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Grace? Whats that?

Jordan “15,000 behind” Carter proves that he lacks grace after the winds of change have blown through Parliament.

“Vile Ryall”. So very droll, so very witty, so very telling of Jordan’s mind.

If this is the future of the Labour Party then National is going to govern for a very, very long time.

What will be interesting is watching Jordan fight with Kate and others for the corpse that Judith Tizard left behind that is the Labour Party in Auckland Central.

Labour Lickspittles attempt re-write of history

Jordan “15,000 behind” Carter is following the Labour leadership and crying about how flawed the Electoral Finance Act was.

If you are like me you will be astonished at the disingenousness of all this after Labour rammed through the Act with the barest of parliamentary majorities.

They changed New Zealand human rights and our essential constitutional law, not based upon consensus, but on retribution. For them now to cry over spilt milk is sickening.

Jordan whines;

It’s a funny thing about governments that sometimes they forget to pay attention to the basics. Last year’s passage of a flawed Electoral Finance Act is a good example.

Yet barely a year ago it was this;

In 2005 National tried to steal the general election.

It did so by hiding its links with a shadowy sect, the Exclusive Brethren, with whom it collaborated to run a million dollar campaign against the governing parties. It tried to lie about this collaboration, and was found out just in time.

The Electoral Finance Bill will ensure that this can never happen again, by restoring the status quo ante in real terms: it will prevent the hijacking of our elections for partisan ends.

That is why I support the Bill.

Then Jordan “had a dream”;

I had a dream about electoral law reform. It was that we could build a solid public consensus based on wide deliberation, public engagement and so on, perhaps with a citizens’ jury, that would lead to great transparency and public funding for political parties.

Instead, Labour took as a proxy for that engagement the fact that it could secure a majority of votes in the Parliament. The government I supported ignored the important convention that such changes should be broadly based. The law itself was badly drafted. We were punished for it, and I am afraid, rightly so.

Unfortunately his post in August 2007 was in direct contradiction to this;

But – and this comes to the crux of David’s point – the process I suggested is no more or no less legitimate than the ordinary parliamentary process. Legitimacy in changes to the law comes from the parliamentary process. One might wish to be cute about prior debates etc but that is simply not relevant to whether changes are legal and legitimate or not.

The government’s process is fine. It is legitimate. It is reasonable. In case David hadn’t noticed, quite a vigorous public debate is underway right now, and there have been debates about finance reform all year, and last year, and even during election year itself. It’s not like this Bill has come out of nowhere.

These changes are moderately significant changes to clean up our voting system. They do not make for a constitutional revolution. They are about making sure the public knows who is influencing election campaigns, and preventing dollars buying election results.

To see this Bill mischaracterised by an important National Party strategist and advisor, and to be used as a potential excuse for dark partisan interests by “whoever wins the election”, is very sinister indeed.

Jordan is a class A hypocrite and loser with sour grapes to boot. National fortunately for him and his weaselly loser mates who are trying to re-write history will not act in such a partisan fashion as his lot did. They will be inclusive even though Labour deserves to be left crying on the sidelines.

Newsflash Jordan “15,000 behind” Carter, you can’t re-write history with the internet and Google. Just as you can’t resile from your words and deeds. Labour’s words and deeds show that must never trusted with the books and our freedom’s again.

Oh shut up Jordan

Elections bring all sorts of numpties out and none are more pathetic that Axis of Weasel member Jordan Carter, who at 70 on Labour’s list hasn’t quite done enough felching with the heirachy to get into parliament.

He has squealed forth with a missive about Early Childhood Care.

What the hell would Jordan Carter know about small children?

Now I’m not at all suggesting he is a kiddy-fiddler or anything, but seriously, what the hell would a gay 30 year old male know about raising children?

I mean, it’s not like he’s cleaned any dirty bums lately….


Axis of Weasel luck out

New generation to fly party flag at electionLabour has ensured it will have an injection of new faces after the next election by abandoning its practice of ranking MPs ahead of other candidates, instead putting great emphasis on ethnic diversity. Its top-ranking new face… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Axis of Weasel did a stellar job of advancing their list placings. Jordan, especially, must be regretting felching his way round the European Parliament.

Jordan Carter #70
Kate Sutton #63
Conor Roberts #64

Of course Brenden Sheehan didn’t figure at all after I destroyed his credibility as a candidate. Other candidates that need to dust off their extremely thin CV’s include Mr Photoshop Brian Kelly, Judith Tizard, Darien “Smackhead” Fenton and Michael Wood.

If this is the result of “three years’ work – of recruitment, of candidates, identification, and so on” then they should sack their recruiters, and as for “generational change”, well, what a fucking stupid thing to say when your top newcomer is 62 year old Rajen Prasad.

How Modern Liberals Think

Thanks to SeanJa who posted this video in the comments.

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Tane and Robinson are fucking liars and they are banned

Tane and Robinson are fucking liars and they have really fucked me off.

Not only are their 12 year old innuendo and name calling incredibly silly they have taken to lying about this blog. They have plastered all over this blog and on Jordan's that I am homophobic, something I demonstrably am not. They have accused me of making homophobic and bigotted remarks against Jordan, specifically they have said that I called him a "vagina denier". This is a term I have never used, never heard of until they said it and upon some investigation have found that the term was used at Clint Heine's blog. I couldn't give a fuck if Clint called Jordan a "vagina denier" it's Clint blog and he can say what he pleases. In the unlikely event that I described a homosexual as such i certainly wouldn't withdraw my comment because a couple of union paid cyber thugs decided to rant about it.

My limits are reached however when people make shit up and tell outright lies. This cannot be tolerated and will not be tolerated on this blog. Accordingly until I receive an unconditional apology by email and published on The Standard their comments will be deleted as I will not tolerate fucking liars. 

First Jordan, now Tony, the VRWC is shutting up the left

The lickspittles have had enough.

Firstly Jordan threw all of toys out of the cot and stopped taking comments and now Tony may as well have because he has instituted a sort of censorship.

If the VRWC just keeps plugging on we'll have him silenced as well.

Jordan must be seeing his stats plummet now there are now comments. I used to go there in the forlorn hope that he would say something, anything sensible. I can't be bothered anymore.

Tony has also instituted a policy where he can link to one of Jordan's posts but he won't allow any comment on it.

Clearly the left has run out of things to say and when they do get up the gumption to say something don't want it questioned.

OUT OF TOUCH and soon to be out on your collective arses. 

Nicker in a Twist

I call this piece "Nicker in a Twist"

Fink about it!

Thanks for the inspiration Jordan.

Stupid is as Stupid does

No, not a post about Jordan.

This time it is about a fool with a heart condition that ran in a recent marathon…..

Guess what?, he died!!!, now there is a fricken surprise, NOT!

Why I won't consort with the enemy

The seems to be this keen-ness for blog drinks with namby-pamby cotton wool socialist wankers.

I for one will not attend. I consider it to be tantamount to consorting with the enemy.

I loathe and detest the apologists of the left. Their arrogant holier than thou spouting about “progressive” policies, their silent approval of crooks and thugs and the tacit approval of theft from the public purse precludes me from sharing a room let alone a drink with these oxygen thieves.

I am not a polite person, if I meet fools I am almost obliged to tell them that they are so. It would actually be hypocritical of me to consort with the enemy.

Lickspittles like Jordan actually make me sick with their blind allegiance to the Killer Queen. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire, I certainly won’t share a drink with them.

I prefer the company of people I actually like or admire and share common goals. Socialists by and large sicken me with their pursuit of mediocrity. In fact socialist is probably too good a name for them. Perhaps I will start calling them mediocratists.

Unions and the current Government are the epitome of the mediocratists debasing our society to the point where a large proportion are actually now bludgers from the state. We no longer celebrate greatness, we seek to punish it.

Wealth is the great evil, we must all be forced to part with it.

I on the other hand find wealth liberating. The more wealth I have the less I find that I care two hoots about the government of the day. The government actually hardly touches my life anymore nor that of my friends. It does however touch my employees and my customers in ways that disgust me.

That is why I blog to draw attention to that which others are too afraid or unwilling to say. That is my reputation in life to say that which is uncomfortable. I do not resile from it. I am known for my bluntness and that is the usual persona taken on this blog. I prefer to use few words to describe what others would take many to. It certainly doesn’t mean I can’t use flowery words or sentence structure because I can, I simply choose to be short and blunt.

That in essence sums up why I will never consort with the enemy. You can stick your drinks up your arse.

On the other hand if true conservative blogger want to organise drinks with a token socialist whose role will simply be a pinata for us to whack then I am in with a grin.