And so it starts…

A reader sent us this. The hive mind that is the Internet has turned this into a meme.

I doubt it will will be the last one.



The more authorities try to control information, the more it strains to be free. Imposing morality is irrelevant. It is up to the viewer/reader to decide their personal standards, not someone else.

Hitler does Gangnam Style

Two memes cross over:


Texts from Hillary

Cool Tumblr blog featuring Texts from Hillary:



via Mashable

Mashable has featured this Kiwi made video as it’s Video of the Day.

If you’re a fan of the long-running UK sci-fi show Doctor Who and know your Internet memes, this video will strike you as a brilliant mash-up of both.

literal version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was one of many literal music videos that circulated widely a couple of years back. For the unfamiliar, the idea is to take a well-known video and replace the lyrics with words that describe the onscreen action. The meme is said to have begun with this version of “Take on Me”.

Now one Doctor Who fan in New Zealand has taken the practice to a new level. In her “Literal Eclipse of the Heart,” YouTube user zeborahnz posted a video that keeps the literal lyrics, but replaces the original footage with clips from the show.

In the video’s accompanying notes, Zeborah says she wanted to do a literal music video, but had seen too many that were “fairly incompetent.”

“I wanted some kind of un-narrative going through it so decided to have the Doctor illustrating all the lyrics sung by PersephoneMaewyn (or Bonnie Tyler in the original) and various Companions illustrating the others,” Zeborah says. “I genderswitched large chunks of stuff accordingly.”

The result: Doctor Who Internet heaven, for about five and a half minutes. Let us know what you think!

Know your Meme

The best memes from 2011 from BuzzFeed. Note to Martyn Bradbury the correct pronunciation of Meme.


Of course he has a mandate, he won

The whiners and whingers who have been sipping sour grape juice since Saturday night are trying to create the meme that John Key doesn’t have a mandate for asset sales.

Labour, the Greens, Mana and New Zealand First will all oppose any asset sales from Opposition despite National increasing its vote to 47.99 per cent – and some commentators have suggested National does not have a mandate.

John Key campaigned on the issue and won on the issue. He does have a mandate and he should get on with it. In fact why isn’t something sold already??

The green vandals that attacked National’s signs probably don’t realise that they have given National their new policies. Drill it, mine it, Sell it. Get on with with it.


Sneaky Greens


There is a meme going around and it is seems to mostly on Green supporters Facebook walls:

There is NO such statement at the Electoral Commission.

I am only posting an image because I don’t want the words to be indexed by Google. It is already starting to show in Google but I will not be party to spreading this message.

This is an illegal message. Quite apart from the fact that it is wrong, it is illegal because it doesn’t carry an authorisation, and it is illegal because it is a false promotion.

It seems to have emanated from Tumblr and this image.

It just goes to show the lengths the left wing will go to distort an election.

I have reported several to the Electoral Commission. They are quite concerned at this behaviour. I would suggest that someone may be prosecuted.

40 internet memes in 4 minutes


French Military Victories

This image from The Brigade reminds me of the famous Google Search meme French military victories.

Cheese Eating Surrender monkeys new magazine

The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys new magazine

This is necessary to talk about it

Rick Giles now has his own Mr Vintage range.

Rick Giles - My argument is so powerful

Rick Giles - My argument is so powerful