Bill English: New Zealand would “prefer to have a positive relationship with Israel”

Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted isn’t very useful right now. ?Worse, Bill English is still holding out hope that our diplomatic ties haven’t been severed. ?Why? ?Because he can’t get Israel to confirm it.

Prime Minister Bill English says there’s no confirmation that Israel has downgraded its diplomatic ties with New Zealand following a United Nations resolution that angered the Middle Eastern nation.

The Times of Israel is reporting Israel has permanently downgraded its diplomatic ties in retribution against the countries that co-sponsored a United Nations Security Council resolution in December condemning the construction of Jewish settlements.

This has impacted on both New Zealand and Senegal while the two other co-sponsors – Malaysia and Venezuela – did not have previous existing diplomatic relations with Israel. Read more »

How much spent on an apartment? Haven’t these guys heard of AirBnB?

Murray McCully’s department is out of control.

MFaT has blown more than $11 million on an apartment for our ambassador to the UN.

Hells teeth even at New York prices that is a whole lot of hootenanny gone a begging when it would have been cheaper to rent.

The Government has shelled out almost $11 million on a luxury New York apartment for our man at the United Nations.

Gerard van Bohemen, who was previously deputy secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and responsible for multilateral and legal affairs, was appointed New Zealand’s new permanent representative at the United Nations in February.

The US$7.9 million pied-a-terre in Manhattan’s?Zeckendorf Development’s 50 United Nations Plaza lists the buyer as “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand”.

A spokesman for the?Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed the apartment in New York had been bought as?the residence for the Head of Mission.

He said it?cost $10,975,228.

“This follows a decision to sell the old residence, which is now on the market.”

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Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail pleads “not guilty”


Well. ?Isn’t that going to set the cat among the pigeons?images

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail (left) appeared before the Wellington District Court this morning.

A former Malaysian military attache charged with sexually attacking a Wellington woman has pleaded not guilty and elected trial by jury.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, 38, appeared before a Wellington District Court registrar today and was remanded until February.

Rizalman is on bail with strict conditions including a curfew and restrictions on going to the suburbs of Newtown and Berhampore, and Cuba St in central Wellington.

Rizalman was arrested on May 10 following the alleged attack in the victim’s home in the Wellington suburb of Brooklyn.

He left New Zealand without facing trial after Malaysia invoked diplomatic immunity – apparently in the belief that it did so with the blessing of the New Zealand Government. Read more »

Sorry – For Lumping NZ Men In With Alleged Dirty Malaysian Diplomat

Alleged Cowardly Runaway Dirty Malaysian Diplomat

Alleged Cowardly Runaway Dirty Malaysian Diplomat

I watched Tania Billingsley’s interview on 3rd Degree on her experiences in dealing with an alleged cowardly runaway dirty Malaysian diplomat.

I don’t have any?doubt that she is telling the truth about being sexually assaulted and while I think she never should have appeared on television until after the extradition has actually taken place (now more difficult of course) it was her choice.

But the entire piece reeks of a politically motivated woman focusing on making political points at New Zealand men in an?anti-National tone (McCully and Key both named) to push an agenda. ?I am pretty certain she will end up being named as a supporter of the political left of the spectrum.

As a woman I have complete sympathy for what happened to her in terms of the alleged assault, what happened to her was awful and the only positive was that it was an attempted assault not a “successful” one. ?Likewise as a woman I do not support?what she?has said and the agenda she is pushing with her appearance on 3rd Degree.

Miss Billingsley perhaps needs to remember in all of this that a New Zealand born male did not even commit this alleged sexual assault on her. ?

Every?commentator on the issue and any New Zealand man you speak to wants the alleged cowardly runaway dirty Diplomat?on the next plane. ?No one in New Zealand is supporting him. ?It is the wrong issue to push the barrow that “New Zealand has a rape culture”. ? Read more »

MFAT Official May Have Stuffed Up


Rapey Malaysian diplomat prefers his religious needs to take prescedence

The Malaysian diplomat Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail facing charges for sexual assault wants his return to New Zealand to be deferred until after Ramadan.

I think his alleged victim would have preferred her attempted alleged rape to be deferred until … ever.

And how will him being transferred to New Zealand stop him from fasting?

What’s wrong with these people? ?It’s OK to break in and assault a woman with intent to rape, but we have to delay our justice system because he has a need to observe his Religion of Peace?

However, it is understood the request will not be entertained with a Malaysian foreign affairs official saying the diplomatic corps warrant officer will be sent back “as soon as possible”.

A doctor at the Tuanku Mizan Military Hospital, where Rizalman is being held for tests on his mental and emotional condition, said he would not be discharged until the medical examinations were complete.

“We are still waiting for the reports to the tests and then the doctors still need to write their report,” the doctor said.

“It would take more than a couple of days, so it’s highly unlikely Rizalman will go before the weekend.”

Man, is this going to be a distraction. ?A circus, even. ?As I said yesterday, thanks to Labour and the Greens turning this into our national sport, how is this guy going to find 12 peers that haven’t already convicted him?

And now our media has started making excuses for him ? Read more »

Good Grief, it’s that mythical amorphous hard to identify Labour Staffer. Again!

Tracey Watkins writes

It appears we have found the scapegoat that neither needs finding nor firing

Over the course of months, most of Wellington’s elite were summoned to a meeting room deep within the central city tower building occupied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and asked to swear on oath that they did not leak documents detailing plans to gut the organisation.

Seated across the table was former Commerce Commission boss Paula Rebstock, usually with a staffer by her side.

Others were ordered to phone in or give evidence by video conference from every corner of the globe.

Some of those summoned to account for themselves report it was a “hostile and intimidating” atmosphere. Others who insist they are not so easily intimidated admit they found it unpleasant if nothing else.

Good to hear. ?Not supposed to be pleasant. ? Read more »


Another day another lie from Phil Goff

Now that the SSC report from Paula Rebstock is out we can see Phil Goff’s lies over the leak exposed for all to see.

David Farrar points out the obvious:

Now X of course has name suppression which means that suspicion will fall not just on him, but all former Labour parliamentary staff. ?If they find it hard to get jobs in departments or companies that require professionalism and confidentiality, then they should blame X for his name suppression which leaves the rest of them under a cloud of suspicion.

I can?t find the exact reference but I recall Phil Goff claiming the leaks were from affected MFAT diplomats. If Person x is the leaker (which is almost certain), then Phil Goff lied because I guess saying it is a leak from a former staff member who is a temporary clerk in the SSC doesn?t sound as good.

At the time of the leaks Goff says he was worried about the impact the cuts might have on our international reputation.

?I?m concerned these changes will damage our international reputation and restrict our ability to conduct trade negotiations in New Zealand?s best interests,? said Phil Goff.? Read more »

Labour snitch implicated but not named in MFaT leak

There are quite a lot of papers to read through of the now published report by Paula Rebstock into the MFaT leaks.

Phil Goff drip fed his leaks to parliament and to the media and the report doesn’t exactly cover him in any glory with reports of multiple, unauthorised phone calls to staffers, some after hours.

The key part though is the links to Labour for the leaks.

Report Unauthorised Disclosure Mfat Papers

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Is Person “A” connected?

The case of Person “A” is getting interesting:

The person known only as “A” in relation to a legal challenge to the Paula Rebstock-led inquiry into the unauthorised release of sensitive Cabinet documents came into contact with the documents in a clerical role, the Appeal Court has heard.

Heavy suppression orders previously barred media from even reporting the person’s gender but the court agreed today that reporting A’s duties would not jeopardise those orders.

It has also been reported since the original suppression order that A is male. ? Read more »