Metiria Turei

Too toxic for the Greens

It appears that Steffan Browning is too toxic even for the Green party.

Their values page on their?website has as one of the key values for Green members that they “Engage respectfully, without personal attacks.”

Clearly, Steffan Browning doesn’t have the foggiest idea about those values:

Green MP Steffan Browning was ordered by his party to take down an offensive social media post about former prime minister John Key, Newshub is reporting.

Mr Browning put it up on his Facebook page during Mr Key’s valedictory speech in parliament on Thursday evening. ? Read more »

Green hypocrisy lobbying for Cadbury to stay open

The Green taliban have always been hypocrites, but you can’t find a starker example than their advocacy over trying to keep Cadbury open in Dunedin.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei is rebutting claims her party has a double standard over the closure of Dunedin?s Cadbury factory.

Ms Turei said yesterday the closure of the factory was ?a tragedy for Dunedin and local manufacturing.?

Taxpayers? Union executive director Jordan Williams says her comments ?seem a bit hollow,? given the Greens are also advocating for a sugar tax, which would reduce spending on Cadbury chocolate.

?With not the slightest acknowledgement of irony, Ms Turei blames the government for the job losses because of apparent ?inaction? on manufacturing,? Mr Williams says.

?If by ?action,??Ms Turei?means imposing the sorts of anti-consumer, anti-business, taxes like ones the Greens want to impose, then thank goodness the government isn?t following their advice.?? Read more »

Was that it? Labour/Green State of the Nation fails to fire

Yesterday I made the mistake of sitting in my office and viewing the live stream of the joint State of the Nation speeches from Andrew Little and Metiria Turei.

If they are genuinely serious about changing the government then they are really going to have to try harder, even with Bill English leading National.

Last year Andrew Little held his State of the Nation speech in Albert Park and the audience was outnumbered by hippies playing hacky sack and juggling.

This year with the combined ‘might’ of the Greens AND Labour they sat some cycling and bus enthusiasts behind the speakers and bored a rather paltry audience of 500 sycophants stupid. ? Read more »

Explaining is losing, especially when you are Andrew Little

Proof the Green/Labour MOU was a stunt with no future:

Labour leader Andrew Little says he hasn’t entered into any formal obligations or commitments to accommodate the Green Party at next year’s election, but hasn’t ruled it out.

Uhmmm…so what was the?MOU then? Seems there isn’t much understanding at all.

Looks like any deals are just nudge, nudge, wink, wink kind of deals…in other words utterly worthless.

The Green Party reportedly won’t be standing a candidate in Ohariu, leaving it open for Labour to battle against incumbent, United Future leader Peter Dunne.

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Can’t wait for Patrick Gower to go nuts over this

I won’t hold my breath waiting for Patrick Gower to go nuts on?the Greens pulling out of the Mt Roskill by-election to give Goff’s shadow, Michael Wood, a chance at winning.

The Green Party will not stand a candidate in the Mt Roskill electorate should Phil Goff win the Auckland mayoralty race.

The party made the official announcement this afternoon after weeks of speculation it would not stand a candidate in the central Auckland suburb.

?The Green Party?s priority is changing the government in 2017 and, as part of that, we?ve decided we won?t stand a candidate in the probable Mt Roskill by-election,? says Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.

The Greens and Labour signed a memorandum of understanding in May, where the parties committed to ?work collaboratively to change the government.?

Ms Turei says today?s decision shows that agreement is working.

?The Mt Roskill by-election will be closely contested and we don’t want to play any role in National winning the seat,? she says.

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George to Metiria Turei: Get a life!

Whaleoil regular George writes

Those mothers who refuse to name the father of their children risk having $22 a week deducted from their benefit and this has got Metiria Turei knickers in a twist.

As is typical, she claims the world will end for these mothers.

?Young children are missing out on the basics like having a roof over their heads and food in their bellies, because of punitive National Government policies like this one.”

So Turei, when the National Government increased the benefit by $20pw, you claimed it was a pittance and would make very little difference, so using your logic, if the $22 was deducted, being the pittance that it is, should make very little difference!

Damn George, don’t use logic now. ? Read more »

Pretend token empty symbolism smashed to pieces

This is a great example of Metiria Turei been owned by Hekia Parata. ?Turei asked a stilted question in Maori to a Minister who is a fluent speaker, as you can imagine she smashed Turei.

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Dunedin Council axes wind farm


Whaleoil covered this story two months ago:

The battle lines have been drawn on a wind farm project that has ?polarised? Blueskin Bay.

The depth of feeling about the project was highlighted by the packed public gallery at yesterday?s resource consent hearing for Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust?s (BRCT) $5million to $6million proposal to build three wind turbines on Porteous Hill, north of Dunedin.

The hearing began with a blow to the BRCT as council planner Darryl Sycamore no longer recommended consent be approved.

He said he was reserving his position until the end of the hearing, given the trust had made changes to the proposal.

The changes included reducing the maximum height of the wind turbines to 90m from the original 125m.

Worries about birds striking turbines, noise and health were among the issues brought up yesterday, but a key concern was around the impact on the area?s landscape.

The trust and its supporters said any negative effects would be more than made up for by the benefits, including reducing New Zealand?s reliance on carbon-producing power plants.

Thank goodness the Dunedin City Council didn’t believe a bar of it.?? Read more »

Oh, I see the cunning plan of the Greens with their river campaign

The Greens have been busted telling porkies over polluted rivers.

I exposed their choice of a “river” in Auckland and now it seems one of the rivers they are claiming is polluted isn’t actually.

Green Party claims that the Waitara River is so polluted it is unsafe?for bathers have been described as “baseless” by councillors.

Over the Queen’s Birthday weekend the Greens released a list of 10 rivers around the country that they claimed were now unsuitable for swimming.

The 10 included the?Waitara, which the party said was affected by raw sewage spills.

But the claims were refuted by?the Taranaki Regional Council during a?meeting of its consents and regulatory committee on Tuesday.

The Green Party’s facts are totally misaligned with reality,” council chief executive Basil Chamberlain said. ?? Read more »

Some Leaders are more equal than others

Animal Farm by George Orwell ? DePorridge

Animal Farm by George Orwell ? DePorridge

Andrew Little sent me another e-mail. In it a photo was selected by his team to represent the new Labour and Green memorandum of understanding. It showed The Labour leader and Deputy leader and the two Green co-leaders. I am sure that they had a wide selection of photos to choose from, so the fact that they selected this particular photo is very telling.

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