Media break story they broke 34 years ago in attempt to take out Police Commissioner

The media have gone all in on Mike Bush and a drink driving story written about in the Auckland Star 34 years ago when Paula Penfold worked for them.

Paula Penfold has made out that they broke the story just yesterday in a gotcha sting against Mike Bush.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has admitted a historical drink driving conviction.

Under existing recruitment policies, the conviction would prevent Bush from ever even applying to join police, but he is protected by how long ago it happened.

“The incident happened 34 years ago while I was an off-duty detective constable in Auckland in 1983,” Bush said in a statement.

“I was 23 years old at the time and had been in Police for five years. I pleaded guilty and was convicted. I received a $250 fine and was disqualified from driving for six months.”

Bush released a public statement on Friday morning after months of questioning by the Stuff Circuit investigation team.   Read more »

Stunning Display of Dishonesty From Media and Radical Left

Bill O’Reilly gets stuck into the media and radical left over recent immigration enforcement:

The media wonders why people no longer trust them.

Our own media is donkey deep in it as well, with headline after headline attacking Donald Trump. They’ve lost the plot…and in doing so they are losing the public.

In the year 2013, the Obama administration removed from this country more than 434,000 illegal aliens, the highest number in history, which goes all the way back to 1892. Did you see any anti-Obama demonstrations? Did you see any screaming headlines in the national media? No, you did not. Even after President Obama said this:    Read more »

Guest Post – Nonsense passed off as news

A guest post by Michael Edgar

What on earth can be going on at the New Zealand Herald? The genuine news is accompanied by some of the most mindless drivel this side of the black stump. Take these three headlines, all from the same issue: “The most common weight loss mistakes”; “How I found out dad was a killer”; “Grammy’s red carpet shockers”.  This is the sort of claptrap that now runs in what is still New Zealand’s leading newspaper.
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Karl du Fresne on media bias

I have long gone on about media bias. Many people hadn’t really noticed it until the phenomenon of Donald Trump and now all pretence of media impartiality has fallen away.

Karl du Frense discusses this bias.

One consequence of the Trump presidency is that it has accelerated the decline of detached, objective journalism.

[…]   Read more »


Dishonest media busted again lying about Trump and Israel

Yesterday one of our commenters came by the Backchat and informed us that apparently, Donald Trump was opposed to settlements on the West Bank and therefore Murray McCully was right.

Unfortunately, for our commenter, he was hoodwinked by a dishonest media.

The mainstream media are abuzz with reports that President Donald Trump has come out against Israeli settlements. The New York Times was exultant: “Trump Embraces Pillars of Obama’s Foreign Policy,” it crowed.

That kind of story serves two propagandist purposes. First, it provides a kind of justification for Obama’s betrayal of Israel at the UN Security Council over settlements last month; second, it nods at the old NeverTrump claim that Trump would never keep his word to conservatives.

There’s just one problem: the story is false.   Read more »


Bob Jones on useless pimping media

Bob Jones is still a national treasure. In his column at NBR he hooks into Fairfax and the NZ Herald:

I once wrote an article speculating about what would happen if there was no news and reached the conclusion that on well-established form, reporters would simply invent it.

Bob, mate, they already do and have done for decades.

Believe it or not, that actually arose in early January.  For three days, nothing significant happened; no murders no interesting courtroom dramas, the politicians were on holiday, no mad murdering Muslim episodes, just nothing. Sure we had an amazing last day at the Basin against Bangladesh but that was sports page territory and you can’t fill the paper with it.  So some journos set to and made up the news.    Read more »


Another fake Muslim outrage story pimped by media

Truth Revolt reports:

So, it happened again. And this time, it wasn’t a conservative outlet peddling the “fake news.” Shocking! Yeah, yeah, we know. No, this time it was the honest-to-goodness mainstream media which published an unverified hit against President Trump. Not shocked, (seriously) we know. And it was all wrapped up in yet another Muslim hoax.

A Fox News affiliate in Detroit, BuzzFeed, ThinkProgress, Ron Fournier, New York Daily News and a host of other outlets, talking heads, and celebrities all fell for a veteran’s story about his mother dying because of Trump’s “Muslim ban.” It was too dramatic a story not to distribute widely, so, who CARES if it was true or not. The “journalists” certainly didn’t.

It went like this: Mike Hager, an Iraq war vet, flew to Iraq to bring his mother back to the States so she could get proper medical care but couldn’t because of the Trump order temporarily suspending immigration and refugees from seven Middle Eastern states to America. While she waited for approval for her travel, she died. Hager was quoted as blaming Trump for her death: “She’s gone because of him.”

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Comment of the Day

From our General debate and idbkiwi:

All of yesterday, and overnight, NZ’s trained and skilled reporters were playing in a sandpit somewhere, deliriously making up fake news gleaned from alternative-facts sent through their twitter-feeds.

The Herald (I can’t believe I used to subscribe) says:

“US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning travellers from Muslim-majority countries on Friday”, this is apparently “racism”.

Except: There is no ban, there is a temporary suspension, and the order affects all citizens of the countries, not just muslims, race has nothing to do with it, and it affects just seven particular nations, none of those being countries with the most populous muslim adherents: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia.   Read more »

Dear Mainstream Media

This article at the Washington Post is aimed at the US media but it could just as easily be a cut/paste and find “NY Times and replace with NZ Herald…or any other NZ media outlet, save none.

The New York Times wants greater diversity in its newsroom ranks. It even has a diverse set of areas in which it’s striving for greater diversity. “As The New York Times becomes an ever more global operation, diversity in our ranks is paramount. Diversity — of gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, socioeconomic backgrounds and outlook — is a moral imperative as well as a necessity for improving our coverage, which, in turn, will expand our audience,” notes a recently released New York Times planning document.

Bolding added to isolate a pressing question that has been weighing on journalism for decades. Does “outlook” mean “ideology”? Is the New York Times explicitly seeking to ensure a balance of, say, liberal and conservative leanings among editors and reporters?

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Is clickbait merchant Fairfax rooted?

Is clickbait merchant Fairfax rooted?

Credit Suisse seems to think so:

A Credit Suisse analyst has forecast Australian publisher Fairfax Media will exit New Zealand if it fails to get approval to merge its New Zealand business with rival publishing firm NZME.

Fraser McLeish said in a research note that he expected Fairfax to leave New Zealand “one way or another”.

The Commerce Commission is expected to decide by March 15 whether it will let Fairfax NZ and NZME join forces in a deal that would see Fairfax Media end up with about a 41 per cent stake in the combined NZX-listed company.

McLeish said despite a draft decision from the competition watchdog which suggested the merger would be blocked, there was a still a chance it would be allowed.

But if the deal was blocked, Credit Suisse expected Fairfax would look at other options.   Read more »