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Pike River hearing a “circus”, but not because of Winston

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The New Zealand First leader clashed on numerous occasions with the new chair of the Commerce Committee, National MP Melissa Lee, who had to apologise to the submitters and the public for his behaviour.

“I’m not going allow you to turn this into a circus,” she told Mr Peters before turning to Pike families spokesman Bernie Monk, petitioner Dame Fiona Kidman, and mines expert Tony Forster. Read more »

An email from a reader about Mt Albert

A reader emails his thoughts on the Mt Albert by-election:

Hi Cam,

I?m in Mt. Albert, and I can?t believe the arrogance of Ardern, in that she thinks she?s already going to win. I?m not surprised, because of the ?safe seat? phenomenon, but given what Trump achieved, that should be a warning to Ardern (or, more specifically, Labour in general).

To me, what has Ardern done to merit her being our (prospective) MP?

What has she done to deserve my vote, what qualities and qualifications does she have? ? Read more »

Hekia Parata wants all teachers to speak Te Reo properly

Hekia Parata has gone all doctrinaire, lecturing that all teachers need to learn how to speak and pronounce Te Reo properly.

Judith Collins isn’t having a bar of it.

The Education Minister expects all teachers to be able to pronounce their students’ names correctly out of respect for language, culture and identity.

Hekia Parata said living in a multi-cultural society meant all teachers had to be respectful of a student’s culture in the same way that overseas teachers working in New Zealand schools would expect their culture to be respected.

Questions have been raised over why maths and science teachers need to be competent in Te Reo Maori and whether it’s closing the door to quality overseas teachers.

According to the Ministry of Education all teachers were expected to have an “understanding of the bi-cultural heritage of New Zealand”, but National MP Judith Collins?was baffled it extended to maths and science teachers working in English-speaking schools.? Read more »

Why are you sorry? He was a “judgmental little c*ck”

I?didn’t realise Linda Cooper had it in her.

I?thought she was dead set useless.

But she has come good big time, even if she did apologise afterwards.

Auckland councillor and National Party member Linda Cooper has apologised after she called a man a “judgmental little c**k” on the Pride parade Facebook page.

Ms Cooper had an exchange with Daniel O’Connor who said he thought National MPs Melissa Lee and Alfred Ngaro were against marriage equality.

“Well good on them to be brave enough to come out in support against their constituent Korean and Pacific views,” Ms Cooper said.

When Mr O’Connor said it looked like the two National MPs were trying to piggyback on the achievements they were trying to hold back, Mrs Cooper hit back.

“Get a grip little boy,” she said.

“When you grow up you will realise that life is not black and white. ? Read more »

Gerry Brownlee arriving at work

via Twitter / Melissa Lee

via Twitter / Melissa Lee

Sledge of the Day

Melissa Lee calls out Phil Twyford and Clayton Cosgrove for their baldness?by Melissa Lee.

She actually made a good speech, she takes a piss out of sideshows and bus tours and Cunliffe and Labour Party not having signage on their boxes in parliament.

National's most un-trustworthy person – Part 4

This blog continues to take a close look at trustworthiness in the National Party over the next few weeks.

This is because this blog has discovered and learned of some disturbing acts of untrustworthiness inside National over the last 6 months.

In fact, from what I have gathered over this time, it may well be some of the most untrustworthy behaviour seen in the National Party for the better part of 25 years.

What do I mean by untrustworthy?

Well, perhaps a score might be useful to help show the gravity of the situation.

I have come up with the “Whaleoil Un-Trustworthiness Scale” to help readers understand, with 1 being completely trustworthy, and 10 being despicably untrustworthy.

A score of 1 would of course be someone like John Key. Voters trust John Key. He has compromised the speed of some reforms in order to not break promises, such is the value of trust to him. Sure he has reneged on no increase to GST but that is small beer compaed with Mr or Mrs Infinity and their treachery.

Next to John Key as a one on the trustworthy scale is board member, Canterbury Westland Regional Chair and old fashioned gentleman, Roger Bridge.

Thirty six years of loyal service to the party help, but others have been in the party as long as Roger. What sets Roger apart is he has always a kindly word for everyone in the party, and has the courtesy to treat all with dignity and has probably bought them a drink or two as well. More likely more than a drink or two as Roger is a free spender when entertaining.

The only people that don?t like Roger are the buggers muddle and that just reinforces his most trustworthy status.

Tim Groser would have to be a score of 2. You would be a little nervous about loose lips if he was in Air NZ first class, armed with a bottle of champagne and a beautiful woman hanging off his every word, but by and large, Groser is a very trustworthy man.

Melissa Lee would be a three. She’s a very nice and bright person, but her political skills mean you wouldn’t trust her in a campaign. Sadly, she is a bit like Malcolm Tucker’s coffee machine when it comes to elections – from bean to cup, she fucks up.

So who then, would be a ten?

Who would be Mr or Mrs Infinity? Far exceeding even a despicable ten.

Would it be the sort of person who abuses the office they hold within the party?

More to come….


National's List Ranking – Stopping the Blokefest

Captain Panic pantsNational is destined to have five new MPs in safe blue seats after November the 26th, and only one of them is a woman. As mentioned yesterday the tipline has been saying Captain Panic Pants (that’s him looking over John Key’s shoulder) has got his knickers in a proverbial twist over too many blokes, meaning some careful juggling of the National List will need to happen to untwist CPPs knickers.

The candidates for the list who don?t have safe seats are:

Claudette Hauiti: Respected Maori TV producer and highly rated by Hekia Parata, which means she is likely to garner the patronage of media darlings like Simon Power. She is ?though considered by many in the party to be destined to only ever be a List MP because she is not electable. Claudette was unsuccessful in her attempt to win a seat on the Eden Albert Local Board in 2010, and cynics suggest that sending someone out to fail at local board level is a good way to send a message to them that they are not fit to be a politician. Would be a welcome addition to National?s Rainbow Caucus. Taking one for the team in Mangere. The tipline though rang hot since yesterday asking questions about her former membership of the Labour party, despite her alleged rehabilitation through C&R.?She is also known to be close to former Alliance MP and Whaleoil mate Willie Jackson.

Leonie Hapeta: Successful businesswoman in Palmerston North and a contributor to the Manawatu community. Regarded as a very solid operator who could give Iain Lees-Galloway a huge fright in Palmerston North, especially if he continues with his nasty, criminal campaign against her. Good background in tertiary education management which is an area National is weak in. This blog shares John Cleese?s opinion of Palmerston North, a position that may be held by senior people in the National Party and could count against Leonie.

Jonathan Fletcher: Word is he is the most likeable of all the new candidates, which will count for something, though his Y chromosome is going to count against him. Unlike many others in the National caucus he only has a solid rather than stellar career in the private sector behind him.

Paul Foster-Bell: A well credentialed diplomat, and another who is likely to suffer from Captain Panic Pants? phobia of a bloke fest. Rather too smooth to appeal to the common man but perfectly suited to the liberal elite in Wellington Central. Does provide and enjoy fine Cuban cigars and quality booze though. Top bloke even if he breaks Rule 12.

Sam Collins: A genuine team player who is taking a huge one for the team in a seriously red seat in the socialist republic. Relatively inexperienced, and spent more time in think tanks than in the real world. Would benefit from several years in sales before attempting to run again, though rumoured to be lining up Ilam when the inevitable health issues nail the big guy. No XX chromosome so expected to take a very low list position and will not complain about it either.

Jo Hayes: Wanganui based member of the bro-racracy who is another who has taken one for the team by moving to Dunedin to run for National. Finished third in the Palmerston North selection race behind Leonie Hapeta and Karen Rolleston. Little else is known about her as she has no candidate profile on the National web site.

The pious within National will state National is meritocratic and will rank based on potential as an MP rather than chromosomes but we all know this is not true. Georgina Te Heu Heu is a case in point, ably supported by Katrina Shanks and reinforced by the high list positions of Sam Lotu-Iiga, Hekia Parata, Melissa Lee and Kanwal Bakshi in 2008. Obviously Hekia and Sam are talented on paper but grouping four ethnic candidates together in high list positions demonstrates National is not a strict meritocracy.

Claudette, Leonie and Jo become the front runners, with the unfortunate sacrificial lambs being Jonathan, Paul and Sam. Untwisting CPPs knickers may yet be possible, especially if National give high list positions to women who are not standing in a seat. Tomorrows list ranking post will detail all the rumour, gossip and innuendo surrounding the women who have been asked to stand as List only candidates.



Noun:?A person who indulges in hypocrisy.
[blackbirdpie id=”57764856488669184″]
The controversial internet file-sharing law passed by hypocrites like Melissa Lee.
I hope this counts as her first strike.

Good comment

Early this morning my resident pinko troll mediatart made the following comment:

Mediatart comment on Whaleoil

Steven Joyce is not interested in Rodney, but North Shore despite the misgivings of the Prime Minister who wants his master strategist to focus ion the whole country rather than just one seat. He has the president trying to scare away contenders so Steven can get selected unopposed. The other list MPs in Auckland are not strong enough to win selection in any seat, so don?t expect Melissa Lee, Jacqui Blue or Cam Calder to put their names forward anywhere other than where they are now. ?The weakness of the candidates college which was largely dormant until late last year means there are few people coming through for selection that the public could get excited about.

Sometimes commenters can be very?perspicacious, this is one reason why I like mediatart‘s”?commentary….sometimes.