set the election date.

Len Brown finally released his full list of 100 useless things he was going to do inside 100 days.

On the 6th of February Len Brown fell for the classic Michael Bloomberg train sting. Jonathan Marshall and a photographer bust Len Brown and his hypocrisy over riding the rails to work.

The pressure built on Len Brown over his little train ride double standard.

I told Nikki Kaye that she could have a gay Mardis Gras but only if the government or council didn’t pay for it.

Michael Wood announced on 11 February that he wanted to ensure that there were no penis lollies in Botany despite the fact that there were no penis lollies in Botany.

Trevor Mallard uses Red Alert to attack Jami-lee Ross as a “Tory lump of lard” and accuses him of being a “nasty piece of work”.

On February 15 I said that Carmel Sepuloni wouldn’t win in Waitakere.

On 16 February I highlighted for the first time the skulduggery that was going on in Rodney electorate for the National party selection.

It was in February that we had a rash of MSM writing articles completely unrelated to Hanover and Mark Hotchin but tied them in in either headlines or the body of the article.

The Rodney Selection skulduggery continued. At this stage it only involved a local and the electorate chair, it was however to go much deeper than this. I then outed the involvement of a former South African white supremacist in the manipulations in the Rodney selections. It took several posts to tell the story.

Having dealt with the local skulduggery in Rodney it then became apparent that that there was two separate cases of skulduggery going down. The rather inept local incident with Brent Robinson and then the involvement of the regional?hierarchy?in attempting to stack appointed delegates. The Rodney selection was then postponed.?It was to get much worse.

Serious muckraking was then deployed against Mark Mitchell. It was run by a sitting board member and involved a journalist as well. Things were getting very murky in Rodney electorate.

March 2011 – 187 posts

The Rodney selection was delayed so an audit of membership could be completed. On 4 March the selection process was cancelled and a new selection processed?launched?such was the level of skulduggery. A serious miscarriage of justice in selection was averted. The irony is the board member most deeply involved int eh murk now claims credit for halting the selection. This is hugely ironic because it was him that was visiting delegates with printouts of websites, a tactic that was later employed in Coromandel by the same board member on behalf of the same candidate.

The day after Jami-lee Ross won the Botany by-election Phil Goff claimed victory for the Labour party.

Speaking of the Labour party, I helpfully make some suggestions for their coming campaign. They ignored them. We know where that ended up.

Trevor Mallard hits a snag using email.

I leaked an email from Perry Rush of the NZPF outlining how they were going to run a?campaign?against Anne Tolley.

The very first Txts from New York.

I reviewed my Savage 17HMR from Hamills.

Martin is lucky, this guy is dead

Martin Devlin was lucky he only got arrested and charged for his little bonnet jumping incident. This guy wasn’t so lucky:

The man who jumped on the bonnet of a car in an attempt to stop illegal rubbish dumping died today, Waikato Police said.

Warren Deane, 41, confronted a man trying to dump rubbish on vacant land in Hamilton, and ended up grabbing on to the bonnet of the offending man’s car.

The car reportedly travelled with Mr Deane still on the bonnet, until he fell and rolled away from the vehicle.

Mr Deane died today a little less than a week after entering hospital. Police said a post-mortem will be held Wednesday, and the coroner will determine the cause of death.

Is Shelley Bridgeman the best columnist ever?

Cactus Kate has already waxed lyrical about Shelley Bridgeman. I was ho hum about her, thinking that she was trying to be the next Mrs Carruthers QC. However it seems she actually has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it. Today she explains the folly of court suppression orders in a modern age.

When are people going to realise that name suppression only excites the public appetite for information that, had it been reported in the usual fashion, would barely have interested us?

Exactly, something Ryan Giggs forgot about or the fools fighting over some bloody dogs.

Had Sandra Grant, a hitherto unknown lawyer, not been granted interim name suppression I bet she wouldn’t have warranted the colour photograph on page four of the?NZ Herald that appeared once suppression lapsed. Her drink-drive conviction had become almost secondary to the main story which was the name suppression itself. We were affronted that someone with an inner knowledge of the machinations of the legal system should try to seek anonymity; the implication was that she was being afforded privileges that may not be so readily accessible to the rest of us. Had name suppression not been a factor, Grant would at most have warranted a passing mention in the newspaper. And I certainly wouldn’t be writing about her today.

The worst offenders of those seeking name suppression are celebrities and what I call establishment…lawyers, accountants and business people.

Broadcaster Martin Devlin similarly created an unnecessary amount of interest when he sought name suppression following a fit of disorderly conduct in Quay Street one morning. Had this been reported in the routine way most of us would have dismissed it as barely interesting.

But coming as it did after much speculation, our curiosity was piqued. Who was this celebrity and what exactly had he done? Chat at water-coolers and on message boards was rife with hints as to his identity and, of course, once his name was made public talk then turned to whether the guy was indeed a celebrity. To make matters worse, it was a strategy that seemed at odds with his persona. Devlin makes his living from the media and from having an upfront, opinionated demeanour. To suddenly become shy and retiring seemed disingenuous.

What is worse about Martin Devlin is his overly protective wife Andi Brotherston who clearly has google searches on her waste of space husband because she places calls to anyone who dares to malign his sorry arse and threatens them with defamation. She has busily been trying hose down the Jetstar story about his foolish ranting and getting himself tossed from the plane. The funny thing is she always says she is calling from TVNZ….without disclosing that it is actually a personal situation and that she is his wife.

It’s not just name suppression that can have the opposite effect to that intended. Any attempt to censor ideas or information, to keep the public in the dark, often leads to wider publicity and a greater audience than would otherwise have been the case.

This is called the Streisand Effect. It is well known and spectacular when it goes off.

Bottom line is that Simon Power’s silly re-write of the law won’t work. If the US Government can’t keep its most precious military and diplomatic communciations secret and Twitter and Facebook can bring down dictators like Hosni Mubarak and muammar Gadaffi then what hope do our politicians have in stopping people telling the truth about other people.

It is only a matter of time until there is an anonymous Twitter account broadcasting details of people before the courts with name suppression.

Making matters worse

Martin Devlin is an idiot, worse he is?married?to an even bigger idiot. I say Martin Devlin is an idiot because he wrongly believed that trying to get name suppression for his little bonnet dancing episode would protect his family. A family that clearly takes its PR advice from the missus of the household, Andi Brotherston. I wonder if TVNZ is paying for the repairs to the company vehicle from the aforesaid dancing episode?

Fresh from her Paul Henry faux pas, she then advised the idiot bonnet dancer to apply for name suppression. Of all the media outlets applying to have the name suppression decision overturned TVNZ, of?which?Andi Brotherston is one of their key spinners, was conspicuous by its?absence. Surely this is a conflict of?interest?in the first instance, but hey, let’s be generous and think that TVNZ were just lazy and let the other media outlets do the heavy lifting.

However?the?whole TVNZ/Martin Devlin/PR disaster waiting to happen thing has reared its head again, this time over at a Sports forum called Sports Freak.

Has this group of fools got no brains when it comes to public relations? Well?apparently?not.

Dear Sportsfreak

It has come to our attention that one of your regular contributors “Durmast” is using an image of Martin Devlin as his or her profile picture. Martin assures me he is not “Durmast” (and he should know) but to many people the distinction would be missed.

In any case, we ask that you have “Durmast” change his or her profile picture, or that you take steps to make the change yourself. It is unfair to have someone else’s comments seemingly attributed to any of our presenters, especially one who makes his living as a sports commentator.

Obviously there are legal remedies available, and we reserve our rights in respect of those remedies, but I would hope that you would do the responsible thing and take it upon yourself to make the necessary changes to ensure any confusion does not continue.

If you could confirm that you have received this email and intend to make the necessary changes, that would be much appreciated.

I’d be happy to discuss this with you if you would prefer. My details are below.

Yours faithfully

Name withheld
Major NZ Media outlet; name withheld

First up, real lawyers don’t threaten, they just do, so if I was Sports Freak I’d ignore this silly letter. In fact I would have published it as a pdf and let readers know just how pathetic you think they are. Secondly, what planet of PR are they from. This is only going to blow up in their face, as it is right now by me posting on it. The Sunday Star-Times just got their ass handed to them on a plate by threatening bloggers, so much so it caused an insurrection and their little legal threats got blown out of the water.

The other thing that Sports Freak could do is create a social media disaster for Martin Devlin and TVNZ by asking all their commenters to change their forum icon to Martin Devlins image, and also all their Facebook and Twitter account icons to Martin Devlin’s image. In fact I might do that just for a laugh and see what comes of it.

UPDATE: The avatars are being changed already.

Random Impertinent Questions

Why were Shane Jones and Maryan Street literally pushing people out of the way to stand next to William Hague?

Isn’t William Hague a Tory politician?

Why would two Labour politicians spend taxpayers money to go to a Tory function filled with National party illuminati?

Is Stuart Nash going to give Princess Sarah a royal wedding or is she still only concubine status?

Which two Labour MPs are doing the horizontal tango and want it all kept on the down low?

Is it true that an internal National party poll showed Simon Power has a negative 23.4% approval rating for leader?

Has National ever had a nicer grandma than Maggie Barry stand for selection?

Boy don’t those photoshop guys know their stuff?

Isn’t Martin Devlin brave for facing up to his f*ck-wittery?

Andi Brotherston really knows how to hose down an issues, doesn’t she?

Smarty Devil no longer in Disguise

Martin Devlin, the smarty devil in disguise, has now outed himself.

Sports broadcaster Martin Devlin has outed himself as the “celebrity” in the Auckland disorderly-behaviour name suppression case.

Devlin, 46, a sports talkback host on Radio Live, had his name suppression lifted in the Auckland District Court today and released a statement saying he had acted like “a right plum” during the incident.

He said his family had missed the Waiheke ferry on the morning of December?29 because he had been watching a soccer game.

“As a result the atmosphere was a little frosty between me and my wife.”

He said his wife mistakenly drove off from the ferry terminal on Quay St, central Auckland, with his bag in the boot of the car.

He stopped the car in the middle of the road and “once stationary, for some inexplicable reason, I sat on the car’s bonnet”.

“It was stupid and I apologise.”

If he had done that right at the start then he wouldn’t be the news. He should stop getting PR advice from the missus.