Goff’s patchy memory

Not only does Phil Goff have his own truthiness problem, he also has a faulty memory. Remember he famously declared he had never been briefed by the SIS on the Israeli tourists, except he had. Now he either forgot or he lied, both aren;t really good positions to be in when you are pretending you want to lead the nation,

Now it seems his memory is faulty again:

Labour leader Phil Goff wasn’t about to let a blackout stop him campaigning on a Wellington walkabout today, quipping “wouldn’t have happened under a Labour government” when a local RSA was plunged into darkness.

Excuse me?

Does Phil Goff not remember sitting in cabinet talking about several major power crisis’ under successive Labour governments?

There were power shortages in 2008.. the public was also asked to save power in 2001, 2003 and 2006 but each time rain came soon enough to head off any serious problems.
Really, this is getting beyond a joke. Goff’s political amnesia is getting tiresome.

Goff Memories – Episode 2

Phil Goff has a memory problem. This is a series of memory aides which should help him and his colleagues.