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Mary Todd Lincoln

Controversial as First Lady, Lincoln’s Wife Remains Misunderstood

Historians have long been fascinated with the behaviour of Mary Todd Lincoln.

She was one of the most interesting and polarizing first ladies of the 19th century: Her unusually stormy moods, coupled with rumors of delusions, constant headaches and pallor, have led historians to suggest that she was “insane,” “hypochondriacal,” “menstrual” and the “female wild cat of the age.”

Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of?President Abraham Lincoln, became a figure of controversy during her time in the White House. And she has remained so until the present day. A well-educated woman from a prominent Kentucky family, she was an unlikely partner for Lincoln, who had come from humble frontier roots.

During Lincoln’s time as president, his wife was criticised for spending too much money on White House furnishings and on her own clothing.

Mary Todd Lincoln, the most criticised and misunderstood first lady, experienced more than her share of tragedy during her lifetime. From the time she was six, her life took a melancholy turn from which she never recovered. She suffered from depressive episodes and migraine headaches throughout her life and turned to squandering money on lavish gowns and frivolous accessories during the white house year in hopes of finding relief from the void deep within.

Mary supported her husband throughout his presidency and witnessed his fatal shooting at nearly point blank range at Ford’s Theatre on April 14, 1865. Mary’s life was difficult after her husband was assassinated; she suffered from depression and mental anguish, which led to her being hospitalised for a time.

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Ooops they chose a bad example to kickstart their “Hate speech” campaign

It turns out that Megan, the young woman who abused the group of women in Huntly has a Muslim mother. I have already pointed out that there was NOTHING in the video to?suggest that her abuse was based on race or religion but that was the narrative that the media ran with and that is the narrative that was?pushed by the Public Relations specialist ?Mehpara Khan who accused Megan of a hate crime. The PC thought police should consider standing down in this case as the rug has been pulled out from underneath their spin.

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Mental Illness is not an Alternative life style choice

Tuesday, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported that 23-year-old Anna Teshu of Staten Island, New York, has gone missing. Teshu’s 15 minutes of fame began in 2015 when she was featured on the internet because her boyfriend was walking her around on a leash in public. Her boyfriend said: “The collar is like a ring for most couples. They use rings, we have a collar.” Teshu reportedly enjoyed spending time in a puppy cage, as well. She explained, “The first time I put on a collar I thought, ‘Now I need to find someone for the other end.'”

That same year, she was arrested for animal cruelty after allegedly leaving a dog in a hot car. Her attorney said, “She’s a disabled person.” She was found mentally unfit to stand trial and escaped conviction.

…All of this makes headlines because the media and the public decided to treat a mentally ill person as a mentally healthy person making “alternative choices.” Instead of Teshu receiving the help she so obviously needed, the media chose to treat her as a unique flower blooming, and the public nodded along in order to appear tolerant — all the while laughing.

We seem to have reached peak insanity with the number of new “Lifestyle choices” growing by the day. Some seem relatively harmless (though strange) like men who call themselves Bronies because of their fixation with the cartoon series My Little Pony.

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Gender Identity Disorder and Anorexia are both mental illnesses related to body image

A person with Anorexia does not view their body as fat no matter what the reality is because it is a mental illness

A person with Anorexia does not view their body as fat no matter what the reality is because it is a mental illness

Our society recognises that Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness. We treat sufferers with compassion and we try to help them to gain weight and to see their body through realistic eyes. We don’t tell them that they are fat and are right to starve themselves. We don’t say that that they if they identify with being fat that we will accept their delusion. We don’t tell people that they should be accepting of anorexics’?belief that they are fat. We don’t tolerate Anorexics doing themselves harm by starving themselves. No, we tell them that they are emaciated and we help them.

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Almost every study on parents with mental illness centres on mothers

And that’s been OK with men. ?Because we don’t really talk about feeling weak and vulnerable.

Jonathon Ashe is in his first year of clinical psychology at the University of Waikato and he wants to speak to dads with an acute mental illness. He said there is no current research in New Zealand that explores a father’s experience with mental illness.

“I’m interested in looking at the positive outcomes of what these men do well and how they cope in the face of adversity,” Ashe said.

“The research done with fathers, which hasn’t been a lot, tends to specifically be in relation to men’s experiences with mental illness,” Ashe said.

“There are only three studies that I’m currently aware of, none based in New Zealand, that focus on the risk and vulnerabilities mental illness puts upon the children or looks at the children’s perspectives.”

Ashe said mental illness is a particular area of interest for him and as a dad, he knows it’s important for children to have a good bond with both parents.


“Predominantly, I’m looking for the fathers that do manage to sustain or maintain relationships with their children while they have a serious mental illness, whether it be schizophrenia, bipolar or a major mood affective disorder.”

The research will be part of Ashe’s master’s degree and he hopes to speak with 15 to 20 fathers from Waikato or Auckland.

“It may be that they have a full-time relationship with the mum or they may only see their children once a fortnight. But as long as they’re always involved with their kids and their relationship is successful or they perceive it as successful, then that’s who I hope to speak with. Read more »

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cameoMother, Stranger

Author Cris Beam left her mother?s home at age 14, driven out by a suburban household of hidden chaos and mental illness. Her mother, told neighbours, and family that her daughter had died. The two never saw each other again. Nearly twenty-five years later, after building her own family and happy home life, a lawyer called to say her mother was dead. In this story about the fragility of memory and the complexity of family, Beam decides to look back at her own dark history, and for the secret to her mother?s madness.

Three years ago I got the phone call. I had always wondered about her death, how long it would take to find out about it and who would track her children down to tell them. Now I knew. Fifty-three days, and a lawyer.

I had left my mother?s house when I was 14 years old, and I never saw her again. I was 36 when I found out she was dead. In the early years of my separation from her, I tried not to think about her. For high school I moved into my father?s house, where my mother?s name had always been a bad and angry word. Then I went to college and got jobs and lovers like everyone else I knew. After the rise of the Web, I tried to spy on her from afar, but I never turned up much aside from memories that came kicking up at me like startled bats.

Ours was a family of two realities: the one we lived through and the one that had formed in my mother?s mind. She was often convinced that we were going to starve because we didn?t have enough money for food. When I was growing up, she talked endlessly about not being able to cover the mortgage on the house and how we could end up homeless and living in a box. It took me years to realize that these were fantasies. As a child, I tallied the cans in the cupboard and ticked off the days until Daddy?s check would come. But despite what my mother said, there was always enough. Sometimes we ate at the restaurant in the strip mall that smelled more like carpet than like meals or filled the car with greasy bags from Taco Bell. Still, my mother?s whispery laments were like chalk on a window: They didn?t leave a mark, but the sound stayed with me for days.

?We?re going to die in here,? she said, darting her eyes around our living room walls. ?We just don?t have enough to make it.?

She always claimed to be working five jobs, though I only counted one, sometimes two. She said she was a prostitute.

When the air would become electric and I knew I should run and hide, my mother told me that her grandfather raped her every night. ?Every night,? she seethed, and I was probably 10, the walls seeming to melt away. Her shoulders squared, and her eyes blazed with cruelty. ?And you think you?re better than me??

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Doyle Davidson. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the ...

Doyle Davidson. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the …

The Devil and Doyle Davidson

?Whatever You Do, Don’t Sip the Really Crazy Juice

The passion of preacher Doyle Davidson for his so-called ?wife,? Lisa Staton,?the story grows even stranger with things like, oh, demons cast out on air, women prancing around the pulpit in pink ballet slippers and Davidson?s death threats to Lisa?s real husband. ?Everybody is saying, ?Where?s the Kool-Aid??? says one former member.

Davidson?s Plano church, Water of Life, came under scrutiny in the tragic case of Dena Schlosser, a church member who cut off her baby?s arms while in a psychotic state, influenced in part by the preacher?s rantings about the devil and demonic spirits.

Since the Schlosser trial in 2006, Davidson?s following has dwindled. Protests from viewers have gotten his broadcasts kicked off four stations. His nutty preaching airs in Dallas.

For years, Davidson has preached in the pulpit and on TV about God giving him Lisa as a wife. Problem is, Lisa is already married to J.R. Staton and, after a torrid affair with Davidson, wants nothing more to do with him. The couple has been in hiding for several years. Which hasn’t stopped Davidson from posting such messages as, “You need to humble yourself and know that I have authority to deal with you, and I will.”


“Stop that!” Carolyn Thomas snapped. Her best friend Dena Schlosser was driving with her eyes closed, hissing like a snake.


“Open your eyes and look at the road!” Thomas said. “Put your mind on Jesus.”

The weird behavior had started as soon as Schlosser and her three girls had gotten in the car with Thomas after an evening service at Water of Life church in Plano. Schlosser was chanting something under her breath–“I’m stupid, I’m evil…” Thomas had told her friend over and over: Talk to me when those crazy ideas start rattling around in your head. And girl, stay on your medication!

“Dena, in this car I feel a heaviness,” Thomas said. She sensed a foul spirit in the air, a demon of depression.

“Yeah,” Schlosser said.

Thomas started praying out loud, and her friend joined in.

Schlosser calmed down for a moment. “Do you know,” she asked, “if people, demons, can come in and disrupt your house?”

“Sure,” Thomas said. “That’s what we’re taught. Spirits can get into people and use them for wrong. Spirits can get into your baby, husbands, relatives…”

They stopped at a grocery store, and when Thomas returned to the car, Schlosser seemed her normal self. Thomas put the strange incident behind her.

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Gender ideology is harming children, say medical experts


Before and after: Female Ryland Whittington on the left, ?male? Ryland Whittington on the right. From the ?Progressives Today? website article ?Transgender Toddlers: The New Parenting.?

The ?transgender? mental illness that is currently the cause du jour and pushed by the politically correct media is exceptionally dangerous for children, is child abuse and must be stopped according to the American College of Pediatricians.?In a paper published on their website titled ?Gender Ideology Harms Children”, the organisation ?urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex” and?lists eight points why the promotion of the ?transgender? mental illness is such a danger.

I hope a lot of parents of ?gender-confused children read this paper before they unwittingly?do irreparable harm to their children.

In the past similar mistakes have been made. I have read stories of people who were born with two sets of genitals. At the time the medical advice given to their parents was to remove one set (usually the penis) and to bring up the child as one gender. The adults who had this done to them as children all said that the right thing to do would have been to not surgically alter them at all. The adults interviewed all agreed that no matter which biological sex they were attracted to as adults, none of them would have chosen to have part of them removed.

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Photo Of The Day

Christine Chubbuck.

Christine Chubbuck.


Even if a person might look all right in the outside, we might never know what they may be dealing with on the inside.

29-year-old Christine Chubbuck didn?t leave behind a note. Instead, she staged a grand and memorable performance. Looking healthy, well-groomed, and in good spirits the morning of July 15, 1974, the newswoman geared up for a special presentation. ?She was in a much better than normal mood. To this day, her enthusiasm puzzles me,? news director Gordan Galbraith said of her demeanor that morning.

Christine asked to change things up a bit for that morning?s broadcast of Sarasota, FL?s WXLT-TV?s?Suncoast Digest. She wanted to start the normally unscripted talk show with some news reports, and spent the few minutes before air-time typing up what she was going to say on-air.

She started off with some standard news item, but when it came time to roll footage of a local shoot-out from the night before, a shot she specifically requested, the film stalled. The person operating the camera panicked a bit, but this was all a part of Christine?s plan. She looked into the camera with a determined eye.

?In keeping with Channel 40?s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts and in living colour, you are going to see another first ? attempted suicide,? she read, inflicting a little sarcasm into her tone.

Then she pulled a gun out of a bag of puppets she had at her feet and shot herself on live television.

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Looks like the MENTAL in fundamentalism can be cured



Have you ever considered that religious fundamentalism is caused by brainwashing and that you could be cured of it? Neuroscientist Kathleen Taylor thinks that there are certain extreme beliefs that may be able to be treated as illnesses in the future. Maybe the MSM has had it right all along and all those lone wolf terrorists actually do have a mental illness caused by their fundamentalist brainwashing.

?Someone who has for example become radicalised to a cult ideology — we might stop seeing that as a personal choice that they have chosen as a result of pure free will and may start treating it as some kind of mental disturbance,” Taylor said. ?In many ways it could be a very positive thing because there are no doubt beliefs in our society that do a heck of a lot of damage.”

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