Max Dillon Coyle

Who created the John Key poster with Nazi overtones?

We had a few ruffled feathers yesterday as the loony tunes Green Taliban wing were on Facebook trying to crowd source funding for a John Key poster with clear Nazi inferences.

It didn’t take long for Whaleoil Ground Crew to determine who the “anonymous” people behind the poster were. ?The artist that is receiving the money is one Bruce Mahalski.

bruce (Medium)

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It is never OK to wish someone dead

Rule number one of politics according to me is explaining is losing.

Max Dillon Coyle thinks it mean explaining is winning…and he is wrong.

The other day he was spewing hate and wishing political opponents dead, shot against wall, hung or in the case of Judith Collins calling for her to suicide.

Now he is claiming it is a protest.

The man who tweeted Judith Collins telling her to “go kill yourself” says it’s a legitimate protest against a cyber-bullying law.

The Justice Minister’s Bill would criminalise harmful posts online and make it illegal to incite suicide – even if a person doesn’t try to take their own life.

Max Coyle says the Bill is “Draconian”, and that he’s one of thousands who tweeted the same message in recent times.? Read more »

Max Dillon Coyle continues to call for the execution of National party members

Max Dillon Coyle is showing his severe dislike of opposing political views and is still calling for the execution of his political foes. Clearly he doesn’t believe in democracy.

This man was the candidate for the Green party in Hamilton until busted for his inept astroturfing of stories to the media. He then went on to run their social media campaign at the last election. He has since left the Greens.

Imagine though if a failed candidate of National’s at the last election was calling for the death of Labour MPs…indeed the media pursued Aaron Gilmore for far less.

It seems that if you are on the far left you get a free ride in the media.

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Greens send warning to members

After several weeks of headlines for all the wrong reasons about their astro-turfing activities the Greens?have?finally sent out a warning, or rules of engagement email to their supporters. Previously these emails?have?been sent by Max Coyle, I wonder why this one wasn’t?

From:?Rimu Atkinson [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent:?Wednesday, 12 October 2011
Subject:?[Alert]: Rules and guidelines for usage of the Online Activists system

New announcement in the Online activists group:


Hi everyone

We need to be very clear about our expectations around how you use the alerts you receive through the Online activists system, so please take a minute to review those expectations below. I doubt it will come as a surprise to many of you as they are based on?pretty fundamental green values.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

Absolute bottom lines

  • Do not spam or flood any web site with many similar comments that are off topic. Post actual arguments or your opinion, not simply ?vote for xyz!?
  • Do not abuse or defame other people.
  • Do not pretend to be someone you are not – be honest about your motivations and opinions.
  • Do not get into a never ending argument – state your opinion and when it is attacked respond once or twice to clarify any misunderstandings and then let it go. In reality your main audience is the?lurkers?who never post comments, not the person you are directly engaging with.

General guidelines

These guidelines draw their inspiration from the 4 principles of?the?Green?Charter, the founding document of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ecological wisdom

  • When you participate in an online community, do so in a way that leaves the community in a better state than when you arrived.
  • Don?t disrupt discussion with trolling, irrelevant points or immature behaviour.
  • Seek to clarify and shed light rather than confuse or cause rifts.

Social responsibility

  • Everyone has a right to have their voice heard and to participate fully, including people who you think are wrong.
  • Respect the norms and etiquette of the online community you are in – these are often quite different from place to place.

Appropriate decision making

  • You are responsible for your behaviour, even if someone else makes you angry.
  • Do not pretend that because you are in an online world that it is somehow less real and so you are free to treat people differently to how you would in person.


  • When people feel denigrated or excluded they are less likely to speak up in future. When people leave the conversation then we all lose. Do not attempt to shut down debate.
  • Do not knowingly use logical fallacies or manipulative rhetoric in order to ?win? a discussion.

The genius of Max Coyle bites the Greens

David Farrar has a post about the busting of Greens astro-turfing.

In the thread at Reddit they talk ?about emails and awarding of stars to particpants in their astro-turfing activities.

This is of course the work of Green ex-candidate Max Coyle who I busted last month.

Here is one of his latest emails:

From:?Max?Coyle?<[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 5:32 PM
Subject: [YourDailyGreenmachineMission]: Today’s Daily Mission: Take a fun web survey!

New announcement in the?Max’s Daily Green Machine Mission group:

Help us improve the Green Party website by taking a short survey (5-10 minutes).

This is a short-term mission which?closes this Friday 7th October?so be quick!

Collect a huge?nine stars?for this mission.

Do this mission – start the survey

Nine stars!!! Wow the internet warriors of the Greens do things for stars, the Whale Army does things for fun.

Got him, another harpoon to the Whale

Max Dillon Coyle has been stood down in Hamilton West.

Green Party candidate Max Coyle has stood down as Hamilton West candidate after admitting misleading theWaikato Times.

Hamilton Green Party spokesman Mark Servian said Mr Coyle had agreed to step down “in the light of things that have occurred”.

Mr Coyle’s partner, Melissa Campbell, appeared in a story in the newspaper on Monday about the young mum’s likely voting intentions but she did not reveal her partner’s role in the Greens.

“He is still going to continue his role in the Green Party in a voluntary capacity,” Mr Servian said.

Hamilton West now would not have a Greens candidate in November’s election.

Mr Coyle said he made an error of judgement by not ensuring the paper knew he was Ms Campbell’s partner and he offered his “sincere apologies for misleading the Waikato Times.”

That is two in two elections. The first was Brenden Sheehan and now there is Max Dillon Coyle.

Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

The Greens are spinning that Max Dillon Coyle is just a young candidate who has made a minor mistake. Unfortunately information recieved via the tipline suggests otherwise.

It appears he is an integral part of the Greens campaign machine and running a co-ordinated Green campaign to dupe newspapers.

Below is an email that he’s sent out to Green activists via their new online activism website.

From: Max Coyle [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, 17 September 2011 XXXX p.m.
Subject: [YourDailyGreenmachineMission]: Todays Daily Mission: Write a letter to the Editor

New announcement in the Max’s Daily Green Machine Mission group:


One of the easiest ways for us to get good steady stream of Green presence in the media is when a good letter to the editor is published.

It’s always a great feeling when your letter is published!

Not only do you get the 3 stars for this mission but there’s also newspaper specific missions you can grab stars for too, check em out

Have a wonderful weekend machinists and a huge kia ora for all your work!

Even when they lie they cover themselves with the shield of sanctimony.

Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

News this morning that Max Dillon Coyle has apologised for misleading the media, except his party then goes on to say he didn’t mislead the media. Confusing sanctimonious signals from the Greens continue.

A Hamilton Green Party candidate’s future with the party is under a cloud after he admitted to misleading the Waikato Times.

Max Coyle, a candidate for the Hamilton West electorate, apologised for misleading the paper after his partner Melissa Campbell appeared in a story on Monday about the young mum’s likely voting intentions ahead of the election.

The story was part of an ongoing series on the region’s voters.

She did not reveal her partner’s role in the Greens.

In a statement released yesterday by the party, Mr Coyle said he made an error of judgment by not ensuring the paper knew he was Ms Campbell’s partner and he offered his “sincere apologies for the misleading the Waikato Times”.

“I apologise to the party for this error. And I also apologise unreservedly to the Waikato Times. ”

Green Party co-convener Georgina Morrison said the party expected a high standard of behaviour and was disappointed by the events.

“Max and his partner assured us that they did not deliberately mislead the media. He is a young new candidate, with great enthusiasm but not much political experience.”

Mr Coyle would take a few days off to “reflect on what had happened.”

While his candidacy is not suspended it has cast a shadow on the party in a week when it is expected to release the rest of its candidates for Waikato seats.

“We will be discussing with Max his ongoing role in the Green Party,” said Ms Morrison.

See how they did that. Max apologises for misleading and the Greens convener says oh but it wasn’t deliberate. Oh really?

Waikato Times editor Jonathan MacKenzie said Ms Campbell had every opportunity to disclose her partner’s role in the Green Party.

During the interview she was asked what her partner did, why she was supporting the Greens and how she became involved in Green issues but she did not disclose her affiliations.

Sounds deliberate to me.

It’s ok when Greens lie, they are shielded by sanctimony.?Look for excuses from the Greens rather than just sacking him.

Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

It seems Max Dillon Coyle likes to manufacture the news. He has just been busted making stuff with the Waikato Times. But he has form in manufacturing outrage and the news.

A spat between a Green Party candidate who filmed himself arguing with security staff over cyclists’ rights at The Base shopping centre has ended up on YouTube.

Max Coyle, who is standing for Hamilton West, said he felt “intimidated and not welcome” after security staff told him and a group of friends to stop riding their bicycles at The Base shopping centre.

But Tainui Group Holdings chief executive Mike Pohio said cyclists were welcome at The Base.

He said Mr Coyle and his friends were riding on the footpath and filming – both not permitted at The Base – and the minute-long clip was an incomplete sequence of events.

Hmmm…an incomplete sequence of events…sounds very familiar.

What will it take for the sanctimonious Greens to act?

Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

Things are getting a little heated for Max Dillon Coyle. Yesterday NewstalkZB picked up the story:

A Green candidate is in trouble with the party after his partner appeared in a newspaper feature saying she was going to vote Green this year instead of Labour.

Hamilton mother Melissa Campbell appeared in a feature in the Waikato Times about a struggling young family.

He partner is Max Coyle, who is standing in the Hamilton West electorate for the Greens.

The Waikato Times has since had to issue a clarification, saying the paper asked about any political links and she failed to tell them.

Green co-convener George Morrison says the party is talking to Mr Coyle and he understands the party expects a high standard.

She says Mr Coyle and his partner have given an assurance they did not deliberately mislead the media.

“Max is quite a young and new candidate so we think he’s got great enthusiasm but not much political experience and I think that’s just let him down in this situation.”

Now that is interesting. So Max is now directly contradicting the Waikato Times by saying he did no deliberately mislead the media. I call bullshit on that.

It may also have escaped Max’s notice but lying by?omission?is still lying.

It simply isn;t good enough for the Green party convener to make a blithe statement. It is time for Metiria Turei and Russel Norman to come out from behind their shield of sanctimony and front. After all they were happy to stand for photos with Max.

Max Dillon Coyle also seems to be suffering from a terrible malaise on his Facebook profile that sometimes besets?embarrassing?politicians…that of the disappearing photos. Especially those of him partying it up and drinking excessively in contradiction of the bleating made int eh Waikato Times article about how tough he and his missus are doing it. Definite?sanitization?of his profile is underway.