Two wrongs don’t make a right, but hell, is it tempting

The mother of two who orchestrated?a vicious attack on a drug dealer believed to be selling poor quality methamphetamine has been jailed.

In February 2015 Codie-Lee?Greer arranged for four associates to attack the dealer because he owed money and they believed he was selling dodgy?drugs.

The 25-year-old?didn’t take part in the assault, which involved the assailants arming themselves with weapons including a baseball bat and a hammer, but her role was to arrange a meeting with the dealer at a school at night by text message.

The victim suffered a broken fibula in his left leg, cuts to his head, lips, arms, a broken tooth and bruising to his body.

“The victim was assaulted and he fell onto the ground where he was punched, kicked and struck with the baseball bat and hammer. Read more »


The real Walter White


I wonder what was in Gareth’s saddle bag when he returned from North Korea?

Having been pinged for trying to dominate the word’s defences with Photoshop, it appears cash strapped North Korea has found some inspiration becoming the world’s Heisenberg

…North Korea is pumping out massive quantities of methamphetamine ? or crystal meth, the addictive drug cooked up by a chemistry teacher in the dark US drama Breaking Bad.

A new study reveals vast quantities are being made for export by state-trained scientists in collusion with corrupt officials and criminal gangs in a country desperate for hard currency.

Inevitably, it has ended up creating a catastrophic epidemic back home. In some parts of the country up to 50 per cent of the population are reported to be hooked.

The study discloses drug abuse has reached ?remarkable proportions and keeps growing, engulfing new social groups and regions?.

The inquiry, by two South Korea-based academics, is based on interviews with 21 recent defectors. It confirms earlier evidence from the US and China, where there are soaring levels of crystal meth addiction in border regions with North Korea.

Some reports say that as many half their own population are now crack heads – with the resource strapped country trying to turn it into a cure-all.

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