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The Huddle at 1740


It’s not Monday(!) and I’m on ZB with?Larry Williams to do?The Huddle with?corporate shill Matthew Hooton. ?I’ll be discussing things from the right, and Matthew will discuss it from a perspective he’s being asked to provide by someone, unless he’s off the clock.

Our topics will be:

  • Social housing policy. ?How this will make much difference at all? ?None of it feels like it?s going to make a big difference to either the renters or the taxpayers. ?Housing New Zealand will remain the country?s largest land lord.
  • Andrew Little saving the country through small business. ?Does?small business a: needs saving or b: will save Labour from their slide south in the polls? ?Not a lot of vote changing ideas from the new leader.
  • The Eleanor Catton outburst and tantrum at not being worshipped enough in NZ. ?Who appointed her as an ambassador? ?Did she appoint herself? ??Typical nasty Green Party holier than thou type who believes she knows what everyone needs. ?Should?Canada claim her back?

You can listen online via iHeartRadio and normal?methods.

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Kelvin Davis’ Win In Te Tai Tokerau

As many readers will know a fair few people on the right wanted Kelvin Davis to win Te Tai Tokerau.

David Farrar and I even publicly donated money tot eh cause.

Kelvin is a good bloke, and from the right or sensible or non-gaggle or self serving wing of the Labour Party, and him winning was good for New Zealand politics.

The problem for Kelvin was that Labour kept tanking all our support.

Mathew Hooton wanted to organise a fundraiser for him. David Cunliffe and Tim Barnett said no. Others wanted to make some big donations to his campaign. Cunliffe and Barnett said no. They would have rather lost than let Kelvin receive support from people who weren?t died in the wool Labour supporters. ?? Read more »

Labour’s Leadership Problem

Cunliffe - Sh_t

Labour had a shocker of a campaign, which all started when they didn?t do any proper polling or focus groups on their leadership contenders last year.

Arts, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger David Farrar interrupted his hectic world travel schedule to do the kind of research Labour needed to do on Cunliffe last year and was consistently saying he had very high negatives and he would tank Labour?s vote.

For Labour to be relevant again they need to start by doing the kind of research our pinko mate did and find out who can actually connect with Middle New Zealand.

Cunliffe has proven he can?t.

Robertson has similar negatives, so it might be time for Labour to look at someone that actually can reach out to middle New Zealand.


Grant Robertson can’t lay claim to the leadership. He massively lost the party vote on the night in his electorate…coming a distant third.? Read more »

“Kim Dotcom is making a mockery of the big decision we have to make later this year”

kim dotcom

Mathew Hooton pops up in Metro:

Remember Giovanni di Stefano?

In 1990, the Italian wide boy became a local superstar, with his exotic name, beautiful wife, intriguing backstory and apparently unlimited funds to invest in property. The media and the property industry lapped it all up and he ended up owning a number of properties, including the Royal Oak Mall.

Kim Dotcom is not the same as di Stefano.

For one thing, he actually does have significant wealth. For another, in the internet age, he is not as mysterious. We have known from the outset that he has been convicted of crimes including computer fraud, data espionage, embezzlement and insider trading. ? Read more »

The Four Failures of David Cunliffe

Corporate whore and shill for Just Water, Mathew Hooton, has written at NBR about the four failures of David Cunliffe.

This week Mr Cunliffe managed no fewer than four foreign-policy fails.

First was his bizarre attack on Mr Key for not sufficiently reversing Helen Clark?s agreement with John Howard over social support for New Zealanders living in Australia.

Ms Clark?s deal in the early 2000s was atrocious.? As former Labour Party president Mike Williams observed, she got away with murder politically only because National was then too divided to adequately draw attention to it.

Undeterred, Mr Cunliffe moved on to Labour?s second foreign-policy blunder after Mr Key announced the government had cancelled the passports of New Zealand citizens, who are neither guilty nor even suspected of any crime but who wish to fight the fascist Assad regime in Syria.

Mr Goff quickly adopted the principled liberal position, invoking the Spanish civil war and saying New Zealanders had a right to travel abroad to fight tyranny. He condemned the cancelling of passports, especially of citizens who have committed no crime.

Mr Cunliffe contradicted him and called on Mr Key to consider jail for those who fight abroad.

Phil Goff was at odds with Cunliffe twice on that day. Is the leader really in charge?? Read more »