Michael Fallon

Poms stand to reap billions from Fracking

David Farrar, in between travel and arts posts, has a good example of the hypocrisy of the green taliban who want us to believe in the consensus in the science of global warming but ignore scientists when it comes to things like fracking.

Fracking is a great example…the green taliban want us to ignore history, facts, reason and most importantly economics.?Michael Fallon is MP for Sevenoaks and Minister for Energy and Business and he counters the wailing of those opposed to fracking.

There is bound to be some disruption, but shale gas could cut energy bills and fuel economic recovery.

North, south, east and west, shale gas represents an exciting new potential resource for Britain that could contribute to our energy security, growth and jobs.

We only have to look across the Atlantic to see how it has reinvigorated the US economy: gas prices have halved, cutting costs for industry and consumers, and creating thousands of jobs and billions in new investment. Countries from India to Australia have looked on in envy at this boom ? and are now joining in.

For its part, this Government is serious about shale. We are encouraging industry to find out how much is recoverable in all parts of the country. Given increasingly volatile international gas and oil prices, and our commitment to helping hard-pressed families with their bills, it would be irresponsible to ignore a new energy source right underneath our feet.? Read more »

Poms looking forward to blackouts, thanks hippie scum

The Poms are looking forward to blackouts because the hippie scum that all pushed for renewable power supplies also pushed to have old plants shut down…which has led planners to work out that blackouts will become normal under the new “green energy” schemes in?place.

Next time the British should look at renewable energy which?is actually reliable like nuclear energy. Or how about energy?efficiency?

Now they are looking at having to take the old power stations out of moth-balls to cope.

Mothballed power stations may have to be reopened to stop the lights going out, a minister warned yesterday.

Michael Fallon, the energy minister, insisted that there would be no blackouts or rationing in the UK as a result of a predicted reduction in spare energy generation capacity.

He told the BBC?s Sunday Politics programme that the nightmare scenario would be avoided because decommissioned power stations – presumably those fired by coal – were being reopened. ? Read more »