Ad Agency Demise Not Helped by Greenpeace Links

Ad agency?Publicis Mojo has gone tits up?owing a shed load of dosh to a raft of creditors.

What?s not specifically mentioned is that among its client base was Greenpeace as well as Nestle. I?d like to see how that worked for them considering?Greenpeace was savaging Nestle?claiming the palm oil they used in Nestle?s Kit Kat brand was destroying Indonesian rainforests.

So, on one hand you had Publicis Mojo running the account for Nestle, blowing Ad-agency smoke up the skirts of Nestle?s marketing bosses, while on the other hand they were helping Greenpeace attack them.? Read more »

Face of the Day

Mattel is planning a bald Barbie for kids with cancer.

No idea why, every kid I know who has had a barbie has cut and scalped the thing moments after they’ve got it.