Feel like eating at an award winning Marxist Vegan restaurant?

Well, you can’t not any more…it went out of business.

A ?Marxist? ?collectivist? ?worker-run? restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, closed its doors this week after customers complained that they could no longer tolerate the bizarre hours, high prices and long lines.

The Garden Diner and Cafe?previously known as the Bartertown Diner?featured a vegan, vegetarian and raw food menu that had met with significant national acclaim. But the restaurant?s business model, which did not allow for bosses or managers, promised a ?living wage? to all employees and a strong union, did not allow the restaurant to make enough profit to stay in business.

Worse still, while the food?earned Bartertown a spot on VegNews?s??10 Hot New Vegan Restaurants? list, customers complained that it was almost impossible to get a meal at the diner.

People frequently noted on the restaurant?s Facebook page that they waited more than 40 minutes for a sandwich?and that?s when the diner was even open. Because the employees set the shop?s hours by group decision, the restaurant opened and closed at random times, leaving potential sandwich buyers totally confused. ? Read more »



Charging to view Karl Marx’ grave – excellent.

On a summer visit to the grave of Karl Marx, Ben Gliniecki found that he would have to pay ?4, or about $6, to pay respects to the man who sounded the death knell for private property.

Mr. Gliniecki, a Marxist, said no.

?Personally, I think it is disgusting,? the 24-year-old political activist said. ?There are no depths of irony, or bad taste, to which capitalists won?t sink if they think they can make money out of it.? ? Read more »

Auckland University law Professor Jane Kelsey is wrong

Specifically, she is wrong with her constant criticism of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. For years she has pumped out press releases and opinion pieces and given endless interviews to scare us witless about the evils of the TPPA. …

Kelsey doesn’t believe TPPA proponents are wrong or misguided, but are conspiratorial in favouring the profits of big corporates at the expense of the health and well-being of everyday people – especially the poor.

The conspiracy must extend to former Prime Minister Helen Clark who, contrary to Labour leader Andrew Little, declared it “unthinkable” for New Zealand to be left out of the TPPA.

Well, the deal has now been agreed. And miracle of miracles, the sun still shines. The agreement covers two-fifths of the global economy and eliminates or reduces about 18,000 tariffs, taxes and non-tariff barriers.

It’s a huge boost to world trade and prosperity. The only criticism is that it does not go far enough.

As a country that has already been through the pain thanks to a Mr Roger Douglas, it’s kind of easy for us to want more. ?But doing so will wipe out heavily protected local industries. ?Rome wasn’t built in a day. ? Read more »


The decline of Marxism and the rise of Islamism in the Third World

A reader sent in this fascinating article which links the rise of Islamism with the fall in popularity of Marxism. It looks at the differences between migrants in Australia today compared with migrants after World War Two. It also highlights the fact that the majority of?refugees on the boats to Australia are not actual refugees but instead economic migrants who would not be accepted as migrants due to their lack of marketable skills and education. Finally it points out the danger of Islamic Terrorism to the West and the need to curb immigration in order to protect Australia.

Many, perhaps most, of the difficulties and malaise currently being experienced by the West, including Australia, stem in large measure from two factors: the unprecedented increase in population in the Third World, and the replacement of secular, universalistic ideologies, especially Marxism, by religious fundamentalism.

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Will Greece be the last gasp of Marxist delusion?

The left wing are all enamoured that the dodgy Greek socialists flipped the bird at the EU.

They think this is cool and even Chris Trotter rolled out the “death of neo-liberalism” epithets.

It’s hogwash of course…neo-liberalism didn’t sink Greece, dodgy socialists drunk on other people’s money and lazy to boot sunk Greece.

Janet Daly explains in words even simple-minded socialists can understand.

Which of these do you find more repugnant: an autocratic European Union which is no longer bothering to conceal its intention to displace an elected government, or a shambolic clique of Left-wing fantasists who are propelling a country ? and its hapless population ? into economic ruin and political chaos?

It?s a tough call, isn?t it? Whatever happens in the Greek referendum on Sunday, it will not be the end of this pantomime. In fact, it is intended not to be the end, in spite of the Greek prime minister?s bizarre assertion last week that he could guarantee a deal would be made with the country?s creditors within 48 hours of a ?no? vote ? when, in fact, a ?no? vote would effectively guarantee the impossibility of making such a deal since the answer ?no? is a rejection of meaningful concessions to the creditors.

There is no point any longer in trying to make sense of this. It has gone beyond sense. It is now incomprehensible in the strict technical meaning of the word. The ?options? available are all catastrophic and delusional in varying degrees and combinations, and nobody is actually going to get to choose between them anyway ? at least, nobody in Greece. To the extent that they have had any involvement ? or culpability ? in this matter, the Greek people must come to terms with the consequences of electing Russell Brand to head their government. Voters do have some responsibility for the choices that they make. That is what distinguishes mature democracy from the students? union. But given the price that they are paying for that moment of mad frivolity, it seems harsh to condemn, especially as the prospect of fiscal rationality had already been ruined by the fecklessness of previous governments and external forces beyond their control.

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Labour’s assault on private property

Did anyone else wonder why it?was that David Cunliffe asked the Young Labour conference attendees if they’d studied Marx?

Wonder no more, Phil Twyford has let the cat out of the bag?and told us that Labour is coming for your land and will compulsorily acquire it under the Public Works Act in order to build houses for the poor…on your land.

This morning at a conference hosted by Prefab New Zealand, Phil Twyford said that Labour is considering using the Public Works Act to expropriate private property to build homes.

?This is an extraordinary announcement,” said ACT Epsom candidate David Seymour. ? Read more »

Boris smacks Red Ed

Boris Johnson doesn’t spare anything on his spanking of Ed Miliband and his Cunliffe-like lurch to the left.

So now we know what he wants to do with the country. It?s ?socialism?, folks! For years now, Ed Miliband has been studiously blank about his intentions. To a degree that has maddened supporters and opponents alike, he has refused to say much about how Labour would govern the country. He has curled himself into an ideological foetal position ? so as to present as small a target as possible ? and hoped that Coalition unpopularity would allow him to stand up at the last minute and slither unobtrusively into power.

And now, in an incautious admission, he has reminded us of his core beliefs ? as the proud son of a Marxist academic. He wants to restore socialism to Britain. In spite of everything, the mission of Labour under Ed Miliband is to revive a political belief system that brought Britain to its knees, that blighted the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, that was responsible for untold murders and abuses of human rights, and that in the past 30 years has been decisively rejected across the planet in favour of liberty, free enterprise and market economics ? a rival system that has lifted and is lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and servitude. Someone needs to tell Ed Miliband that socialism failed, and I have just the man to do it.? Read more »

Discussion point

I don’t agree with this obviously, except the Marxism part, that is true.

But it is funny and worth a discussion.