Mayoral Race

Face of the day


They say a picture tells a thousand words so here are a few for today’s face of the day Penny Bright.

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Oh Dear The Gluc got it wrong

Cactus Kate: It’s not Sharon (Burridge)

Not much more to say other than we are still after you Trev, you can’t hide.

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Whaleoil makes it to the gossip pages

The Gluc has written about my post on "The Dick's" little recorded tirade against Cameron Brewer. Does that make me famous or The Dick?

Looks like "The Gluc" reads Whaleoil

Meanwhile Julie Chambers must be having kittens about her silly plan to jump in with Steve Crow.

Just in case you have all forgotten what the Gluc is talking about here it is;

BTW is still looking a little limp, ie not up!