Meka Whaitiri

Oppose, oppose, oppose, it is all they know

Labour just opposes everything, it’s all they know how to do.

The latest thing they are opposing is a new Maori land bill to correct major flaws in how Maori own land.

Those flaws have basically condemned Maori owners of valuable land to a life of poverty because there is no way the owners can do anything meaningful with property covered by, for want of a better term, Native Land Titles.

Instead of proposing something sensible to benefit Maori, Labour just opposes.

Labour says opposition to the government’s Te Ture Whenua Maori Bill is widespread, and it will repeal the legislation if it wins the election.

The bill rewrites the laws around Maori land ownership and has been controversial from the outset. ? Read more »

Lusk praises a Labour MP

My mate Simon Lusk schools the old dodderers at Trans-Tasman:

Subscription political service Trans Tasman gives MPs an annual rating. It weights the way MPs work in Parliament, often ignoring the hard work electorate MPs do in their electorates.

It also struggles to understand that MPs are whipped. No matter how much they want to raise their own profile, the party leader gets all the publicity, sharing a little with a few of the other front benchers. Back benchers are not permitted to grandstand at the expense of their leader.

These two realities mean that Ikaroa-Rawhiti MP Meka Whaitiri’s rating of 2/10 and comments show exactly how out of touch Trans Tasman is.

“Many outside of Parliament have never heard of her. Needs to change this, or she’ll be forgotten inside Parliament as well”.

Anyone who follows Meka on Facebook knows she travels huge distances in her electorate, which stretches from East Cape to Wainuiomata. She does the hard work in the electorate, meaning that her crucial constituency, her own voters, know her well. ? Read more »

Dick wrong on Dodgy Socialist Dam

Leading member of the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council Alan Dick has a go at his Labour Party fellow member Meka Whaitiri, probably while Dick was still under the influence after a hard night because he got a couple of important facts wrong.

Continued carping criticism of the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme (RWSS) by Labour MP Meka Whaitiri is ill-informed and most unfair.

It is particularly unfair to the highly reputable members of the independent Board of Inquiry – who actually made the decisions on both the RWSS project conditions and the complementary environmental rules embodied in the new Plan Change 6 (PC6).

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Fenton ‘Jong-un’ Wilson and a fair chance

The dodgy socialist dam is teetering on?the?brink as costs explode.

Plans for the controversial Ruataniwha Dam project need to be aborted, Labour says.

A report made public on Wednesday puts the cost of the irrigation scheme at more than $900 million – $300m higher than previous estimates.

Ikaroa-R?whiti Labour MP Meka Whaitiri said the new figures made the project completely unviable and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council needed to give up on it.

It was outrageous to expect ratepayers and taxpayers to pay an extra $100m for construction costs, and farmers an extra $200m, she said.

“Anybody in project management of this calibre would actually probably go, ‘what the heck, how could you get this so wrong’.

“I would encourage the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council to start planning an exit strategy.”

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More a sham than a dam

Things are getting tense in Hawkes Bay over the extremely dodgy socialist dam the regional council is pushing.

Local MPs are getting skittish over it all as it comes to crunch time.

Local MPs are outraged by the “complete lack of transparency” they say the regional council showed, committing ratepayers to a $35 million buy into the Ruataniwha Dam with no public consultation.

At this week’s general meeting, council approved a “provisional decision” on entering the region into a 35-year water user agreement, subject to the scheme proceeding.

The proposal was put forward for the benefits it might yield in regards to the augmentation of environmental flows, such as increased flushing flows for the mainstream rivers.

This decision has sparked outcry from Labour MPs Stuart Nash and Meka Whaitiri, the latter saying: “It’s time to accept that Ruataniwha is more sham than dam.”

Mr Nash said if the regional council was transparent and went out to the community for feedback he believed they would get the buy-in of the people who had actually elected them in.

“This complete lack of transparency is a real concern to me,” he said.

“And the reason I say that is because this is the sort of behaviour of an organisation that has something to hide.”

He said it was this sort of behaviour that made people suspicious of council’s motives.

“The secrecy … it’s not democratic and it’s not the way New Zealanders do business, and it’s not the way New Zealanders expect their elected officials to do business,” he said.

Ms Whaitiri said HBRIC (the investment arm of council) was now effectively asking council and ratepayers to sell water to themselves.

“It’s hard to escape the conclusion that HBRIC’s water user agreement offer to council is a desperate measure for the investment company to meet its water sign-up targets,” she said.

“I’m calling on HBRIC and the regional council to provide concrete assurances to Hawke’s Bay ratepayers now or get out of this deal.”

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Coffey gets it in the arse

The tipline ran hot yesterday with some interesting news that is causing a fair bit of angst in Labour circles.

The word has been quietly put about that Labour’s new (Maori) comms person has been appointed.

Putting M?ori Members of Parliament (MPs)?at the forefront of important New Zealand politics is Jodi Ihaka’s?plan, as she was recently appointed?the Labour Party’s?new Senior Communications Advisor (M?ori).

“I’m really excited to use my communication skills in such an important M?ori advisory capacity.? I have loved my time at Whakaata M?ori (M?ori Television) and have nothing but respect for the M?ori journalists on Te K?ea and Native Affairs,”?says Ihaka.

The?position sees Ihaka take on a key advisory role to Labour leader, Andrew Little as well as?M?ori MPs including Kelvin Davis, Peeni Henare,?Louisa Wall, Meka Whaitiri, Nanaia Mahuta and Adrian Rurawhe.

However not without some squealing and some anger.? Read more »

Even socialists don’t like the dodgy socialist dam

Not even the socialists of the Labour party like the dodgy socialist dam that the Hawkes Bay Regional Council is trying to ram through.

The Hawke?s Bay Regional Investment Company?s decision to borrow $4 million to keep the Ruataniwha project afloat is a case of throwing ratepayer?s good money after bad, says Labour?s Water spokesperson Meka Whaitiri and Napier MP Stuart Nash.

?This bridging loan, which goes before the Council tomorrow, is nothing short of a desperate bid to keep the Ruataniwha going in the face of serious environmental and economic concerns ,? says Meka Whaitiri.

?Instead of seeking more money from investors and ratepayers the council should be telling us just when the spending stops. Its time the council addressed the real concerns of the environmental groups who got the project sent back to the drawing board. ?? Read more »

Another Socialist Opposes the Dodgy Socialist Dam

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

A few days ago we featured Labour MP Meka Whaitiri giving her views on why the dodgy socialist dam should not go ahead.

Now another socialist has made a similar statement.

The only Labour MP to win a seat off National at the last election, Stuart Nash, has got stuck into the dodgy socialist dam. For a socialist he has some pretty sound logic.

It appears the Ruataniwha Water Storage scheme is struggling to get the support from farmers it needs to go ahead. Although I am not against this scheme in principle, I refuse to back a project of this scale that is not grounded in a sound economic base.? Read more »

Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson Fights the Labour Party

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The Chairman of the extremely dodgy Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson, has started a donnybrook with the Labour Party.

The Chairman has sledged Labour?s Water spokesperson Meka Whaitiri hard for asking sensible decisions about the dodgy socialist dam.

All Whaitiri has done is called for a stocktake to see whether the project is still viable, and Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson, instead of working with Labour, has given Whaitiri a big serve.

However, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council chairman Fenton Wilson said the council was still waiting to see if the planned consents will go forward.

The board of inquiry is likely to reconvene next month.

He added Ms Whaitiri’s claims for an “urgent stocktake” sounded like “political posturing” and said she appeared “six months behind” in the project’s timeline.

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Labour’s Totally Gay Quota

The looneys in the Rainbow Labour division have given themselves an upper cut calling for a quota.

There are already too many gays in caucus to fill the quota.

Any affirmative action for gays needs to be put in context. The usual number of gays in the population is accepted to be a generous 6%. Labour has four gays in a caucus of 34.? ? Read more »