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Auckland Mayor Len Brown

Embattled Auckland mayor Len Brown has walked out of a council meeting after blocking further debate on the controversial port expansion.

Councillors pushed for a debate on Ports of Auckland’s expansion plans to be held as an item of extraordinary business at Thursday’s meeting.

However, Brown as chair refused the request. ? ? Read more »

Media Soft on Brown: Analysis of Night Mayor on Greys Avenue, Listener Editorial, November 2

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Dear Sir/Madam,
You are obviously belong to those media who wish to whitewash Brown (Editorial, Nov. 2). Perhaps you share the same politics. You do it quite cleverly by inference and innuendo, I must admit.

First: Shift The Blame

This is ?tawdry? politics which is un-New Zealand, and the ?perpetrators? (who forced Brown to have sex) are by implication foreigners ? Chuang, Wewege, Palino. This was a ?honey trap? (set up two years earlier? If a plot why not release the details before the election?).

Second: Minimise The Blame.

The usual expert (to lead the public by the nose) says Brown?s standing will be enhanced by this. Comparison is made with Brash and a ?smear campaign? (but this is Brown , not Brash). Then you get subtle ? word juxtaposition/subliminal takeup (as Brown?s spin-doctors do):

In one sentence ?guilty of hypocrisy? sits with ?proud family man and out-there Christian?. This becomes your bold-print editorial sidebar. Count the words. What is the subliminal message?

Then we have ?He MAY have committed SINS at the MARGINS? (trivial, really), but you are ?CLEAR he did not exploit ..Chuang? (how do you know this?). ? Read more »

Manning interviews Lyin’ Len

Selwyn Manning interviewed Len Brown this week. There is plenty to pick apart from the sad little lying Mayor. Sorry to inflict this at breakfast but better to just lose breakfast rather than lunch as well:

The interview examines the first term vision of establishing an economic case for a modern rail network, establishing a 30 year plan for Auckland, and will notes how in August 2012 it was announced Auckland City is ranked number 10 in the Economist Index. At the time, the mayor tweeted: ?there is still lots of work to be done to be the most liveable city? and listed these points:

A world class integrated transport system,
A quality compact city,
An economic powerhouse providing jobs for all our people,
Protection for our built and natural environment.

The interview examines what can be achieved, at what cost, and for what gain.