Mauri or Maori? Pick one

Sometimes one shakes one’s head at the stupidity of the world.

Gisborne is a ‘deprived’ area crying out for jobs, having money thrown at it like confetti by the government and yet when the opportunity arrives to improve the lot of the locals, the iwi gang pop their heads up and object.? What utter muppets.

Newsie reports on the situation where the local iwi are objecting about the port management attempting to add value to this area. Quote. Read more »


If only they could hear their babies screaming

James Whakaruru: Beaten, stomped, kicked...and dead

James Whakaruru: Beaten, stomped, kicked…and dead

It seems Maori can hear bits of wood weeping…but they can’t hear their?babies screaming when they bash them to death.

Britain’s National Maritime Museum hopes a group of London-based M?ori can resolve a mystery around artefacts brought back to England by Captain James Cook.

Members of the haka group Ng?ti R?nana have been given rare access to the taonga M?ori, which are set to go on display in 2018.

Group chairman Lewis Whaitiri said they were shown ancient weapons collected in Captain Cook’s first and second voyages.

“We saw tewhatewha, kotiate, patiti and a taiaha… They were tupuna [ancestors]. You could feel the mauri when you walked in.”

“They had been stored away for so long, some of them had not seen a M?ori face or been touched by M?ori since the museum has had them so the mauri that was in that place, you could feel the taonga crying for home.

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