Maui’s dolphins

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Megan Campbell shows up teh stupidity of Su’a William Sio:

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What’s Tamati Coffey going to do now his leader has chopped his legs from under him?


Tamati Coffey has run a rather nasty personal campaign against Comrade Simon Bridges, on Facebook and using his pals in the media to push his barrow.

He gets his trolls to attack Simon Bridges and Todd McClay.

And in the Rotorua Daily Post had this to say:

After leading more than 300 people in a protest aimed at helping to save the Maui dolphins, Rotorua Labour candidate Tamati Coffey believes he’s proved he’s more than “just a smiley weather man”.

Mr Coffey took just three days to organise Saturday’s march, protesting the decision to allow oil and gas exploration in New Zealand’s West Coast Marine Mammal Sanctuary, home to the critically endangered Maui dolphin. The group marched to the Tauranga office of Ministry of Energy and Resources Simon Bridges.

Mr Coffey said that while he organised the protest as a “concerned citizen” it showed those who criticised him as “just a smiley weather man” he was more than that.

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