Mehpara Khan

How victimhood narratives can open doors

Being a victim is not something that any of us would choose but some people can use their victimhood status to do good things. An example of this would be someone who starts a campaign to change the law because it failed to protect them or someone who starts a support group or heads a public information campaign in the hope that it will help prevent what happened to them from happening to someone else.

Being a victim doesn’t always open doors though if the media paints the victim as deserving of what happened to them. When we were the victim of a criminal hack the media immediately painted us as somehow deserving of having our privacy violated and the loss of revenue and the emotional fallout was not considered important.

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Ooops they chose a bad example to kickstart their “Hate speech” campaign

It turns out that Megan, the young woman who abused the group of women in Huntly has a Muslim mother. I have already pointed out that there was NOTHING in the video to?suggest that her abuse was based on race or religion but that was the narrative that the media ran with and that is the narrative that was?pushed by the Public Relations specialist ?Mehpara Khan who accused Megan of a hate crime. The PC thought police should consider standing down in this case as the rug has been pulled out from underneath their spin.

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Guest Post: The real threat to Ahmadiyya Muslims like Mehpara Khan

Ahmadi Mosque in Chakwal December 2016 under attack


Guest Post:

One highly relevant fact about Mehpara Khan, the PR person who has stirred up a ruckus with her Facebook message alleging “anti-Muslim” prejudice:

She is a member of the Ahmadiyya branch of the faith. This is revealed throughout her Twitter and Facebook postings. The Mosque with Open days at Dalgety Street Manukau is the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya. SB has written about them and visited the Mosque.

The threat to Ahmadiyya Muslims most emphatically does not come from other Kiwis. It comes from other Muslims. Mehpara Khan and her friends are hated, rejected and persecuted as heretics and infidels throughout the Muslim world.

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Activist or ordinary Kiwi Muslim? What does her twitter feed reveal?

Public Relations professional ?Mehpara Khan showed up on my radar when she successfully fed?her Islamophobia/ racism story to the New Zealand MSM. Mehpara works in Public relations which is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and the public. It also is the practice of managing communication between an organisation and the public.

When I read the news stories I noted some common patterns with similar news stories in Western countries where the victims often seem to be hijab wearing, well educated Muslim women who have a history of activism.

In order to check out my hypothesis, I looked through two years worth of her twitter feed. Apart from learning that she has a hobby of listening in to others conversations/dramas on the train on her way to work and then tweeting about it I also learned that she actively promotes her mosque and her religion to the public on twitter.

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The victimhood narrative is already well underway in New Zealand

Stuff caption for photo: “The woman appeared to direct vicious racial slurs towards the group of Muslim friends.”
** But Islam is not a race and if you watch the video NOT ONE racist thing is actually said.

We can expect stories like this one to appear in our media more and more frequently as it is the exact same pattern that has occurred in every other Western country including Australia when the Muslim population was still a small percentage of the population. I have written before about the victimhood pyramid and New Zealand’s Maori are going to find out the hard way that their victimhood status is going to be put below the victimhood status of New Zealand Muslims. The same thing has happened in America to Gay Americans who have found that Liberals will put the rights of Muslim Americans over their rights every time.

Muslim activists are very adept at getting their victimhood narrative into the media early and building on the perception that they are the victims of intolerance when in reality it is their religion that is intolerant of gays, women’s rights, and other religions. I think that it is highly likely that the professional and educated Mehpara Khan is an activist as that is another pattern with victimhood news stories like this one. They always seemed to be fronted by a university educated, articulate Muslim woman.

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