Melbourne Cup

Whaleoil’s Melbourne Cup Sweep

Thanks to Just Horse Racing, the form guide is below.  Pick your horse for the win, then find the horse’s name in the comments below.  REPLY to that comment, with the horse you want to pick, and leave a comment.   One entry per person, clearly!

So are you going with the best odds?  Or will you back a New Zealand horse, owner or jockey?

1. Big Orange (7)

W: 57KG
Odds: $14
COMMENT: Comes in with good form winning 2 x G2’s in England. Stuck on very well in Melb Cup last year finishing 5th. Will make own luck out in front and stable are confident. Concern is there looks to be good pace in the race but he is a big winning chance. Good e/w bet. Read more »

So after years of whinging about gambling what does a Labour leader hopeful do?

Grant Robertson has banged on about gambling for ages, attacking constantly the Sky City convention centre deal.

He is even in Hansard railing about gambling and gambling harm.

What is his response to Major Campbell Roberts, from the Salvation Army, who said that the proposed legislation cancels out any benefits, that the harm minimisation measures allowed for in the legislation are a joke, that they are neither robust nor effective, and that they do not represent any significant improvement on the current ineffective practices of Skycity Casino, which are already failing to reduce gambling harm? What is his response to Campbell Roberts’ comments?

Yet around rolls the Melbourne Cup and what is Grant Robertson doing?

That’s right being a hypocrite and flaunting his gambling stubs from the TAB.

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Bad Omen for Cunliffe as Key rakes in the money

John Key mocked Vernon Small in the now famous “Show me the Money” election debate over his whinging about following of John Key’s horse picks in the Melbourne Cup.

The horse that time was “Drunken Sailor”. (at 2:07)

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People are Stupid, Ctd

Especially when they are drunk:

The Fun Police are on the Prowl

Lock the office doors, hide your Melbourne Cup Sweep tickets, this is one of the 3 or 4 days in the year when Internal Affairs Inspectors get to do their righteous work.

No prizes over $500 and (how necessary is this!) you are not allowed to offer a firearm or vouchers for sexual services as an office sweepstake prize.

$1,000 fine if you’re caught.  Spoilsports.

It’s the horse race that brings two nations to a standstill and sends novice punters into a frenzied flutter.

Armies of Kiwi office workers will this afternoon down pens for the annual Melbourne Cup race and obligatory office sweepstake.

Melbourne Cup frivolities attract many Kiwis usually averse to the sport and unaccustomed to placing a bet.

Cup day, celebrated as a public holiday in most of Victoria, is the single biggest betting day for the TAB in New Zealand. It also turns thousands of workers into makeshift bookies as workplaces join in the fun by offering an office sweepstake.

However, the Department of Internal Affairs warns that office sweepstake prize money cannot exceed $500 and those who breach the rules could face the long arm of the law.

This means tickets for the 24-horse race can cost no more than $20.83, according to a spokesman.

Any money raised must be returned as prizes and no one is allowed to profit from organising the sweepstake.

Violating these regulations could incur a fine of up to $1000.

Lost and Found department – Natty's Nano

Found by honest Whaleoil fan – Danny Doolan’s bar Melbourne Cup night, in wee small hours. Didn’t hand to bar staff because they’d thief it. Here at Gotcha we don’t like thieves so wish to give Natty full opportunity to have his/her property returned. Natty is a lover of dance music.

To claim contact tipline telling us the name of the guy in the video track….

A classic example of why you should always take the inscription i-pod option so honest decent folk can call you when they find your gear

Natty's Nano

Natty's Nano