media smears

The MSM fashionable smear of the moment is “White Nationalist”

“White Nationalist”, “White Supremacist”, these two racially charged smears are being flung around by the MSM the way monkeys’ fling poo. One of the popular targets for this smear is Milo?Yiannopoulos who is?only guilty of the progressive crime of being white. Despite the smears being fact free it has not stopped various individuals and mainstream media outlets from repeating them as they have become the fashionable smear of the moment.

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The American Media keeps crying “wolf”



Clearly, the left-wing media have learned nothing from Trump’s win. They demonised him and smeared him and the free publicity they gave him contributed?to his?historical triumph but they are making the same mistake all over again by crying “wolf.”


James O’Keefe who is responsible for Project Veritas?that revealed Hillary Clinton’s?dirty tricks campaign against Trump can see the Media’s mistake.


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