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Dotcon Media Moment

“I love ze pop culture!  Here is me and ze boys doing things Dotcon-Style, ja!?

Kim Dotcon — supplied

Dotcon Media Moment

For months this Blog observed TV, radio and all the major papers report every movement, action and utterance of the jolly German.  We’ve had national and local body politicians cozy up to him while lusting after his money.  We’ve had newspaper guys, previously steely eyed and smart as a whip, turn to jelly at the mere prospect of a dip in his pool.

To be honest, this Blog was unaware of the depth and breadth of this man’s knowledge and it’s need for it to be queried by media and reported on daily to you, the lost sheep, the fragile lambs and delicate flowers in need of a confidence boost.

This blog  failed to pick the mood of NZ on this one.  Obviously we are all in need of a convicted fraudster telling us what to do, what to think, and even what to aspire to.  Every day.  On TV.  On the radio.  In the newspapers.  On the Internet.

Ignoring this trend was a mistake.  So this Blog  formally apologises to our readers.

From now on, you will see a regular “Dotcon Media Moment” series, where Kim Dotcon will tell you what to think, what to do, or what to get excited about today.

If you’re ever at a loss, down in the dumps, or simply need a pick-me-up, visit this blog for more Dotcon Media Moments*


“So I called Brenzan Horan last night und vee are starting ze new chain of retirement villages thoughout Neuseeland.  I vill take care of ze seed capitzal, und Brenzan is looking after ze elderly ladies.”

A Soundbite A Day Keeps Critisism At Bay

Kim Dotcon — supplied

*) Not proven to cure hair loss, cancer or fiscal deficits.  Please consult reality if taking Dotcon Media Moments changes your outlook.