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Greenpeace not a political lobbying group? Go on pull the other one

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Greenpeace claims they are a charity, the Charities Commission disagrees and says they are a political lobbying group.

Greenpeace maintains they don’t engage in that stuff, and yet almost every week they are campaigning and so it is this week too.

Greenpeace has collected 23,000 signatures from people who want Energy Minister Simon Bridges sacked for allowing oil exploration in a marine mammal sanctuary.

The petition is a response to fears that Maui’s dolphins, the world’s most endangered species, will be threatened with extinction.

There are only 55 left and they live off the west coast of the North Island.? Read more »

Greenpeace ratbags shaking down petitioners for cash

It looks like Greenpeace is doorstepping people for cash using details from petitions that gullible fools signed.

Greenpeace is using the contact details from people who sign petitions to cold-call them and ask for donations.

The tactic has been labelled invasive, unethical and a possible breach of privacy by a Victoria University marketing professor.

Is there literally nothing these ratbags won’t stoop to?

However, Greenpeace New Zealand fundraising director Michael Tritt said it would be “wrong” if it did not use the details people provided when they signed petitions.

“People aren’t silly. They know if they put down a phone number or email, there will be some form of communication.”

It is believed to be the first New Zealand charity to use the tactic, which it says is in response to shrinking takings from street collections as competition increases.

Mr Tritt supplied The Dominion Post with a copy of a petition against shark finning, which said in small print that it would use details “to keep you informed about ways to get involved with this campaign, as well as Greenpeace’s other activities, funding etc”. ?? Read more »