Victoria’s premier suffers “Voldemort effect” or worse as Christmas terror plot revealed

A terrorist plot to attack Melbourne on Christmas day has been foiled.

A PLOT to attack landmark sites in Melbourne?s CBD on Christmas Day has been foiled following a series of raids in Melbourne this morning, police say.

Commissioner Graham Ashton says there is evidence to suggest there were plans for an ?explosive act? which had the power to injure or kill a ?substantial? number of people in an area around Federation Square, St Paul?s Cathedral and Flinders St Station.

Seven people have been arrested, and five people remain in custody, after five properties in Gladstone Park, Flemington, Meadow Heights, Dallas and Campbellfield were raided.

Police believe there were also plans to use other weapons including knives and firearms, Mr Ashton said.

Mr Ashton said last night?s raids had ?neutralised? the threat.

ASIO and AFP officers, along with Victoria Police, had been monitoring a number of people across Melbourne.

Premier Daniel Andrews labelled the alleged plot an ?evil act? and ?not an act of faith?.

?Not acts of religious observance, not acts of faith … they?re anything but that,? Mr Andrews said.

Mr Ashton said those arrested were ?self-radicalised, but certainly inspired by ISIS propaganda?. ? Read more »

Refugee Gang strikes fear into Melbourne family suburbs

Melbourne families living in fear of the Apex gang are protecting their homes with barbed wire and running nighttime patrols of the western suburbs. ?Almost as frightening as the fact that the gang is made up of the children of refugees, is the fact that local government and police are telling the families to take down the barbed wire and to stop the nighttime patrols.

Terrified Melbourne homeowners are living in fear of notorious Apex gang members and are now forced to fortify their properties with barbed wire.

The frightened residents, who have armed themselves with baseball bats for protection, live in Melbourne?s western suburbs and are now restoring their homes with fencing in an attempt to stop the violent gang breaking in.

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Out of the mouths of economists…

Cop a load of this:

It wasn’t long ago New Zealand was seen as undesirable by our trans-Tasman friends, but now Australians are turning up in droves.

Figures from Statistics NZ show there are now 25,700 Australians settling in New Zealand every year, a number which has jumped by 1800 between May 2015 and May 2016.

However it is not only born-and-bred Australians making the move – 16,794 of the 25,700 are returning Kiwis.

Not only that, the trend of New Zealanders moving to Australia has also slowed.

“Migrant departures to Australia fell by 1400 between the two May years, as fewer New Zealand citizens chose to migrate to Australia. This led to a net gain of 1700 migrants from Australia in the May 2016 year. May was the eighth consecutive month to show an annual net gain,” says a Statistics NZ report.

In general, migrant arrivals are at a record level with 124,000 arriving in the year to May 2016.

This is an increase of 8 percent on the previous year with New Zealand citizens returning to New Zealand accounting for one quarter (30,700) of all migrant arrivals.

You might be forgiven for thinking this is about immigration. It is not. Soldier on, and I’ll meet you at the end.? Read more »

Same problems as here but…

A newspaper has an article about the problems facing potential house buyers in Australia:

Singles on an average income have no hope of quickly saving a deposit to buy their first home, particularly in Sydney.

Getting a deposit together quickly is probably unrealistic even for couples where both partners earn the average wage, unless their parents can help out with the deposit or act as a guarantor on the home loan, said Canstar finance editor Justine Davies.

“The percentage of salary that would need to be set aside to get into the housing market quickly is very unrealistic for most people.

“You might be able to do the hard yards for a couple of years and get a five to 10 per cent deposit but to try and to do that to achieve a 20 per cent deposit I think for most people is going to be unrealistic,” she said.

A Sydney couple on average wages would have to set aside 41 per cent of their net income to get a 5 per cent deposit together in a year, research from Canstar shows. ? Read more »

Aussie Council food police to ban chips, chocolate and sugary drinks from parks

The food police are at it again, this time in Melbourne, Australia after dictating that a playgound is a ?junk food-free zone? and telling young children that if they want to play they have to leave their chips, chocolate and sugary drinks outside.

Kids are being told that ?all sweet, fatty or fast food or drink is banned from the playground and must be consumed before entering?. This is going down like a cup of cold sick.

The Mayor of the City of Port Phillip Amanda Stevens, who faced allegations involving a procedural irregularity during their election campaign, now faces angry parents labelling the council the ?fun police?. Stevens is now trying to explain the policy.

Typical we know best attitude from the Australians. ? Read more »

Well done Len, instead of most liveable you’ve got one of the most expensive

Len Brown constantly tells us that he wants Auckland to be the most liveable city in?the?world.

He has failed.

Instead all he has achieved with his never ending rates increases is turning Auckland into one of the most expensive city in the world.

Auckland has overtaken Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide to become the 16th most expensive location in the Asia Pacific for expatriates, a survey by ICA International has found.

The City of Sails is ranked 36th most expensive globally, up from last year’s 54th spot.
The South Korean capital Seoul take the honours for being the most expensive in the region and 10th in the world, overtaking Tokyo.

“Cost in New Zealand for many international assignees have increased at a faster rate than in Australia, largely due to the strength of the dollar there,” authors of the report said.

It noted that locations in Australia had risen in the ranking, with Sydney up from last years 32nd position to 29th, and Canberra in 34th place globally – ahead of Auckland.

The survey is aimed at helping companies with the calculation of cost of living allowances for their employees stationed overseas by comparing a basket of common consumer goods and services in 440 locations worldwide. ?? Read more »

Man Slut Gable Tostee in handcuffs [UPDATED: BREAKING: CHARGED ]



tee hee.





I copped some flack for “going after his lifstyle” and there were calls to leave him alone.

But, you know, women fall off your balcony, and you blame all the other women you slept with, over 200 of them, of making up malicious stories, it isn’t generally a good start.

The 28-year-old is currently being questioned by detectives. He is yet to be charged.

Police released a statement saying their investigation was still ongoing.

?A 28-year-old man is currently assisting police with their enquiries into the sudden death of a 26-year-old woman at Surfers Paradise high-rise apartment complex on August 8,?? the statement said.

Police said Tostee was being processed at Surfers Paradise police station after being arrested at his parents? home at Carrara this morning by homicide detectives.

He’s assisting police in handcuffs about the death of this ?New Zealand woman,?Warriena ?Rrie? Wright Read more »

Face of the Day

Chloe King

Chloe King

Chloe King

Chloe King

I intend to keep trying to take him down through my blogs I will do it with research, facts and the truth not malicious gossip and flawed arguments.

– Chloe King

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Awesome wog donnybrook in Melbourne

…and before you get all uppity about the headline they call themselves wogs in Melbourne…I know I used to live there…and remember the movie Wog Boy?

I love the chair action…reminiscent of the good old coathanger? and WWF styled biffo.

All that is missing is some wild wog chick throwing herself into the fight with some weapons grade hair pulling and scratching.


What happens if you don’t pay your tranny prostitute in Melbourne