Michael Horton

Former owner of the Herald has strong words about latest developments

Michael Horton is the former owner of the NZ Herald, when it had a reputation as a newspaper of record and credibility as a prestigious media organisation.

Sadly, those times have passed and now it is a shadow of its former self.

He has written on Facebook, in rather strong terms for him, about the proposed merger and new corporate structure.

With the lack of critical financial reporting now endemic in the media, perhaps one could reflect on a few oddities of the imminent float of NZME on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. For the NZX not to insist on a prospectus for this new vehicle aimed at attracting fresh capital from New Zealanders would be one?s first misgiving. This means no audited accounts and no forecasts for which directors should be legally liable ( viz Feltex).

Punters may feel they can take a chance with their own money but with other people?s money they might like to think about a board some of whose directors transferring to the NZME board received a massive lift in fees last year despite another statutory loss and after years of not paying dividend and despite the company about to halve itself in size. ? Read more »


Only a lefty would ignore the top line

Key?s shameful attack on journalist at thestandard.org.nz

At the Stranded they continue the slurs and beat-up of a non-story that will never get legs. Their commenter’s seem to have also caught a bad dose of Key Derangement Syndrome and Media Fault Syndrome;

the sprout
Feb 26th, 2008 at 11:29 am

this is interesting, a Herald readers? poll on ?Who?s to blame for Labour?s fall in the polls??

Labour 82%
National 4%
The Media 14%

more than 3 times as many consider the media, rather than National, have brought Labour down

At least Sprout acknowledges that Labour has indeed been brought down, but the fool clearly didn’t read the top line of the survey which says Labour has shot off both their feet and the ricochet has nicked an artery.

Bush Derangement Syndrome

Two more examples of Bush Derangement Syndrome have shown up in the NZ MSM in less than two days.

Firstly ScrubOne highlights the evidence of BDS at the Herald where they blame "W" for a shark found 200 miles from the coast. To be fair the report is from al-Reuters but they still printed it.

Then on TVNZ we see more Bush Derangement Syndrome in the placards of the protestors/terrorist supporters.?

George W. Bush has got a great deal to answer for. Hell for the dumbest President of the United States ever he has managed to accomplish quite a list of achievements including beating Al Gore, the "inventor" of the Internet and proven liar, and beating smarter, cleverer John Kerry. Boy he must be real dumb.?