Mallard and Dyson shafted by their own team in boundary redraw

It is looking increasingly like Labour’s own advisor to the Electoral Commission has worked very hard at shafting Ruth Dyson and Trevor Mallard. So much so he has missed some strange looking boundary adjustments in other areas.

Jadis has performed some very good analysis of the changes over at the lifestyle, travel and arts blog of David Farrar. From the looks of it there are no winners on the left side of politics.

And most of the losers are Labour.


Ruth Dyson, Port Hills ? Dyson is the biggest loser in this boundary review. ?Her majority has been reversed with the Nats stronghold of Halswell moving into the seat, and Anderton?s old stomping ground of Sydenham moving into Christchurch Central. ?Dyson will have a real battle to hold this, even with the Nats putting in a new candidate. ?How winnable the seat is very much depends on the strength of the Nat candidate, but a good candidate could take the seat with a 2000 majority. ?I?d be gutted if I was Dyson as Pete Hodgson (who did the boundaries for Labour) is a good mate of hers. ?Perhaps this is Labour?s new (poor) strategy of retiring MPs.

Trevor Mallard, Hutt South ? This is the surprise of the final boundaries. ?Mallard has gained all of the ?Western Hills (good Nat territory) and lost super red areas of Naenae and Rimutaka. Labour should have been able to stop this occurring but appear to have put up no fight. ?Mallard should be furious with his party for failing to keep Hutt South a real red seat. ?Why didn?t Hodgson fight hard for Mallard? ?Was it a directive from on high? ?Realistically, Mallard should hold the seat but he?ll be working hard for it and never should have been put in this position. I expect Mallard?s majority to be pegged down a few.? Read more »

Small changes to Key ministry for election year [UPDATED]

John Key has announced some small changes to his ministry for election year.

Prime Minister John Key today announced changes to the National-led Government?s Ministerial line-up, to take effect from?Tuesday, 28 January.

Internal Affairs and Local Government Minister Chris Tremain, who has announced his intention to retire from Parliament at the upcoming general election, will be resigning from the Ministry.

Peter Dunne will be appointed Minister of Internal Affairs, Associate Minister of Health and Associate Minister of Conservation. Mr Dunne will be a Minister outside Cabinet as he was prior to his resignation in June last year.

Michael Woodhouse will be promoted to the vacancy in Cabinet, and will retain all of his current responsibilities.

Paula Bennett picks up the role of Minister of Local Government, in addition to her current portfolio responsibilities.

The new Minister outside Cabinet will be Peseta Sam Lotu-liga, who will be appointed Minister of Pacific Island Affairs and Associate Minister of Local Government. Mr Lotu-liga is the MP for Maungakiekie and was first elected to Parliament 2008.? Read more »

Draft Sam?

The Standard Lynn Prentice’s Hate Blog is running some stories about a cunning play that I am allegedly part of, Drafting Sam Lotu-Iiga to run for mayor of Auckland. They reckon this just part of a play for the National Party leadership, not a play to get a good candidate to oppose a highly unpopular mayor.

I don?t know what Sam is thinking, as I have talked to him about it and I would have thought if I was running a Draft Sam campaign Sam is the kind of courteous bloke who would have given me a call.

All the same Len Brown is a terrible mayor and needs to be taken out before he saddles Auckland with massive debt, urban density and rates that are so high make people think about leaving the area. Sam is one of the few on the right that has the work ethic and the team of people to take on Len.

Those who don?t know Sam probably arent aware of how hard he worked to get onto the council in 2007, and how hard he worked to win Maungakiekie off Labour in 2008. In 2011 he was one of only three National MPs to improve his majority when he had a Labour List MP in their electorate. His ground game is the best in National, with a massive team of loyal activists who keep turning out even at this stage of the cycle. Apparently Sam has backed off a bit with his door knocking, cutting back to only every second Saturday for 2012. How many other MPs are still door knocking at this stage of the cycle?

Sam?s a former Auckland City Councillor, and well connected into the donor base that are wanting a campaign to fight Len and especially his unitary plan. He has a huge network of supporters through the National Party, the pasifika community and he is a guy that people want to get out and campaign for. He?s a bloody good guy too, so I would love to see him beat Len and give ratepayers some relief from the wasteful left.

So I hope these rumours of a Draft Sam campaign are true,?because?finally we may have found a?candidate?to unseat Len Brown.

And if it is true that a Draft Sam campaign is about to kick off then I thank The Standard for?publicising?it.

Another rebranded Union car

The EPMU is campaigning hard for Labour. Check out this vehicle spotted yesterday in Maungakiekie. They have added red stripes and also a cute little bumper sticker that doesn’t look authorised.

National really needs to look at some new laws around unions using members funds to campaign in elections. Unions are meant to advocate for workers on working conditions, health and?safety?issues and general welfare. Increasingly they are supplying labour, vehicles and resources to Labour. They are in reality the industrial wing of?the?Labour?party. Their costs should be included with Labour’s.

They arent third parties they are one and the same.

Peter Goodfellow and the Strategic Seats

Peter Goodfellow - idiot presidentAs the focus of caucus shifts from the failure of trying to strong-arm Alan Towers from the board elections to putting pressure on Roger Bridge (Yes I’m very well informed, thank you). Senior Ministers are whispering now that Roger will be standing down, leaving just three candidates for the three positions. If Roger stands firm then they will move onto Malcolm Plimmer.

One has to ask why it is that a faction within caucus are hell bent on have a lazy, pontificating twat as president and why they are meddling in party business? Do they want this blogger to start to focus on their performance as MPs and Ministers?

Now I?ve bagged Andrew “Three Hats” Little off and on for years, and a fair bit since he became Labour Party President. Even though I have bagged him I have to say he has a points victory over Peter Goodfellow because he has actually got around to doing something in the seats Labour wants to win.

Labour had early selection in Auckland Central, Waitakere, Maungakiekie, Ohariu and West Coast. There are five Labour list MPs of varying levels of ability out there working in the electorates they want to win. “Gladys” Chauvel is working his guts out in Ohariu where he might just win if National don?t kneecap Dunne and turn it into a blue seat. Damien O?Connor is a good bloke (wrong party) with plenty of time to win a seat he had held for years. “My Little Pony” Ardern is Labour’s pick to win back a seat that means more to them than just about any other, Auckland Central. The best that can be said about the other two is, in the immortal words of Murray Ball ?God, he loves a trier?.

Fair play to Andrew “Three Hats” Little. He has seen something needed to be done and done it. Compare that to Peter Goodfellow. He has done nothing. Nothing at all. Our MPs in marginal seats have had absolutely no support from the party, and nothing seems likely if Peter stays president.

Think about that Paula, Nicky, Sam, Katrina & Chris. Think about what could have happened, and what has happened, and if you personally would be better off with a change in president. Add Nathan Guy and Gerry Brownlee to that list because they are the most vocal supporters of Peter Goodfellow right now.

Call to Action for vot?ing delegates:

  • Rank Peter Good?fel?low?Last
  • Pun?ish him for his record of doing nothing
  • Get a new Pres?i?dent, and see the National Party thrive