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Just answer the question John, Have you ever shagged a pig?

It is a question I’ve always wanted to ask a politician. Have you ever shagged a pig?

Quickly followed by, and if yes, did the pig enjoy it?

Following allegations British Prime Minister David Cameron put “a private part of his anatomy” in a dead pig’s mouth while he was at uni, many leaders have their student days on the mind.

Asked if there were any stories from his University of Canterbury days he wouldn’t like to get out, our own John Key had a response at the ready.

“I was in the Chunder Mile once, but nothing there you would really want to show footage of,” he said.

“It wasn’t my finest moment.” ?? Read more »

It’s a simple question…Did you shag the pig or not?

Spinmeister Damien McBride explains the predicament David Cameron is in after “evil” Lord Ashcroft decided to spill the beans.

As a spin doctor, there are two phone calls that make your heart sink: the one from a journalist relaying some excruciating allegation about your boss?s personal life or past history; and the second, the call you have to make to said boss in order to work out your response.

Working for Gordon Brown, a man of Victorian sensibilities and a volatile temper, the second call was invariably greeted with the single word ?What?!? repeated with increasing volume and violence as I recounted the misdeed of which he had been accused. Even so, I?d conclude with the essential question that all spin doctors must ask in these situations: ?What?s the truth?? Not, ?What shall we say?? or, ?How do you want me to handle it?? but instead the absolute insistence on knowing the full, unvarnished facts before deciding whether and how to spin them.

Sometimes, especially with Brown, that question provoked an angry barrage of abuse, as if just by asking it, I was implying the allegation might be true. That was good. That was what I wanted to hear. With other politicians, celebrities and friends I?ve advised over the years, you?d instead hear a dread pause, then a hesitant, ?Well??. That?s when you know you?re screwed.

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Dambusters medals to stay in NZ thanks to Tory bogeyman


Everyone on the left likes to hate Lord Ashcroft, except yet again he has come to the aid of New Zealand to retain medals won in World War 2.

Les Munro, the last surviving Dambusters pilot, has spoken of his delight at raising more than $160,000 for a memorial dedicated to his fallen World War II mates, while also being able to keep his historic war medals in New Zealand.

Mr Munro, 95, had planned to sell his medals at auction this week in order to make a donation to London’s Bomber Command Memorial for its ongoing upkeep.

There was concern from New Zealand museums, the Government, and the RSA at the possibility of losing such treasured historical objects overseas. But the medals will be kept in the country after Mr Munro accepted a $150,000 donation by British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft.

Lord Ashcroft, who owns the world’s largest collection of Victoria Cross medals, will donate the money to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, which looks after the memorial. In return, Mr Munro has agreed to donate his medals, including the Distinguished Service Order and Distinguished Flying Cross, along with logbooks and associated memorabilia, to the Museum of Transport and Technology (Motat) in Auckland. ? Read more »

Dirty Politics UK style

There is a lot of talk about ‘Dirty Politics’.

As a long term left wing agtator told me last week over a beer…it wasn’t dirty politics…I was just politics.

Right now in the UK a similar story is unfolding, where the media are hunting after Guido Fawkes aka Paul Staines and his links with PM David Cameron.

Guido operates in many respects just like I do…and just like me he kicks his own team in the slats.

The Prime Minister is the last person you would expect to find honouring rogue political blogger Guido Fawkes, who has just brought down one of his ministers.

But David Cameron appeared as guest of honour via a video link at the 10th anniversary celebrations of the controversial website.

Just three weeks ago, Brooks Newmark resigned as Minister for Civil Society, causing the PM immense embarrassment as it was on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference.

This followed the Tory MP being enticed into sending explicit pictures of himself to a male reporter, posing as an attractive young woman, who was working for Guido Fawkes.

Fawkes then hawked the story around Fleet Street before it was eventually published by the Sunday Mirror.

The dubious journalistic methods employed were so contentious that two newspapers refused to publish the story and the Sunday Mirror, which did, is being investigated by the new press watchdog IPSO.

Yet, in his message broadcast at the dinner, the Prime Minister saw fit to condone such behaviour, praising Fawkes (real name Paul Staines) and his website as ?required reading?.

?Congratulations on ten years of Guido Fawkes,? said Cameron, ?and what better way to celebrate a decade of rejecting the cosy political establishment than by hosting a cocktail reception and a dinner in the heart of Westminster with half the Cabinet and the lobby invited.

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Feed The World. Turn Off The Tap?

Lord Ashcroft tells it like it is

He urged the new Development Secretary Justine Greening to rebuff the overtures of ?self-aggrandising popstars and lobbying from self-interested groups?.

The rebuke came after revelations that the Government?s burgeoning aid budget was funding ?poverty barons? who were raking in millions through their consultancies.

Lord Ashcroft, who was made a privy counsellor in last month?s reshuffle, wrote an open letter to Miss Greening on the Conservative-home website, saying: ?I urge you to recommend to the Prime Minister to turn off the golden taps and? stop flooding the developing world with our money.?

The UK keeps forking out aid to countries who do not spend it wisely. ?In the meantime the only people getting richer are consultants.

Sounds familiar for Wellington “businesspeople” who indulge in brown mail.

A good way to get a job

Lord Ashcroft is a former deputy chairman of the Conservatives who donated millions to the party. He has recently commissioned a series of polls that have been critical of the party.

There had been speculation that he would be given a job in Whitehall after the last election, but none came.

Lord Ashcroft funded the tories to government and worked his guts out doing so. Afterwards Dave and his mates forgot who their friends were.

So Lord Ashcroft took some polls showing that everyone thought Dave was dead set useless.

Dave got a bit toey about the honest opinion of an honest man backed up by some bloody good research so they offered him a job to shut him up.

Shabby Churnalism

Patrick Gower is normally better than this muck:

3 News has learned that John Key has had a private meeting with a controversial right-wing British billionaire, Lord Michael Ashcroft.

Mr Ashcroft was a leading figure behind the last election campaign by Britain?s Conservatives, but Mr Key says the two men did not really talk politics when they met.

The billionaire flew into Auckland in his private for the rugby, and a meeting with Mr Key.

Mr Ashcroft is known in New Zealand for putting up the reward for the stolen Victoria Cross medals.

But he is best known for pumping his time – and millions – into the?British Conservative Party?and right-wing politics.

?He’s deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, I see him every time he comes to New Zealand,? says Mr Key.

Well, actually Mr Ashcroft is not the deputy chairman any more.

Nope Patrick but he is the Treasurer of the International Democratic Union of which National is a member. This is a stupid story of no merit other than Patrick Gower’s hushed tones about a billionaire. Not only that but they used footage from three years ago to pad out the story. It is shabby and disrespectful to the guy that actually helped get the stolen medals back.

I should confess now before Patrick finds the conspiracy. My father is an office holder of the APDU, a constituent member of the IDU and has met Lord Ashcroft many times, I think he even has his cellphone number written down somewhere.

Instead of looking for conspiracy under the wings of executive jets why doesn’t Patrick Gower go ask Phil Goff about his?attendance?at the fundraiser with a person charged with electoral fraud?


New Winston billboard

Winston gives the finger

Billboard up on Thordon Quay

Our billboard went up on Thorndon Quay today. Just a couple more days and our Tauranga billboard will be up. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

This Election is about Trusts

This Election is about Trusts

Our new billboard

We have today launched our new billboards. The first was erected in auckland on Ponsonby Road. tomorrow will be the launch of our Wellington Billboard and there is one more to go up in Tauranga.

Labour First

This Election is about Trusts