Meatworkers’ Union

Dopey Meat-workers unionists attack wrong target

How retarded are Meat-workers unionists in going after Westpac instead of their dodgy, corrupt, thieving shed boss?

Protest action has taken place outside Westpac in Invercargill on Friday after the bank’s financial offer to the victims of an alleged cheque fraud was deemed inadequate.

More than $55,000 was allegedly stolen from a meatworkers union “shed fund” expense account at the Blue Sky Meats processing plant over a seven year period.

The shed fund committee team has been seeking reparation from Westpac for the lost funds.

Documents reveal there has been ongoing correspondence between the two parties, with the bank making a final offer to the shed fund to settle the dispute.

However, the shed fund members, who are union members working at the plant, said the offer was too low and they refused to be bound by a confidentiality?agreement.

They protested outside the Westpac Invercargill branch from 11am-12.30pm on Friday, saying they want to show other non profit groups and clubs what can happen if a bank fails to detect fraud on two-signature cheques.

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Meatworkers union boss charged with ripping off the Meatworkers union

Who would ever have a guessed…a dodgy Meatworkers union boss caught stealing from his own dodgy Meatworkers union accounts.

Remember I busted these guys a few years back for dodgy accounting.

No surprises then that one ratbag union boss is before the courts for stealing his own member’s money.

An Invercargill man is facing?multiple?charges totalling nearly $55,000 for allegedly misusing a meatworks company’s?union expense account.

Court documents reveal Jamie David Clark, 61, faces more than 35?charges?between 2007 and 2015. ? Read more »

AFFCO rules union T-Shirts are as bad as gang insignia

I can see AFFCO’s point. Unions act like thugs with bullying tactics.

If I was an employer I wouldn’t want my staff coming to work in union patches.

Workers at AFFCO’s Rangiuru and Horotiu plants have been told they are not allowed to wear union t-shirts to work, the Meat Workers Union says.

Last month, the Employment Court ruled the company had acted in bad faith and undermined the union during contract talks.

The union said, since then, workers on contracts had been bullied by supervisors.

Union organising director Darien Fenton said, in the latest incident, the employer at the Rangiuru plant near Te Puke told workers they were not allowed to wear their t-shirts to work and likened them to gang insignia. ?? Read more »

Unions’ Annual Wage Bill


The union movement seem to think they are morally superior to everyone else in the country, even though UMR?s mood of the Nation report shows unions inspire the least public confidence.


We have exposed the vast wealth accumulated by unions, with equity of $119,702,072 across 14 unions.

These same unions have massive wage bills. The Labour Affiliated unions spend nearly $15 million between five unions, with the Maritime Union of New Zealand failing to report on wages. ? Read more »

Labour’s affiliate unions and their $46,275,893 war chest


As incorporated societies the Union movement is compelled to release their financial records online at

In the most recent data for the six unions who contribute to Labour and get a vote in the Labour leadership race there is an absolutely staggering amount of equity held by these unions.

?Equity 2013 or 2014
Dairy Workers Union ?$5,026,901.00
Engineering, Printing and Manufacturering Union ?$15,124,477.00
Maritime Union of New Zealand ?$11,877,039.00
Meatworkers Union ?$4,554,513.00
Rail, Maritime & Transport Union ?$4,063,310.00
Service & Food Workers Union ?$5,629,653.00

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Unions: It wasn’t David’s fault, we back Cunliffe

The cognitive dissonance of the left continues with two union leaders on Radio New Zealand professing undying love for David Cunliffe.

They both think that poor old David Cunliffe was hard done by.

These guys are so out of touch it isn’t funny.

There seems to be this continuing narrative that Labour should have gone further to the left.

Have they not noticed that 75% of people didn’t vote for labour and David Cunliffe. Read more »

More anti-semitism from Martyn Bradbury’s union funded blog

Readers will recall a nasty anti-semitic image that Martyn Bradbury posted on his blog, which he first abused those criticising him, and then sought to minimise when he felt the pressure of the NZ political left.

Yet it’s not the first time Bradbury’s blog has gone jew-baiting. This post is also within the last month.

Martyn Bradbury's Union funded blog Jew baiting shamelessly

Martyn Bradbury’s Union funded blog Jew baiting shamelessly

Cunliffe’s unfavourables worse than Shearer’s

My Fraser House source tells me that a deep worry has set in amongst those in the know.

Labour’s internal polling has shown a flattening of support, a dip even, back to Shearer’s levels of support.

What is worse is his favourables have slumped dramatically and now unfavourables are climbing like Labour’s own poll ratings are supposed to be.

With the balls-up of the KiwiAssure showing complete ineptness from the leader’s office and his refusal to talk to media and complete lack of media coverage unless from set piece engagements it is unlikely to improve.

He even bailed from attending parliament on Wednesday preferring instead to talk to the Meatworker’s Union than confront John Key. I doubt he inquired about the state of their accounts…more likely he was telling them one thing that he will contradict outside of the closed confines of a union knees up. ? Read more »

Rodney Hide still battling the dodgy ratbags at the Meatworkers Union

The dodgy Meatworkers Union has finally filed their accounts, and as Rodney Hide finds they are still dodgy.

I fear the registrar of Incorporated Societies is getting sick of me. I have had to write to him again.

Regular readers will recall Neville Harris and I have had quite the correspondence over the past year. The issue is the New Zealand Meatworkers? Union not filing its branch accounts as required by law.

The union has been getting away with just filing head office accounts when all the financial action is in the branches.

Anyway, Mr Harris got on their case and after much to-ing and fro-ing the union filed consolidated accounts as required. All to the good. But then I decided to take a look.

Sacr? bleu! Still not right. The accounts are so qualified that we can?t take much from them. There certainly are apparent irregularities.? Read more »

Is there a Governance Crisis at the NZCTU?

Is there a Governance Crisis at the NZCTU? – An Observation by The Owl

Over the last few months 2 of the 6 (technically) affiliated unions (NZ Meat Workers Union and Maritime Union of NZ) who get to vote on David Shearer?s future have been put under the spotlight by the Registrar of the Incorporated Societies. It has been proven they have both failed to file complete returns with the Registrar.

The NBR also questioned a 3rd union, the EPMU, on their balance sheet regarding a Pike River Trust. The EPMU have been reporting losses and the EPMU Education and Training Trust fund for members remains solvent only because the EPMU does not demand the $6M loan back as qualified by their auditors. (The Trust assets are approximately $3M.)

A number of so called affiliate unions to the NZCTU have been reporting losses, failing to declare income for GST purposes and generally been late with their financial returns. But to be fair some unions are good at compliance.

The ultimate responsibility of the NZCTU is to their members. Are there governance policies in place at the NZCTU head office to manage its individual unions when they fall out of line?

The Owl asks, is there a governance crisis? Here is a great example of good governance by a governing body.

When the Otago Rugby Union got into trouble ? the NZ Rugby Union went down there, told them to sort themselves out and if they didn?t the NZRFU would liquidate them. The Board was changed and a number of people stood down. This is good governance from the top and Otago flourished on the field in 2012. The word on the street is it is a pretty happy camp now ? a good dose of ?tough love?

Owl?s Observation

The Owl believes the Labour Party Executive should demand that the NZCTU develop a good governance model to manage their affiliates if they want to get 20% of the voting rights.

The Labour Party Executive can exercise their governance control and meet with the NZCTU just like the NZ Rugby Union did with the Otago Rugby Union.

Current day unions only represent between 6-9% of the workers in private industry. Does this means the Labour Party is being distracted by pleasing a few when actually they are missing out on potentially serving the 94% of working voters?

The Owl is looking forward to analysing the results of the Labour Party Conference