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Apple bans iBoobs from iPhone

Apple has banned the iBoobs application from the iPhone store. Fortunately there is a video. Completely safe for work the boobs are covered but jiggle nonetheless.


Boobs, the only reason to download an MS app to your iPhone

Microsoft’s first app for the iPhone came with an added bonus, two folders of porn. This could be a problem or a blessing depending on the phone owner.

Seadragon which is an image viewer comes with an impressive collection of images from the Library of Congress and NASA plus a couple of folders of hooters, tits, ass and boobies.

Well done Microsoft, and you have been.

Don’t worry about rushing to download it now though, the wowsers have won and removed it. Perhaps they should have called it iBoobs?

$10k a day selling farts

That’s right! the inventor of iPhone app iFarts is making $10k per day selling the $0.99 app on the iPhone app store.

One of the stars of the last few weeks has been the iFart program – successfully digitising scatalogical humour, the US$0.99 app offers a virtual orchestra of flatulent effects (choose from the “squeeser”, the “wet one”, the “quack”, the “sick dog” and 16 more) and there’s a “Sneak Attack” function where you can set your phone up to trumpet rude noises a few minutes down the track. You may well scoff at the infantile humor, but thousands, indeed, tens of thousands of men are embracing their inner child and purchasing the application every day – sales revenues reached US$9000 a day on December 22.

Briliant, good on him.

Teaching your iPhone to swear

Ducking iPhonefrom BoingBoing

If you have an iPhone you may have found the auto-spellchecker more than a little annoying especially if you like to use expletives to reinforce a point when txting.

So if you want to teach your ducking iPhone to swear properly using fuck instead of duck then there is a handly little tutorial on how to teach it to accept the usual swears words.

This should help make your iPhone a little less ducking annoying.

There is another more outrageous approach as outlined at

Of course some people, like the lefty prudes out there who compain about tits and guns being “filth”, will object to profanity. The reality is that a lot of people use the word, and it is a common frustration with the iPhone’s autocompletion.

Checkout the Twitter search for ducking iPhone before today. Objecting to the word itself is completely missing the point. (And there are other words that iPhone doesn’t know too.)



New Mobile WOBH configuration

Due to several requests I have added a mobile theme for iPhone and Blackberry users. The theme should considerably speed up browsing WOBH on mobile devices. If folk with those devices could test for me and let me know I would appreciate it.

Oh and if you are wondering, well I destroyed my iPhone and so can’t test for myself……anyone looking to sponsor WOBH a new phone is welcome to email me your proposal. I will of course wax lyrical about the sponsoring company and place gratuitous advertising all over my site about said device.


Blackberry goes Touchscreen

With the launch of the iPhone Apple rewrote the rule book on phones. I imagine that projects all over the globe got canned the day that was released.

A case in point is Blackberry’s new “Thunder”.All very iPhone and may take a chunk out of planned iPhone 3G sales.

Blackberry Thunder

iPhone 3G released

Apple has released its new iPhone, dubbed iPhone 2.0 by pundits

It is advertised as twice as fast and half the price.

THere are a host of new features with the most useful being GPS, MS Exchange support and of course it is full 3G.

Whaleoil will accept a kind donation of the iPhone 3G from a loyal supporter with gracious thanks.


Secure email coming for iPhone

Sybase has developed and will start selling software that lets businesses securely distribute e-mail to the iPhone.

The software will let workers use the iPhone to access their e-mail with the same security safeguards that are currently available in products for use on Treo smartphones from and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry.

Sybase is also working on similar software for Android, a new smartphone platform that Google is developing with dozens of other companies.