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Shadbolt to vote National

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt is going to break the habit of a life time and vote National at this election.


“I’ve usually been centre-left but I’ve reached the point where I have to ignore my personal preferance and think what’s best for Invercargill. I think in this situation I would go for National. It’s full circle really, I never thought it would happen.”

Never say never.

Shadbolt should apologise too

Tim ShadboltNZ Herald Today

“Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt said he did not protest against the veterans but the Government that sent New Zealanders to fight the war.”

Then he exonerates himself and speaks for the veterans

“What’s been so painful for those soldiers is that they did their duty for the country and they’ve really been treated extremely badly by successive Governments in terms of the sickness that they picked up while serving there”

“It (the apology) will recognise the terrible ecological tragedy that so many went through that, at the time,neither the protesters or the soldiers were aware of”

Excuse me Mr Shadbolt

The tragedy was that the soldiers felt and are still feeling the shame of being spat on by yourself and others. That had nothing to do with any government or protest against the war. They suffered the shame of being spat on by fellow New Zealanders.

Don’t you get it Mr Shadbolt?


Helen Clark disgusts me

My Mate Skippy

Apology to Vietnam veterans for unfair post-war treatmentThe Government will publicly apologise to Vietnam War veterans and their families, recognising the servicemen were not treated fairly when they returned from war.
The apology, which will be made in Parliament on Wednesday, was…
[NZ Politics]

Last night on TV, Tim Shadbolt “proudly” walking with the protesters and police at Bastion Point.

This wanker was also the same “proud” protester that spat in the face of my mate as he stood on parade.

My mate though said that he fought in Vietnam so that wankers like Tim Shadbolt can spit in the faces of soldiers. Nevertheless in any culture spitting is the ultimate in insults.

I expect Helen will grovel eloquently as Kevin Rudd has in his apologies to the aborigines. On Holmes this morning she has been “banging on” about the Labour Government brought the troops back from Vietnam.

So they’re the good guys is the inference.

This sickened me for a number of reasons. The first being that this disingenuous bitch was front and centre chucking paint and spitting at these brave men as part of the communist funded Progressive Youth Movement along with Phil Goff, who ironically is now our Defence Minister. The second and most important reason that helen Clark sickens me is that she is now using the apology for political gain. Yes that’s right she the paint thrower and spitter on soldiers is making political gain from the apology for how badly treated they were treated.

Not only that, she lied. That’s right she lied about who brought the troops home. They left Vietnam in 1971, Whiskey Three Company went in November 1970, the SAS Troop and 161 Battery followed in February and May 1971 respectively, and Victor Six Company and the tri-service medical team left with the 1st Australian Task Force in December 1971, ending New Zealand’s combat involvement in the Vietnam War. Norman Kirks government wasn’t elected until 1972 and the only troops left in Vietnam at that stage were training teams and the New Zealand headquarters in Saigon. For her to say that the Labour government brought the troops home is disingenuous at the very least, more accurately it was an outrght lie, and she knows it.

Did they get so badly treated because “they lost the war”? No because when they returned the war was all but over, the North had been beaten and the peace treaty was signed. The North invaded again and broke the peace treaty once the majority of US and allied troops withdrew and the South Vietnamese army succumbed without the steel of those allied troops.

Why was this country so proud to uphold a despotic regime? Best ask Phil and Helen and Tim and Keith.

It’s all very sad for the Vietnam Vets and I’m saddened for them.

Pork Barrel Politics by Labour

Shadbolt confident of more funding for SIT (+video)Invercargill's rebel Mayor Tim Shadbolt says a $6.5 million funding boost for the city's polytechnic has given him confidence he can wring even more cash out of the Government.
The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) today said…
[NZ Politics]

Tim Shadbolt has clearly caused way too much embarrassment for the Government and he has got exactly what he wanted and then some.

[quote]The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) today said it was giving the Southland Institute of Technology (SIT) an additional $6.56 million to enhance the services it provided in Southland.

But it stressed the money, from its Quality Reinvestment Fund, was separate and unrelated to the $6m it slashed from SIT's Christchurch campus and some computer courses last year.[/quote]

Which is a nice bit of polly-speak for the focus groups showed us that Labour was hurting so we were ordered to find some spare cash to shut Tim Shadbolt up.

Nice, Labour brings us American Style pork-barrell politics to New Zealand. Scream loud enough, embarrass the government and wads of cash will be thrown your way.

See how an incumbent government can outspend anyone else in campaigning. They just spend other peoples money while anyone campaigning against them is limited. That $6.5 million sure won't be counted as election spending and it is clear where the BIG MONEY in New Zealand politics lies, with Labour.

Shadbolt riles up government

Tabloid Tim’s Truth shocker – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

Tim Shadbolt is using colourful language in his campaign against the government. He has given an interview to The Truth where he says;
[quote]the Government can “stick its anally retentive Prostitution Reform Act right up its own little back passage to Parliament” .


The mayor also talks about big fat lazy bums, Labour’s fetish for bottoms and boobs on bikes during the interview.[/quote]

Truth chief reporter Jock Anderson said the paper would interview Mr Shadbolt once a fortnight on various issues. The paper backed Mr Shadbolt’s stance against the Electoral Finance Act and Truth publisher Dermott Malley had accepted a challenge from Mr Shadbolt to donate $5000 to the SIT fighting fund. But if Mr Shadbolt’s interviews did not help boost Truth circulation by at least 10 percent by this year’s general election Mr Shadbolt would give the money back.

Great….now if Mr Anderson wants to increase hs circulation a bit more, I’ve got some ideas.

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In the quest to find EB's…

They’re Lucky They’ve Got Money « KiwiBlogBlog

In their futile quest to find EB’s under every bed associated with National, DPF’s stalker blog gets it so wrong it isn’t funny, in fact they get it so wrong they may well be sued.

They post Stan Blanch’s email to Anne Tolley and the proceed to denigrate him, slander the Insurance industry in general and the FPIAA in particular and bizarrely make a very tenuous connection of Stan Blanch to the Exclusive Brethren.
[quote]stanb2 Says:
January 15, 2008 at 7:15 am

What an absolute lot of nonsense laugh…
The person who wrote ths must have been sniffng glue or somethng
Dont know anyone who is attached with EBC??
Wouldnt even know an Eclusive Brethern person if fell over one!
The FPIA you refer to is a proffessonal assoc that represents 2000
Insurance advisers and financial planners n Nz.
It sets and montors professional standards in the financial industry.
t disciplines people who break the rules or act omproperly.
I was a Director for 3 years, volunteer,unpaid.
Jayman you better be careful you have publshed a lot of nonsense here!
Tim Shadbolt and I go back 27 years.
I was the charman of the “Give Tim a far Go campaign”
At that time Tim waswbattling for the Waitemata City Council Mayoralty.
We formed a group of about 24 local people, mostly we were all very young. With a low budget, making our own signs,making our own pamphlets, having some rock concets, including entertainers who gave their time for free( Billy T James, Topp Twins)
We campaigned hard and won the Mayorlty including every single seat on Council. Tony Covic the Mayor was gone but he did sue Tim for defamation for $60,000.
Tim lost in the High Court but Tony as I remember was awarded only $1.
I was in my second year as a teacher in those days.
am a cartoonist.
I dd infer that it would be good if the EBC who supposesdly have so much money could donate it to the billboard campaign,anything to get this awful Labour Gvt outof power.
My line that: The EBC is praying very hard for a change of Gvt is joke!
Dont you get it???[/quote]

Stan corrects these fools and still they persist in attacking him. They like the apologists for the EFA think that because someone, anyone has a differing opinion from them that they must be ridiculed and stopped from spending their own money. This is the sad state that New Zealand has come to.

ickystinky in particular thinks that because the Exclusive Brethren don’t vote that they shouldn’t engage in anything other than prayer. How is that for standing up for peoples rights!!!! Because they don’t vote, they should STFU is basically what he is saying. I don’t see him calling for Colin James to cease writing his columns. He has stated numerous times that he hasn’t voted since 1974. Does that make what Colin says any less important or relevant? Not at all.

It is this approach by the apologists that shows how deranged and unhinged the government and their supporters have become with anyone who opposes them. It is time for a change.

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Shadbolt set to break new law

Shadbolt set to break new lawInvercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt plans to break the new election finance laws this month in a bid to force a test case in the courts.
And he hopes to hire one of the country's top constitutional lawyers, Mai Chen, to represent him.
[NZ Politics]

Tim Shadbolt looks set to breach the draconian EFA before the end of the month. He will apparently attempt to breach it in at least two possibly three ways thus inviting prosecution.

The Electoral Commission has said that it will refer the matter to Police to prosecute and it seems likely that Tim Shadbolt will become the first person to be prosecuted under the law.

He has said he will use Mai Chen to fight the prosecution which is an irony in a way as she is a partner in Chen Palmer with Sir Geoffry Palmer as the other partner a major donor at the last election to Labour and someone the government wanted to assist the Select Committee. 

Tim's right….I can't believe I just said that

Tim Shadbolt is sailing very, very close to the wind. This is his advert that will hit the papers tomorrow. it may wellll already be illegal even though it will be published one day before the "regulated" period. You see it advocates against Labour and for National and thus gets captured by section 65 one of the little known clauses that actually regulates free speech for all time, not just the campaign period. Graeme Edgler is of the opinion that Tim could well be in trouble, precisely for section 65. This is why I fought against the legislation, and why I will continue to fight against it.

I don't like tim Shadbolt, I don't like his poltics but i do like that he has seen this law for what it is. I will also defend the right of Tim Shadbolt to say whatever he damn well likes. Unfortunately for the left they are now morally bankrupt after supporting the bill. Clark and Cullen and Winston and Peter and Jeanette have destroyed the ideals of freedom that leftists usually march in the streets for. 

Shadbolt threat to topple Govt

Shadbolt threat to topple GovtInvercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt says he will fight to bring down the Government if funding to the Southern Institute of Technology is cut.
The Government will announce today how much money universities, polytechnics and other tertiary…
[NZ Politics]

Tim Shadbolt, someone I have no time for, is mad, real mad. He is going to campaign to bring the government down…..well he will be able to place a couple of ads in the paper to do so because he will be limited to $120,000.

Unless of course he follows is Vietnam War protesting days and willfully breaks the law.