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Dio Cock Artist Named

Herald on Sunday

The Herald on Sunday has tracked down the guy who drew a cock on a photo for a Dio rowing booklet:

Meanwhile, a man who was sacked after sabotaging a commemorative booklet by drawing an offensive image on a photo admits he made a “horrible mistake”.

Computer operator Anton Mason, 38, said he hadn’t realised his sketch of large, comical male genitalia had made it into the finished article.

The booklet was made for Emily O’Halloran, 18, captain of the rowing team at Auckland’s exclusive Diocesan School for Girls.

Copies were distributed to parents and students at a recent school function before the defaced image was spotted.

Emily’s father, Martin O’Halloran, head of the influential advertising group agency DDB, organised the printing and design through his firm.

Mason, from Auckland’s North Shore, told the Herald on Sunday he was informed by DDB at the end of last month he was no longer required.

“I was just messing about and somehow it went to the printers … I really regret that it happened. “

Is this the same Anton Mason that now works at Draft FCB?

Apparently the HR manager at Draft FCB took pity on him…I wonder of they used to work together at DDB?

And they wonder why I call them repeaters

Stuff has stolen my photo and written a story based on my post (Don’t Come Monday) of yesterday about a staff member “cocking up” a Dio school magazine. Despite the licensing on my blog being Creative Commons – Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike they have not provided a single link, or even a mention as to where they go the story and photo from. You can tell it is my photo because I blurred the faces. Given that Stuff actually named the gorl concerned when I did not shows they had no need to blur the photo. It is doubtful they could obtain the photo from anywhere else.

As readers can see I have attributed this post. You would think a responsible media organisation could do the same.

I think I will bill them. For want of a link they could have avoided that. Does anyone have an idea of going rate for use of photos?

A disgruntled employee sabotaged a commemorative booklet for his boss’ teenage daughter, drawing a lewd image on her photo that was then printed and distributed to her school friends.

Emily O’Halloran, 18, is captain of the rowing team at wealthy private Diocesan School for Girls.

With the rowing season just finished, she planned a 40 page booklet for her team-mates to celebrate her final year at the Auckland school.

The school’s ”purpose statement” is to: Be more than you ever imagined!

She unfortunately got much more than she imagined.

Emily’s father Martin O’Halloran, chairman of influential advertising group agency DDB, volunteered to organise design and printing through his business.

But a staff member involved had a dispute with O’Halloran midway through the project and drew a large, comical male genitalia on a photo of Emily posing with team-mates.

The drawing went unnoticed and the booklet was printed.

”It was a silly and stupid prank by someone who is no longer with DDB,” O’Halloran said.