Wrong on so many levels

The Telegraph

Some outfit in Florida is offering course in how to be a mermaid:

If you thought mermaids were just the lively imaginings of lonely sailors then think again. Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida is training ordinary women to be real-life sea goddesses.

They have begun offering in-depth training to ladies who want to become underwater performers – including swimming with a tail.

This is not what I was expecting:

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Face of the Day

A Mermaid:

Mischa Davis enjoys swapping her longboard for a custom-made tail when she’s not competing in top level surfing contests.

The 23-year-old is in the women’s longboard and open divisions at the 50th annual Hyundai National Surfing Championships at Piha next week.

”I feel happiest when I’m out there amongst the waves.”

The Piha resident has long been fascinated with mermaids and handcrafts her own tails from wetsuit material. They incorporate free diving fins to help her swim faster.