Meredith Connell

Are lawyers dodgier than politicians?

Certainly looks like lawyers are dodgier than politicians:

Legal counsel before the courts

Name suppressed – barrister
A criminal lawyer has appeared in court charged with delivering a cellphone, cigarettes and a lighter to a high-profile murderer serving a life sentence. Suppression orders prevent the publication of the woman’s name and age, the name of the prisoner and details of his crime, history and sentence.

Name suppressed – barrister
A prominent Auckland barrister is facing a disciplinary hearing on three misconduct charges brought against him by the standards committee of the New Zealand Law Society. He has been granted interim name suppression until his case is heard next year.

Tim Sarah – police prosecutor
Before the Auckland District Court on 20 charges including the possession and supply of methamphetamine and Ecstasy, participating in an organised criminal group and passing information from the police computer system to three co-accused.

Emily Toner – Crown prosecutor for Meredith Connell
Awaiting sentencing in the North Shore District Court after she admitted stealing almost $200 worth of groceries from a supermarket while on a break from a court case she was prosecuting. Toner blamed the theft on an eating disorder which “prevented her from thinking straight”.

Anita Killeen – former chief prosecutor for the Serious Fraud Office, barrister
Charged with forgery, using a forged document and recklessly damaging a computer system. The charges are believed to be in relation to forged documents sent to the media this year in an attempt to smear SFO boss Adam Feeley.

Police Assn slams Five Fingers Feeley

The NBR has comments from the Police Association slamming the conduct of SFO Chief Executive Adam Feeley:

The conduct of Serious Fraud Office director Adam Feeley would not have been tolerated if the agency had merged with the police.

Police Association president Greg O’Connor gave a barbed answer when asked if Mr Feeley’s reported behaviour would be tolerated by senior members of the New Zealand Police.

“Mr Feeley’s probably very lucky there was no amalgamation,” Mr O’Connor said.

A merger of the SFO and the police was mooted in 2008 but the incoming National government scotched the proposal.

The National Business Review understands revelations about Mr Feeley’s conduct have caused Police Minister Judith Collins and the SFO considerable concern.

Of course it is concerning, this guy is supposed to be the top fraud cop in New Zealand and he shamefully lifted a bottle of plonk from the property of the receivers of a company that was subsequently charged byt eh Serious Fraud Office.

There is another concerning development in this who saga too:

NBR understands Mr Feeley is a member of Auckland’s Northern Club, having been sponsored into the exclusive membership by Crown solicitor and regular SFO prosecutor Simon Moore.

That is an outrageous conflict of interest. The Crown Solicitor must be above anything that suggests favours or untoward behaviour. There is no way that he should have sponsored Feeley into the Northern Club.

It will be interesting to know how much extra work Meredith Connell has gained since Feeley joined the Northern Club? All this smacks of the boys at the top end sorting out things for themselves with little or no regard to the law or to appearance.