Michael Deacon

What a complete car smash from the Green party leader in the UK


The Green party worldwide are infested with loons. We have just seen off one Australian weirdo in Russel Norman.

The leader of the Green party in the UK is an Aussie interloper as well and equally crazy.

Yesterday she has an absolute shocker and got smashed badly.

Michael Deacon from The Telegraph noted

The interview didn?t go well. To be fair to Ms Bennett, Ferrari did ask her a lot of tough questions, such as what her policies were and how she would fund them. A particular highlight was their discussion of social housing.

And the full story isn’t any better:

The Greens are in chaos after the party?s manifesto launch was overshadowed by a series of stumbling interviews by leader Natalie Bennett including one she herself admitted was ?excruciating?.

Reaction to the series of media appearances, organised to promote the Greens general election programme, was heated, with many comparing the series of interviews to a ?car crash,? while others suggested she had given the ?worst interview ever?.

She repeatedly failed to answer questions about the party?s economic policy, stumbling when asked for basic details about the Green platform.

Following a particularly bungling appearance, with LBC Radio, when she went silent for long periods, Miss Bennett admitted to suffering from ?mind blank,? and confessed her ?excruciating? performance had been impaired by a ?huge cold? after she struggled to explain the party?s housing policy.

In one exchange with presenter Nick Ferrari, she was asked several times how much the Green policy of removing tax relief on mortgage interest for private landlords would bring in, responding: “Erm … well … that’s part of the whole costing.”

Pressed on the cost of building 500,000 social homes, which the party has promised, she went on: “Right, well, that’s, erm … you’ve got a total cost … erm … that we’re … that will be spelt out in our manifesto.”

Mr Ferrari responded: “So you don’t know?” To which Miss Bennett said: “No. Well … er.”

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What sketch writers see

I love this great quote from Michael Deacon who is a parliamentary sketch writer for The Daily Telegraph.

The great privilege of the job is that, sitting in the press gallery (located a few feet above the Speaker?s chair), you see all sorts of small but instructive details that don?t make it into news reports. News reports have to be solemn, which means it?s outside their remit to mention that Chief Warden Balls spends half his time in the chamber silently mouthing a single line over and over at?George Osborne?? usually ?So out of touch? or ?Such a charlatan?. Obviously the aim of the tactic is to unsettle the Chancellor, although its chief effect is to make Mr Balls look like someone you?d edge away from in a bus shelter.

Heh, we have similar tosspots who do this here. Watch parliament for a while and you can see them doing it. Annette King was one of the worst..her favourite epithet for National MPs is “Tory Scumbag”.