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The Owl has been observant again:

40,000 Jobs lost says EMPU and Greens ? Observation by the Owl

EMPU Bill Newson and Greens Co-Leader Mr Norman have been quoting 40,000 job losses in?manufacturing since 2008 over the weekend.

Brenda Pilott from the PSA tweeted recently that the National Government has cut 5,000 jobs in?central government.

Observation by the Owl

Department of Labour figures show:

Union membership for Manufacturing has decreased 14,579 from 2008 (65,025) to 2012?(50,446).

The PSA Union membership increased 3,003 from 2008 (55,333) to 2012 (58,336).

General Public Service numbers (combining Education, Health and Govt Administration Services?and Defence) have increased in membership from 203,999 to 241,202 (up 37,203).

The Owl doesn?t like job losses as much as anyone else but I would greatly appreciate if?someone from the EPMU, Greens or PSA could send a detailed list of the 40,000 losses by?company and where the 5,000 government jobs were cut from?

Separating any losses from Christchurch should also be done ? this is a unique statistic which?over time will recover.

I am confused.


Union wants all ports nationalised


If you are looking for productivity improvements the very last people you would ask for advice would be unions:

A national port strategy bringing all the country’s ports under central public ownership would allow the industry to deal with foreign-owned shipping companies from a position of strength, a union boss has said.

After MUNZ set about destroying Ports of Auckland in the interests of preserving the status quo the very last people we should listen to is unions who talk about nationalising ports. It is hugely ironic that the port with the least union involvement is also the most profitable and efficient.

Perhaps the union idea has some merit if Ports of Tauranga is allowed to implement their?methodologies?across all ports….somehow I think the union would oppose that violently.

The Many Lies of Helen Kelly, Ctd

Aspiring Labour MP for Rongotai Helen Kelly lied about Peter Jackson. Obviously when you are as high profile and as good in the media as an Oscar winner you know how to hit back.

Sir Peter Jackson has hit back at the Council of Trade Unions’ claim that he is trying to set up the actors’ union to take the blame for The Hobbit going overseas.

Last night up to 1500 film technicians marched in Wellington over fears that the US$500 million film will be lost to another country.

CTU president Helen Kelly today alluded that Jackson had helped organise it.

”I couldn’t believe it. It was the first time I really got very angry,” Jackson told The Dominion Post today.

”I watched the march on TV. I wasn’t there and unlike what Helen Kelly’s been saying I didn’t have anything to do with organising it. Suddenly I see Helen Kelly and she starts slagging off? the production. She slags off the studio [as] ‘they’re greedy. They’re wanting this, they’re wanting that, it’s all engineered by them because all they are after is the money. They always intended to go. I’m thinking ‘this is a legitimate march by 1000 people who are basically wondering how they are going to live for the next two years.’

”Here’s Helen Kelly, who represents the workers of New Zealand, and she’s trivialising the feelings of these 1000 very concerned people and supporting an Australian union. I thought ‘God, what planet are we living on?”’

When will the mainstream media work out that they need to fact check anything said by unions? Propaganda merchants like Simon Oosterman make people like Helen Kelly think they can get away with telling lies. The only way to stop them is to tell the truth, and tell it repeatedly.

The Many Lies of Helen Kelly

Some fair questions are asked of Australian Union Scum.

Video of Simon Whipp and Robyn Malcolm leaving the Matterhorn Restaurant in Wellington on Wednesday Night. Helen Kelly claims they were “jostled and shoved”. Judge for yourself. And where’s that Police Escort that had to clear a path for them?

So where was the jostling and shoving? Sounds more like some pissed off people worried about their jobs not getting a straight answer.

Plunket V. Kelly

Finally an interview from someone who is prepared to challenge the self-interested rhetoric from union leaders.

Play of the Day Sean Plunket – and it’s only lunchtime!

In that interview Helen Kelly promises further illegal action at the port by the union.

It’s sent the ZB listeners into a frenzy, and Sean is aghast…they really are shameless. Helen Kelly is crying crocodile tears about privacy when she has used the deaths of three workers at Tauranga mercilessly to push her agenda.

Labour’s Hobbit

Apologies for the drop off in blogging output I’ve been working on a new video.

UPDATE: Youtube has blocked embedding. You can still watch it by clicking through though.

UPDATE 2: and embedding is unblocked again. Bizarre.

Pagani slags off principals

Heaven’s above, things must be bad for NZPF when even John Pagani can’t bring himself to support principals and education unions.

Principals say they say they can’t give us objective measurements of how our kids are doing in relation to his or her peers.

I don’t believe them. No one believes them. Principals themselves don’t believe it.

What’s really going on is they believe it’s not desirable. And parents think principals are wrong.

Parents know that by a certain age their kids should be able to do some things.

Tolley won this war a while ago – seems the left are just catching up.


Teacher’s Unions blocking online courses

via Slashdot

“Facing budget problems, University of California officials and state analysts say that expanding online courses could help them ‘innovate out of the current crisis.’ But the lecturers whose jobs are at stake see it differently. Now the UC chapter of the American Federation of Teachers is?fighting to block online courses.”

Teachers Union worldwide appear to be amongst the stupidest organisations known to mankind. We are best without them I think.

Dumb Unions

via Andrew Bolt

Check out the stupid actions of a union in Australia in imploring people to boycott the company their members rely on for wages:

UNIONS have warned travellers not to buy tickets from Qantas between now and Christmas?in a dramatic escalation of a campaign designed to cause maximum disruption to the airline?

?I would think that by October the 28th when the Qantas AGM takes place, you?re likely to see full-day stoppages,? said Steve Purvinas, the federal secretary of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association.

?If I was a person considering travel over the period up until Christmas, I?d probably be looking at airlines other than Qantas,? he said. ?If I was a passenger, I wouldn?t be purchasing a ticket with them at this stage.?

War with the Teachers unions

David Farrar talks sense on the the teachers unions:

The introduction of national standards is a minor yet worthy reform. The amount of hysteria generated by the NZEI and NZPF against it has been staggering. For me that represents a lesson. You?re going to have a war regardless (unless you surrender policy control to the unions) so you might as well make the war be over something worthwhile.

I?d love a second term National-led Government to introduce performance pay for teachers, full decentralised funding of school budgets, an end to zoning except as a temporary measure while popular schools expand, and of course school choice. Oh yes, and a database of school performance such as Julia Gillard introduced in Australia.

Yes the unions will go to war against the Government, but again they did this anyway with a minor issue such as national standards, so just accept there will be a war, and make sure the cost of the war is worth it.

It is a war and it takes someone as clear thinking as Farrar when he is not being a pinko to realise this.

Teachers Unions are the enemy. They are more self serving than any other unions in the country, and they are the fifth column of the Labour Party. Farrar is right, they will fight over any changes and they should be crushed for the good of the country. National should not negotiate with them, it should tell them what is going to happen and be openly hostile to opposition from them. No quarter should be offered because no quarter will ever be given by the teachers unions.